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5G CONSEQUENCES: Veteran journalist fired after criticizing 5G and questioning it’s safety…

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After penning an article critical of 5G and calling to question the unsettled science regarding health effects of millimeter wave frequencies, John C. Dvorak, a 30 year veteran of PC magazine was unceremoniously fired. His article was scrubbed from their site and replaced with a column cheer-leading for the technology.

Article about the firing of Journalist John C. Dvorak
Archive of the original 5G story.

Article by Journalist John C. Dvorak about his firing

5G Got me Fired

As many of you know, I was unceremoniously fired from PC Magazine on Sept. 20th, 2018 after over 30 years of service. I just figured it was the new people coming in and I was an unneeded throwback to the old regime.

This sort of thing happens a lot. Then one of the No Agenda producers noticed a recent column of mine was pulled from the magazine and redirected to someone else’s column about the same subject. It also went missing from the index of Dvorak columns. If you did a google search for the column it showed up but clicking on the Google link resulted in a re-direction to the other column.

The difference was my column was interpreted as critical of 5G. The replacement (and an additional column that came later), was more of a cheer-leading column.

In fact, my column was more reporting than opinion as I was reflecting on all the bad press 5G was getting from every corner. My conclusion was that, unless this stopped, 5G would never get off the ground.

I never once considered that expunging my column then firing me would be part of this process. I’ve asked the editors about this and got no replies.

This is a cautionary tale. Anyone writing for any publisher in today’s commercial market, where the managed advertorial and native ad seems to be the only way to make money, needs to be cautious.

More importantly today’s readers need to be a little more than cautious when believing anything. Native advertising is a most insidious concept and should be rejected by every publisher. Instead it is welcomed by the broadcasting networks and most of the major newspapers including the New York Times. Are the writers saying nice things or are they paid to say nice things?

Whatever the case, the independent voice cannot exist in this corrupt milieu and be truly independent. This is why I was happy to help develop the value-for-value model employed at the No Agenda podcast where I’ve been working with Adam Curry for over a decade. There are no advertisers, period.

I do not want to brag about being a visionary and say that I saw this coming 10 years ago, but I did. Independent opinions and viewpoints as well as unhindered research can only be done with a direct payment method from the customer (the reader).

Advertising, advertisers, corporate sponsors cannot abide by “opinions” mucking up their strategies.

Keep that in mind when you choose your information sources. — jcd

Addendum — the original 5G column is still up in India! Click here.


It seemed quite weird that the article was removed so fast, it doesn´t have anything that could be taken seriously or could harm the industry if they really want to use the technology….

So, I went into the links the article offers, and here I found something interesting.

The Active Denial System will support a full spectrum of operations ranging from non-lethal methods of crowd control, crowd dispersal, convoy and patrol protection, checkpoint security, perimeter security, area denial, and port protection, as well as other defensive and offensive operations from both fixed-site or mobile platforms.

The Active Denial System is an advanced, long-range non-lethal, directed energy, counter-personnel capability that projects a man-sized (1.5 m) beam of millimeter waves (not microwaves) at a range up to 1,000 meters. It will have the same compelling non-lethal effect on all human targets, regardless of size, age and gender.

Immediately after reading this, I remembered some weird “towers” that were being installed around the country….

In any case, even if these towers weren´t any 5G related, I think that the gov Idea is to use 5G as an excuse to fill the cities with Active Denial System hotspots that would enable to have a very good control in the cities, with a civil unrest response system that will have no equal in history.

The article was giving a negative gateway to this technology main target application. It had to be taken out ASAP and any risk of republishing should had to be minimized.

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