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QANON AND THE WOO – The Global Consciousness Project

Anons are getting impatient and worried that Qanon is just a false prophet who needs to stop putting dates on happenings that never seem to materialize. But there is an art and reason for this.

Here is an example of a concerned Anon’s thought process:

Qanon needs to stop predicting specific things during a specific week. It hurts his credibility when those predictions do not materialize. Qanon is appreciated for informing us on what’s occurring behind the scenes. He doesn’t need to make specific predictions.

Qanon’s “predictions” serve a purpose. Let’s examine what that is.


Qanon’s predictions serve multiple purposes. Qanon’s earliest predictions were/are used to actually get us interested in areas we are not “supposed” to see or look. Would you have looked into human trafficking and how Hollywood, the Deep State, and global elite use it to fund their dark money projects if it wasn’t mentioned by Qanon?

Another reason for the “predictions” are to get our energy to funnel into that timeline of expression. More esoteric I know, but if people just quit “shining the light” because they are “bored” or “not enough is happening”, the process will get bogged down. They (Qanon & the white-hats) do the labor, we provide the light.

In effect, what Q is harnessing is a subset of Global Consciousness.
There is a science behind the woo.

Let’s examine the science behind Qanon & The Woo.


From Princeton University:

The Global Consciousness Project

What is the nature of Global Consciousness?

The best way to describe the anomalous effects we see in the data is as a correlation that comes to exist between the devices spread around the world — just during major events, defined in terms of the widespread attention and emotion they produce. That is, there are departures from expectation when human consciousness is powerfully engaged. The devices are designed to be independent, and they are separated by hundreds or thousands of kilometers, and yet we see the correlations — that is anomalous, and it is linked with consciousness. The implication is that we are not isolated from each other as seems to be the case, but linked in a subtle, unconscious and inaccessible way. Learning more about that, and tapping into the potential of our interconnection is the next phase of human development. We are at the beginning, and ready to move forward.

How does this relate to Qanon? Let’s find out.


Qanon acts as a magnet for like minded individuals to gather and then direct our focus in specific directions with certain outcomes in mind. Think of it like White Magick to counteract the cabal’s insidious darkness. There is an astonishing amount of evidence that the universe is responsive to a collective conscious thought.

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consiousness into our awareness.”
-Lao Tzu


It’s a planet of free will. This makes Qanon’s job of pointing us to the right direction while keeping us active, very complicated. An agreement is needed at the correct level of the global collectiveness, and then energy is needed to create a timeline of expression to match the desired outcome, while the opposition works to counter that with back and forth Hegelian dialectics. The goal – as Qanon has said – is to avoid a global catastrophe and hurting the mass of people.

To change the world, all you need is a single collective-directed thought.

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