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Missile Stopped – Patriots are in control

Qanon posted a series of crumbs referencing submarines, missiles, and POTUS’ cryptic tweets. Let’s make bread…

Q post #1476:
Q anon tells us to search for the image referenced below:

Sub Photo source for Q photo:


The submarine identified:

Pic of submarine:
The Sail and Periscope matches with the USS Louisiana file photo from Ohio Class SSBN wikipedia page.

Let’s continue…

Remember Q post #1476:

FF = False Flag: Missile launch.
WW = Whidbey Washington: Location of launch.
Weather Alert: Pic of event taken by weather camera.

Let’s explore Q’s latest picture from post #1472:

Pic of mountains through clouds has been confirmed by anons to be Aleutian Islands.
(Island chain in Alaska)

The name of Q’s photo = flight path of potus:

The name of the file = Alaska_Vols_G7_SING
This is the flight path which POTUS Traveled to Singapore.

Let’s explain….

Flight path:

Red Line = Fastest route (Not taken because security risk)
Green Line = Flight path taken by POTUS to Singapore

Let’s continue and explain the above….

Flight path Explained:

POTUS flew from Charlevoix, Quebec to Singapore.
Rather than take the fastest route going through Russia (Since that would be a huge security risk), they flew WEST across Canada, skirting Alaska’s coast then down along the western edge of the Pacific in international airspace, past Japan (and Ironically past Korea), to get to Singapore.

This is suggested by Q’s photo of him being on AF1 on the way from the G7 to Singapore. Hence the file name: Alaska_Vols_G7_SING.png

Let’s continue….

The Decoy

Did you know there are 2 Air Force planes in operation? We believe the second plane was in flight but as a decoy. Below is the public schedule of POTUS flight. Notice it says it went to Greece. That would suggest POTUS would have flown EAST.

Missing letters in trump’s tweet:

People are stuck on the missing letters from Trump’s tweets, but that’s not the focus. The focus are the WORDS themselves from which the missing letters come from.


So the takeaway here is the missile was stopped from its attack targeting POTUS during flight to Singapore.

Q confirms knowledge of the cabals plans

Q confirmed initial knowledge of the Cabal’s plan to take down POTUS by linking an old post with POTUS’s recent tweet. When Q says “You Have More Than You Know…” he really means it.

Think about that.

What this means:

  • Q showed us the whole gameplan that the Deep State tried to use to take down POTUS, but failed.
  • Trump let us know the missile was stopped through a cryptic tweet.
  • We think the Navy hack was done by the blackhats who put Chinese fingerprints all over it in order to start a World War and to eliminate POTUS.

Patriots are still in control.

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