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KUNG POW CLINTON – Big Trouble In Little China

China is an existential threat to America as they aggressively export their draconian control system through Western mega-corporations and institutions using monetary influence and infiltrations. But they also engage in aggressive extraction of American secrets through bribery, coercion, and more. During the Clinton era, high-tech secrets were exported to China in return for mega-cash. As political scrutiny of foreign meddling seems to be at its apex, a story that involves the Clintons and their exchange of important sensitive intelligence information has been hiding in plain sight.

The internet is buzzing about how the Chinese had direct access to Clinton’s servers without the need of “hacking”. Information on the server included the identity of CIA assets operating in China which led to their murder. Some would call this espionage and a capital offense.

As we’ve been saying for a long time, Hillary’s lack of server security wasn’t a bug, it was a feature to allow foreign buyers direct access to classified information. Think plausable deniability.

Enter Crowdstrike

Many of you might be thinking “Who and what is Crowdstrike”? We’re going to give you knowledge hard to find anywhere else. CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity company that builds software which is used and installed in nearly every federal agency and department including Congress, the FBI, the Defense Department, and the White House. Mind blowing, isn’t it? You see, CrowdStrike software had a back door into the nation’s cyber systems. When the Clinton Foundation received payments from foreign buyers, CrowdStrike was the company that opened up the firewall to her server, basically allowing foreign governments to access information they payed for. Thus, when you read China’s comments that they “never hacked” Hillary’s server, that’s partially true, because they didn’t need to hack it, they were granted the access instead. This is a word game which the media knows how to play very well, and which you need to learn how to play too.

Further research into CrowdStrike can be found on brassballs, which has an excellent in-depth look into this shady organization. The worrying part of this report is as follows:

Yet as an FBI contractor, CrowdStrike still has top secret clearance. According to a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) ruling, CrowdStrike has “unrestricted illegal access” to the nation’s surveillance data…

Deleting the back door in CrowdStrike software may be impossible. It may require a new non-CrowdStrike system, an act of Congress, or an Executive Order to plug CrowdStrike’s back door…

The Daily Caller broke down a few facts for us that might be relevant to all of this research; Facts that everyone ignores regarding their involvement in the Russia-DNC fiasco:

  • Obama Appoints CrowdStrike Officer To Admin Post Two Months Before June 2016 Report On Russia Hacking DNC.
  • The FBI Never Looked At The DNC’s Servers — Only CrowdStrike Did.
  • Comey Contradicted The DNC’s Story On The FBI Asking To See The Server.
  • CrowdStrike Co-Founder Is Fellow On Russia Hawk Group, Has Connections To George Soros, Ukrainian Billionaire.
  • CrowdStrike Is Funded By Clinton-Loving Google $$.

Enter The Dragon📁
“Ms. Ugoretz oversaw intelligence products and briefings for the FBI Director and the Attorney General, as well as FBI analysts’ contributions to the President’s Daily Brief.”

Tonya Ugoretz; A career FBI Intel Analyst currently assigned to the ODNI as Director of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center. But what is the relevancy?

Former Intel Inspector General Chuck McCullough was investigating an anomaly found on Hillary Clinton’s email server believed to have a Chinese link. It was during Strzok’s public testimony with REP. Louie Gohmert that brought this to light. In fact, Gohmert mentions that Chuck sent his investigator Frank Rucker along with an ICIG attorney Janette McMillan to brief Strzok, Dean Chapelle and two other FBI personnel that all her emails except for 4 (30,000+) were going to an address that wasn’t on the distribution list. They were being sent to an unauthorized foreign entity unrelated to Russia. Was Tonya one of the two other FBI Personnel that got briefed? Who was the other?

Enter Lisa Page: Around the same time of Strzoks’ public hearing – according to a report by True Pundit – federal sources said when Lisa Page testified during two days of closed-door House hearings, she alleged the FBI concealed intelligence that confirmed Chinese state-backed ‘assets’ had illegally acquired former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 30,000+ “missing” emails. And it seems that True Pundit was right. The latest Daily Caller article vindicates True Pundit.

Was Lisa Page the other FBI official that was briefed on the Chinese?

Who reported the discovery? A recent Daily Caller article that talks about Gohmert’s interview with Strzok, which we uncovered and demonstrated above. Other than that, many outlets reported on the Chinese “hack” for years, but the most notable being a POLITICO report from back in October 8, 2015, which states:

Hillary Clinton’s private email server containing tens of thousands of messages from her tenure as secretary of state — including more than 400 now considered classified — was the subject of hacking attempts from China, South Korea and Germany after she stepped down in 2013, according to Congressional investigators…

The contractor, SECNAP Network Security, identified the attacks, but according to internal emails cited and briefly quoted in the Johnson letter, Clinton’s sever may have lacked a threat-detection program for three months, Johnson says… The attempted security breaches and apparent gaps in protection raise further questions about the level of security Clinton used to prevent malicious intrusions from breaching her network.

Well, we guess she really didn’t care for having any security after all, did she?

Who inserted the discovery of the Chinese infiltrations into the Presidential Daily Briefings. Well, if you were following us for awhile, we created a MAP of the Spy Operation breakdown and all the players involved. Inside it, we show how Brennan and Clapper were the ones leaking information into the Presidential Daily Briefings. The Presidential Daily Briefings are produced by most alphabet agencies, including the DNI, CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI, and the U.S.IC (The IC is overseen by ODNI – which Tonya Ugoretz is the Director of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center.

Keeping It Quiet

In an interview on Nov 28, 2017, former Inspector General Charles McCullough III received pushback from James Clapper when he began communicating concerns about Hillary Clinton’s private email server. McCullough also said that 7 senators wrote a letter accusing him of politicizing the matter, chief among them, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

Remember it has recently been revealed that Feinstein had a Chinese Spy on her staff for 20 years. Also, her husband Richard Blum, has made business investments in Chinese soybeans and Chinese Government-owned steel for years.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Our country has been severely infiltrated by not only the Russians, the Iranians – through Muslim Brotherhood proxy – and even the Germans, but most importantly the Chinese, who in fact bought out most of our media industries like Hollywood, stole most of our defense secrets, and who are now engaging in aggressive behavior on the African continent because of the mineral deposit contracts they’ve managed to secure and use the South African farmers’ issue to further destabilize the continent and further exploit its resources. This is all out war. A new war which we’ve managed to keep silent, but no longer.

An anon asks if this article is relevant to the HRC’s server that had granted access to foreign governments. The article states that between 2010 and 2012, the Chinese government systematically dismantled C.I.A. spying operations in the country by killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources and crippling intelligence gathering there for years afterwards. How did the Chinese find out? When was HRC secretary of state? Between 2009 – 2013.

Now that we know that Hillary’s emails were hacked by the Chinese, isn’t it logical that they got the intelligence to kill off our CIA through her? Treason? Espionage?

The Freudian Slip

On Dec 12, 2016, Hussein’s Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the intelligence community agreed “China was engaged in malicious cyber activity to destabilize our political system“. A reporter quickly reminded him he meant to say Russia.

Historical Ties Between The Clintons & The Chi-Coms

China & The Purchase Of U.S. Secrets

The Clinton Administration sold U.S. Military weapons and secrets to Generals from the Chinese Military disguised as “businessmen”, and the secret service knew.

How Much of U.S. Secrets Were Sold By The Clintons?

ALL OF THEM. Reports from Los Alamos back in the Clinton administration detailed some of these dealings. The Chinese had agents inside the wire for years. The direct quote from the inside source was “the penetration was total“. They got everything. The crown jewels. W-88 warhead designs, all of it. This includes the transfer of missile guidance technology. The U.S. Also had the U.S. Military inside China during the 1990’s to teach them how to reliably put a payload in orbit. Look up the Loral technology transfer, even though the extent of the tech “sharing” was not fully reported, it was the Clinton Commerce Department that okayed the export of gyroscopic technology to the Chinese. This allowed them to successfully launch their ICBMs.

Enter The Cox Report

Brief Takeaways From The Cox Report:

“Sometime in June (1995, a walk-in agent for People’s Republic of China intelligence services approached the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) office in Taiwan and provided them with an official PRC document classified “Secret” that contained design information of all seven of America’s nuclear warheads”

“On March 27 (1996), Energy Department Officials were notified by an American agent that it appeared the PRC recently stole U.S. neutron bomb secrets”

Source: Wikipedia

Obama As A NWO Puppet and The Chinese:

China being neck deep in the globalist agenda, helped Obama multiple times including being in charge of global police and Obama allowing Chinese trained global police to enter America and establish bases. China also had the authority to shut down websites in America thanks to Obama.

Sources on Obama’s Ties to The Global Police:

Sources on Clinton Ties to Chinese Bribes:

John Ashe added to The Clinton Body Count

John Ashe was a U.N. Official who “Accidentally” died right before testifying against the Clintons in a corruption case. Official reports indicated he died of a heart attack, however the police on the scene reported Ashe died when his throat was crushed during a work-out accident.
Source: SHTFPlan

What does this have to do with China?

John Ashe was accused by U.S. federal authorities of turning his position at the UN into a ‘platform for profit’ by accepting $1.3million in bribes from Chinese businessmen. Prosecutors said Ashe received more than $500,000 in bribes from billionaire Macau real estate developer Ng Lap Seng to seek U.N. support of a United Nations-sponsored conference center in Macau that Ng’s company would develop. Prosecutors also said Ashe received more than $800,000 from Chinese businessmen to support their interests within the United Nations and Antigua.
Source: Daily Mail

Who is Ng Lap Seng and how is it connected to the Clintons?

Ng Lap Seng, 68, was at center of illegal foreign donations scandal during Bill Clinton’s presidency. He was a Macau-based billionaire that funneled $1.2 million to Bill Clinton’s campaign through an Arkansas Chinese restaurant owner. When things started heating up and things became public, Congress demanded he was questioned as it investigated whether the Chinese Communist party was trying to influence the 1996 election. But Ng went on the run while the Chinese restaurant owner was jailed. Ng was arrested in New York in 2015 and charged with bringing suitcases of cash into the U.S. to bribe officials, including the former president of the UN general assembly. Source: Daily Mail

So who is the Restaurant owner that Ng funneled money through? Charlie Trie, a longtime friend of President Bill Clinton. Trie has been a friend of the president since the 1970s, when Clinton was attorney general of Arkansas. Trie owned a Chinese restaurant in Little Rock that Clinton frequented.

In 1994, Trie moved to Washington and eventually became part of an effort to raise money from Asian-American sources for the Democrats. When those fund-raising efforts started to raise headlines after the 1996 elections, Trie disappeared. According to congressional investigators, Ng laundered the illegal campaign donations through Charlie Trie during the 1996 election. Trie, who sent the donations to the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s legal defense fund, pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws in 1999. Documents produced by the White House and DNC reveal that both Trie and NG attended DNC-sponsored events with President Clinton and made a number of visits to the White House. Source: CNN

How does this match up? Let’s look at the timeline:

  • Ashe served as Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York of Antigua and Barbuda between 1995 and 2004.
  • Bill Clinton was President between 1993 and 2001

What Don’t The Chinese Have?

What have the past administrations tried to take away from us? Our liberty and our guns.
“You cannot invade the mainland UNITED STATES. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
– Isoroku Yamamoto (Japanese Admiral)

Last but not least, let’s take a dive into a testimony by a former secret service agent highlighting the crimes Clintons’ partook during their reign in the White House.

And as always, God bless America and long live the republic.
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