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THE GREAT AWAKENING – What Does It Mean To You?

A Collective Experience & Discovery Of Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth, Belief, & Action.

What does the great awakening mean to you?

It has been a long journey and rough ride for everyone that participated in the rediscovery of America and ourselves as individuals. From the first moment Q started dropping bread on the Chan network, we knew something special was cooking. Q appeared from out of the fog to give us information and clues as to how the government and the international elite were manipulating us and suppressing human potential. It was a confirmation of what many of us were feeling for a long time, but as a society and people, we felt fractured and helpless. Well, that is until Trump and Q arrived. When Q came on the scene, we were being told that a white-hat operation was taking place that would collapse the stranglehold put on us by the New World Order. Q was laying out the MAP of the whole plan to take down the Deep State black-hats. In order to pass this information to the people and avoid National Security legal issues, Q was using the Socratic method to help us unravel the plan and find the answers ourselves as a collective, thus bypassing confirmation bias and legal issues, while at the same time, demanding accountability of those involved in evil doings. Q reinvigorated our love for our country and practically had us demand better from the government we elected.

To us, the great awakening is about people finally waking and standing up to all the lies and deceit we’ve been fed by those we’ve elected and put trust in. Parallel to that, It’s also about a spiritual awakening that has us self-examine our belief’s in something greater – something that we can’t physically touch but mentally grasp. It’s also about working together on investigations, demanding better policies, wanting fair justice FOR ALL, getting back and retaining freedoms that has slowly been disintegrating for a long time, and having peace with everyone around the world.

Whether Q is really a LARP or not, doesn’t matter. What came out of this was a little seed that turned into a beautiful flower, which then turned into a fruit where we all shared in its sweetness. Life is sweet when change is ripe.

We would love to hear your thoughts as we are collecting testimonials from Q followers around the world that have been personally affected by the movement. It is a great opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences as others will find it helpful and supportive.

As time passes, we will be adding comments from our social networks to this page. Please leave a comment below and share your experiences.

Personal Experiences

From: people_not_sheeple
“I’d stopped participating in elections for a while because I knew there was a swamp & it all seemed pointless. But then Trump won & I discovered Q. And Q filled in the details & outlined a plan to take the country back. What it means to me is a second American revolution that’s taking the country back from the oppressors & returning it to the people! #WWG1WGA”

From: sam.wagner_
”The second revolution of our great country, and we’re living it. we will be the ones to implement the change and come up with ideas that benefit humanity while reducing the cost on society. I can’t thank Q and Trump enough for what they’ve done so I can think innovatively and outside of the box and try my hardest to apply it while not having to worry about my freedoms but now there’s a good chance that change will happen, in any field due to the crackdown on corruption. I’m extremely excited to hopefully be going into the industry to help businesses understand the importance that is their their employees health. Having healthy employees can change your business completely. And I have ideas for healthcare too, it will go through a paradigm shift from sickcare to healthcare. If you want to see what I’m talking about, I’m already speaking with doctors from Iran and Spain. I have many idea, just follow my page and you’ll see how the #healthrevolution has already started 🙌🏻🇺🇸🙏.”

From: gelbfur
”For me the Great Awakening is all us standing up to the great evils of the world: the communists, globalists, free masons, Catholic, pedophiles, human traffickers. We’re seeing the takedown of the Illuminati in real time 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. “

From: berlinfriswell
”The Great Awakening is an end to corruption, a rescuer of children and hopefully a wake up call to liberal nonsense. “

From: zcory_m
”The great awakening refers to the collective consciousness awakening. The veil from the left and elites is being lifted. People are becoming aware more than any point in this planets existence.”

From: lizardking2112
”Honesty its probably final vindication as a “conspiracy theorist”.. Can’t wait till everything is relealed and mainstream.”

From: ziva_zoom_and_me
”If you have seen V for vendetta there’s a scene where V says “We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world.” Q is to me hope, the idea that good can still overcome evil. That good men still exist. At some point brave men made the decision that they were willing to loose everything to protect people who might never know about them or worse vilify them. The idea that there’s men out there like that it inspires others. If nothing else Q is hope.”

From: gdm4k
”The Great Awakening is so enormous I can’t put it in words. We are living in such a pivotal point in not only American history, but world history. It will be written about for years and years and years.”

From: sullman78
”The great awakening refers to the collective consciousness awakening. The veil from the left and elites is being lifted. People are becoming aware more than any point in this planets existence.”

From: sadblacksheep
”Our very last chance at saving humanity. This is a literal fight between good & evil. The single most important event in our history. The final battle for the survival of a civilization.”

From: badmammajamma_mt
”Yes, the battle between good and evil…and now we know why civilizations rise and eventually fall. Shocking: The pedophilia levels at high places and the fact that even women are involved in offering up their children. The wars. That they are only started because of a lineage if evil men who profit from encouraging & funding both sides. War…also to kill off the ones who have strength and will to fight for their countrymen. War…to scare us and in turn make us submit and say, “Yes, we are so scared of *that* enemy, please fight for us”, but that enemy is within a dark government that we pay but cannot see. Pretending that there is democrat vs. republican. The foundations that are supposed to help children, but instead molest, sell and kill.”

From: star_spangled_stoner
”It has helped bring a faith in me back. I lost it for awhile. But now i can see people waking up and saying enough is enough. And its making me so happy.”

From: marradesigns
Justice, Truths, Integrity, Honesty, Respect. .Power of the Patriots to expose Corruption and Evil, above all protect our children, live by Faith and Bless us all for Peace and Unity, one Nation Let Truth and the Light of God prevail.”

From: debdestefano
”I have been blessed to follow Q since the first drop Oct 28th 2017 I don’t know how it happened it just did. Q has been my History Teacher gaining knowledge of past and present. Learning how Deep the corruption goes. Q the riddle man Godspeed #UniversalCleanUp”

From: gr8.awakening
The Great Awakening to me is the unity of man and woman. It’s a movement that is bringing people together from all walks of life to help achieve one main goal, peace. Together WE now have a clear understanding of the POWER we hold. This is not necessarily about political parties because there are EVIL people on both spectrums, but about GOOD vs. Evil and yes the corruption is nearly one sided, but we the people now have a voice because of Q and The Great Awakening. ❤️👊🏼🇺🇸 “

From: the_baked_bodybuilder
”It’s about shining the light on evil and showing the people the truth.”

From: yort_jarvis
”I want the REAL sons of bitches who planned 9/11 to be brought to justice.I lived across the street, in a beautiful neighborhood called Battery Par,k on the lower west side of the city, from the towers from 1-13 years old. I saw these towers every damn day. I will not find peace until I see all the true co-conspirators brought to justice and sent to hell. I went to both wars resulting from that day and I lost brothers who believed why we were over in Iraq and Afghanistan. I believed it too. The truth will set us free. Semper Fi, Always and Forever 🇺🇸🌏 “

From: michael.b60
”In the 80s I was in the same field as Q under Reagan. I got out of it and thought from Bush Sr forward our country was lost. Q has renewed my hope that our country is still alive and kicking. I’ve followed since 2017 and still recognize a few things although the technology now is far beyond me. Seeing the anons rocking like they do brings a great sense of pride in our countrymen. I hope and pray the evil that grew is destroyed and those in it brought to justice.”

From: mysterybabylon101
”Its about time The Q MI Cavalry showed up , ive been neck deep in this muck trying to expose these swamp rats for decades and have sacrificed Alot, I knew this day would come sooner or later thankfully it finally happened and we got the air support & reinforcements we’ve really needed for a long time. “

From: janet_quinn_10
”The great awakening is an unveiling of the TRUTH, an Apocalypse. It can’t be stopped, it’s a collective consciousness that all living things are ALL connected, it’s a desire to Uplift others to see too. It’s having no fear because there is more to life than this, it’s knowing that the strongest power is love. Each individual is a LIGHT and we’re turning on the switch. It’s making heaven on earth instead of Hell. We are empowered. We see through the lies.”

From: runningdownthesun
”An awareness of the people of America to their manipulation by the elite. Cattle no more… “

From: amydurden83
”I grew up in the Clinton-Bush era and always smelled a rat especially when I heard G.B.Sr talking about a “New World Order” and then Bill Clinton defiling the office of presidency with his disgusting acts when I was about 12 yrs old. Then we got 9/11 when I was starting college I was in disbelief and it stank to high heaven of f~ckery. There were never any answers to all of the problems. I asked Questions from there and have followed Q from the beginning.”

From: lmltrain
”For me it was watching the news and getting so frustrated about obvious questions that weren’t being asked, the rote verbiage that was so repetitive it was like we were all robots in a trance just nodding our heads “ yes!, “ “yes!” But I was thinking “ No!” ,”No!”. When the Las Vegas shooting happened I smelled a rat. MSM got sloppy I guess but it clearly didn’t add up what they were reporting. I started looking into that and the Hawaiian nuke alert button push incident because that also didn’t make sense. My research confirmed a few of my thoughts on it and then a friend told me about Q. Then a lot of the pieces for me started to fall into place. I had no idea how deeply corrupt things are but something inside me must’ve known and I have not looked back. I pray fir our country more than ever.”

From: bigbrant75
”In 2010, I began to feel a dark cloud forming over this Country. A sense of uneasiness about the future and where things were heading. While we all are aware of government corruption, having emails recorded, a biased media, etc…it felt like it was all about to escalate to a post-apocalyptic like world. The night Trump won, that feeling of despair lifted. I could feel for the first time the people of this Country dig their feet in and shove back. Q and The Great Awakening is providing the information to back what I was already feeling.”

From: tumms
”People left England in the 1600’s to get away from the crown. They wanted a country governed by the people. But the powers of the Hudson bay company were far reaching. My ancestors were starving in Ireland, governed by London. Q gives us all hope, whether you live in NYC, Paris, Moscow, Rome or London. The second novochok poisoning here in the UK is being looked upon as very suspect even by the mainstream media! We are waking up. I worry that when POTUS arrives in the UK that bad actors will be waiting. I have so much to say on this matter, but I know we are all being watched, that said we must stand up for our children, our freedom and the planet.”

From: native.grime
”I’ve been watching the deep state since 9/11 and have never seen anything like Q. He has everyone from pleidians to white bread conservatives rallied for a purpose. I can only hope it continues to raise awareness of the real power structure.”

From: erincarpenter0
“All the darkness in the world can’t extinguish the light of one candle.”- St. Francis of Assisi

From: muaddeb
”I was always seeking the truth since 9/11 but since Trumps win I think he saved this country’s soul from evil deep state and the fact that Q is dropping bread crumbs to help lead this faction of New age conservatives is and will cut the head off the hydra Dragon that is the central baking system and the deep state hopefully everything goes according to plan.”

From: an0n66
”It’s been an affirmation to me. The best way to describe it is this, we all knew politics were crooked and dirty. But we never knew exactly how dirty. But then you get a little older, you learn a little more and before you know it you’re literally disgusted by what is and has been going on in the world. But by this time you know in your heart there’s absolutely nothing you can do. Politicians are above the law, the best you can do is try to vote in somebody who’s not quite as bad the one you’re voting out. Enter Q. And just like a spark of hope was lit. The flame needed some nursing along at first. Like everyone I suspect, some doubt crept in more then once in those first few months. But we stuck with it, we followed up, we watched the news and all of a sudden, this tiny flame of hope turned into a raging fire of belief. Belief in GOOD. Belief in POTUS. Belief that nobody is above the law. But mostly belief that WE THE PEOPLE hold the power. We always have, they just made us forget. Q, for me anyway, represents everything I’ve always known to be true, but was too scared to truly realize. This is without a doubt THE turning point in modern history. And I’m just thankful to be here with my fellow Patriots.”

From: echo_valley2018
”When I was young I didn’t care much about “political stuff” because life was pretty good in my life sphere. Reagan was a prominent figure and I knew he was doing his job as President pretty well. After having kids you start paying attention to world events. Everything started to be so scripted. The GHWB New World Order comment really made me start paying attention to things that I knew were self serving events that only benefitted elites. I’m glad that many events are being scrutinized and people are able to think and discern for themselves and see the evil that’s paraded right in front of us. Now is the time to stand up against it and fight for the good instead of accepting the evil.”

From: rcadena05
“The Great Awakening to me at this moment means: peace of mind and heart! I have always had this great sense of fear and doom since 9/11 watching the world fall into chaos! The government and policies restricting my freedom more and more. I thought the pending end of the world was around the corner there was no future for me or my kids! It was all quite depressing for me. Than i came to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and he revealed to me the battle of good and evil. All this evil corrupt deep state will no longer have its control over me or my family! He put a God fearing Man in office to fight for his people! It brings me peace of mind to see all that he has accomplished so far and peace of heart to see all the corruption come to light! I am grateful for this awakening!”

From: rivernana10
“Connecting with others who have been terrified of what was happening to our country. Knowing that we are the majority, and not the minority, as the fake news had us believing. Now there is hope for change and strengthening of our country with our great President Trump! Thank you for hope and peace of mind.”

“The great awakening has given me a sense of belonging and pride in a society that praises the ones who attempt to tear us down. It gives me hope that my future will be secure. It gives me hope for future generations.”

From: orkaodyssey
“It’s a move of God on our land. Spiritual revival as well as intellectual and creative renaissance. ”

From: evans_baked
“Q have me hope that there were others seeing what I was seeing , and who believed Good would eventually win over evil.”

From: bg2heu
“GOD is being Recognized as Sovereign”

From: joepbuijsgalleryamsterdam
“To become aware of what happens in the darkness is as important as it is to be conscious of the original light from where you originated.
To ‘wake up’ is like turning on that light and to open your self to experience the truth. The whole truth. Including the dark truth.
To be awake is not like living in a ‘glossy lifestyle’ feel good movie. Once you are awake the actual energetic work, your creation, starts. Your second birth. More birthing will follow.
Without dying.
This means that you will commence to create and breathe love. Consciously.
You will inhale truth and exhale compassion, beauty and consolation, despite your growing awareness of the atrocities that take, and have taken place in the energetic realms that are controlled by ignorant beings that prefer to exist in darkness. You will subtly assist the others who are trying to wake up.
You will realize that fear is nothing but a vibrational barricade to jump over.
However, do not deny fear or anger. Look them in the Eye/I
and express your sovereignty
as a free willed loving being. Be strong, and be aware of your eternal existence as a conscious part of an individualized totality.
Raise your energetic sword, open your heart of Light, Love and Truth, and proceed with the exploration of this awkward and awesome reality called
You are human, you are love and you create
Just like me
😊 ”

From: pinzgauer
“I hate to say it, because I think this guy is an asshole, but when Kanye became an outspoken supporter or Trump it gave permission for people of color to discuss the issue in the open and voice their support. This was the crack in the left’s armor that allowed independent thought, common sense, and common logic to insert itself back into to minority vote. Until now they voted in lockstep because that’s what they were taught to do. ”

From: o0o0rion
“The great awakening is when all of us peasants finally figure out the myriad ways that we’ve been manipulated, divided, controlled throughout the centuries and break free. ”

From: chaselabar
“Gives me hope there will be justice! ”

From: semper_robustus
“I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon to but I started following the movement in late November and it is totally changed my perspective on a lot of things and has showed me really what the Democrats are all about! it showed me how evil our government can be! And the real plan of the NWO and why we are blessed to have Donald Trump is our president.”

From: michaelmaxsonrealestate
“God waking up His children. Last chance before the tribulation. The awakening of the elite and their crimes against humanity. Darkness to Light. ”

From: theother__jc
“The Great Awakening was terrifying in the beginninvg. I’m a pretty smart person, and to hear what our government has been doing to the world, was virtually unbelievable. But, with the guidance of people like you all, I am learning the truth. And helping to spread it. I try to awaken as many people as I think can handle it. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like for the people still in the dark once the light starts shining on all of this. I’m grateful to have you all to explain what I don’t get and to be a part of what may go down as the greatest time in political history. ”

From: findingourhappiness
“I live in ca and I voted for Hillary. I was so sure that she would win in my little sheep head I got crushed. It sparked my curiosity again about 9/11 and conspiracies and I dove deep. I found the truth of what the big picture was many tears and long nights staying up reading stuff that I didn’t want to read but had to know. I even went deep spiritually and found a relationship with God. A year and some months later and I’ve never been happier. Full of passion and life and purpose. I help those around me now and now am very proud to be an American and thankful to those who voted for trump and saved me. God Bless America! Love you guys . ”

From: ladyliberty52
“I have known of the evil in the world since 1976 when a documentary was aired on tv about the world banks control of other countries. Years later it was the killing of the David Koresh (sp?) people by Reno/Clintons that got me involved. I have always studied scripture and the prophecies and came across a prophecy that one day the Republicans and Democrats would go to war with each other and a new party would form, an American Independent party. Also that a Rothschild would repent and settle in Israel and do good things. I came across Q mid March and asked God, such I go down this rabbit hole? Opened scriptures to a chapter in Book of Mormon about the secret combinations destroying nations and how such always try to expose them. Well ok! The evil has affected my family through the plague of drugs, testimonies of God destroyed, unemployment, homelessness, of a family member, and marriage destroyed. It’s more than personal!! This affects Everyone in the world and our hope for TRUTH and JUSTICE. May God bless us as a nation who will keep the commandments after seeing such evil. ”

From: blazierlinda
“I thought I was the only person on the planet who recognized that Obama was an impostor. I was helpless to do a single thing about it. Heck, I didn’t even follow politics because I can’t stand liars. So I put my head down and kept working, but the treadmill of work was going faster and faster with fewer returns. We found it nearly impossible to build a modest sized home, our children are struggling and we are ALL living paycheck to paycheck. We are literally being crushed by our tax burden. 12 k per year property tax on a 2000 sq ft house and that is JUST property and school tax. Trust me, it isn’t made out of gold, and the roads are in very poor repair. Fully 50 percent of my income goes to taxes and whats left has an almost 10 percent sales tax! Insert Q here. March 2018. I hear about Q and start reading from Oct 28. The more posts I read the more sick I feel. I mention it to a few people and they act like I am crazy. I mention it to my mother and she advises me to be quiet about this. She doesn’t want me to post political things on FB for fear that something could happen to me. I ask my husband to read it and tell me if it is real. It took him/us 2 months to read every single post, link, video, article. Q is real. The realization that every war was created by our CIA made me physically ill. The realization that their goal was worldwide human trafficking for sex, slaves and adrenochrome blew my mind. The scale of the corruption and evil is very hard to accept. But I thrive on the truth no matter how hard it is to hear. I know that the people of America and the people around the world are kind and have always wanted peace. Q is helping us to see the truth. Through Truth we find Justice. Through Justice we find Peace. We won’t fail. This is a worldwide movement to help everyone. The more we good people UNITE the faster we will find justice and peace. Prosperity will be icing on the cake. Q has changed the world in a positive way that I could have never imagined! Q=LOVE. ”

From: realislands
“Restoring truth and freedom both of which have been under siege.

From: thrasher_1077
“The great awakening, it’s opened my eyes and mind. “You must unlearn, what you have learned” Question everything! ”

From: saybravethings
“The realization that I have been lied to you when it comes to our world and our politics for so many years. It is seeing that our country has people in place to try to destroy us. It is seeing that evil really does walk among us each and every day. It is believing that Donald Trump is a special force designed to be our president to help pull our country out of the hands of America haters and backstabbing politicians. It is seeing that each one of us can make a change in our world. For so many years I have sat back and thought it does not matter what I think or what I vote or what I do but now I believe I do make a difference here in America. It is seeing that middle Americans have finally realized we are the meat and potatoes of this country and we have rose up and put in place a president that is for us!”

From: k33n0r
“It’s the most important moment in our species existence. The moment the every-man had access to long forbidden knowledge and the ability to discuss it via technology that interconnected the global population. Its now why we are seeing an all out assault on free speech and the free exchange of ideas on the internet; because they know this is the last line of defense for them. Their ideas can not stand up to the scrutiny of merit based discussions. #wwg1wga ”

From: fz09fred
“Biggest is just being able to reassure friends and family in this crazy time. They have said they didn’t want to dig into all of it so I did and give them the recaps. Feels good having inside information.”

From: noknocks18784
“The corruption we always knew existed inside our government is being exposed. I’m hoping Justice for JFK MLK, RFK , Justice Scalia and The Victims will finally happen.”

From: stihlmadd
“To me the Great Awaking is a pivotal point in our history, it can not be expressed the importance of what needs to happen from here and what would have happened if she won the 2016 election race. Nor can my disgust and sheer contempt for these beings that were willing to murder myself my family my friends and most of the worlds population in order to claim complete domain over this world that our Lord has blessed us with. #wwg1wga my eternal gratitude to Q and all patriots world wide 🙏.”

From: cp975
“Affirmation of hope and that liberty and freedom still exist.”

From: live_wire_coal_power
“The great awakening is simply describing the restoration of my faith in the republic, my admiration of @realdonaldtrump for his selfless dedication to our great country and my loathing of the liberal sickness.”

From: Anonymous
“Hey I wanted to comment on your post about the meaning of The Great Awakening. I unfortunately cannot comment in it because people and family members have been monitoring my comments and find that my belief in this is disturbing. I believe in everything that Trump and Q team are doing and am so thrilled to have found sources like you. Seeing the news now it is actually quite alarming at how ridiculous they have become and has led me to question everything I have ever learned.

I believe in the process and I just hope that justice can be brought to those who have been looking to destroy our Republic. It has made me realize that our freedom and our rights are worth fighting for and that there are many forces out there who are looking to destroy. I pray one day the people watching me on the outside will come to see what we see. We must always fight and never give in. After 8 years of them trying to lull us to sleep, the time has come for ordinary citizens like myself.

To wake up from our slumber And never again be fooled by those who seek to destroy us. The Great Awakening is very real and I will never stop believing that. #MAGA #QAnon #thegreatawakening #donttreadonme #centipedenation”

From: freesoliloquy
“I can Quite comfortably state that I AM amongst the individuals to which our President so endearingly referred to as #superelites We have “played the game” in a manner that no doubt Einstein, Leonardo, Socrates and others are chuckling: “Been there…done that” *with back slaps and uproarious pride in their SPIRITUAL legacies were being protected by this hodge podge of Little Rascals…with at least one Qirl allowed in each group… I say this from a mother’s point of view to which each declaration of #WWGOWGA and its TTwin #WWG1WGA…is in honor of all our brothers and sisters who have WILLINGLY gone to the front line in defense of our very humanity. To you who have enlightened the masses… a chapter I gift to you: In November of 1963, our nation was plunged into a darkness…orchestrated by Satan’s henchmen… Unbeknownst you Q and Q and all of the Q(l)ue’s in this e-mind we share…We “signed up” to defeat this scourge…TIME was irrelevant…and thus we became (and have continuously been) “Jason and the Argonauts” – we now have rewritten history. Quantum Law is our Shield – Patriotism our Sword…. I have been BLESSED to be a part of this illuminated aura of frequencies, harmonies and heightened dimensional understanding. This future…OUR future…in whatever Pure Imagination we may now conjure, be it ever known throughout our lands of Camelot and Communities… “Future Proves Past” and as an added bonus: “Infinity & Beyond”… Awaits us! 👍👊🙇🇺🇸 🔮🎈~Qbcl”

From: Amber
“Walking down the streets of life
I look around and don’t think twice
Celebrities worshiped more than Christ
I walk alone and pay the price.

By feeling a weight led by depression
Is this ignorance bliss? Or should I question? –
All of these things that don’t feel right –
Hiding in darkness – blinded by light –

That tears out my eyes – and my heart if just bleeds –
For things I can’t change alone and I need –
Someone that will listen, believe me and care

That there really are monsters living out there

In a world designed to make you a slave
Till the questions pour out of your soul like rain –
Drowning the lies that have kept you like glue –
Attached to the thought that “they” care about you…

Slaves to a nation that punked us with promises –
Having looked away now we face all the consequences
Of what happens in life when we don’t pay attention
Blindly eating what were fed, never asking QUESTIONS

A great nation, once a family, became “victims” and divided
Seems like were too powerful for “them” when we all are united

“They” hit you in school when your fresh mind is growing –
Then Hollywood grabs you just as your star is rising
And finally there you are resting in chair, after a long work day
Guess who is there?
CNN telling you the same dirty lies, acting like they care.

Telling you fables fabricated from fear,
destroying your hope
year after year

And there they sit spewing the lies – pointing fingers and living
Under the guise-
Of peace, love and equality
But you’re just a device.

They don’t care about your life, your family, your friends.
They care about money and when we will all end.

Career politicians wearing a crown…
How the fuck you get so rich on a salary
That don’t match your bank account?

I search for the answers, shrouded in lies
And my head keeps on hurting from glitter in my eyes.

Escape from the fantasy once and for all.
Hear with your heart and listen to the call
Of the source, the creator, it’s buried within-
Every part of our history, of all that has been.

A shell of a person is what we’ve become
A slave to the elite, has made us all numb
To the light that exists in the heart of us all –
The one we call LOVE that won’t let us fall.

The man that came and died for the world –
To forgive us our sins, every boy and girl –

The light can be blinding when you’ve been asleep
It punches your face and makes you feel weak
But after you wake your eyes will seek
More truth
More wisdom
and more you will speak

For living in the light has made you brave
Finding courage the one true God has made –
For you and for me, we all just forgot,
God is LOVE
And WE control our thought

So gone are the days of walking in misery –
God is back, with a special delivery
Of love, and hope, and saving us all
Electing good Trump to build a wall

To help bring all the darkness to the light –
Q was employed to stomp out the night
And bring us back together – a nation divided
A nation founded on God we ARE UNITED

Not to falter – not to bend – only UNITED


From: deitymari
“The Great Awakening = truth. We need the truth to make informed decisions and trust that those we elect as a People, are going to advocate for us. Julian Assange and Q cannot continue to be out only source of truth. We need our press to be free from the chains that bind them ASAP. Our humanity is counting on it.”

From: faery_niki
““… the truth shall set you [US] FREE!” THE fulcrum point to our better future for all humanity #apocalypse yes but #revelation of the evil that controls this paradigm. Uniting all of man, and screaming, NO MORE! #thisisNOThowthingsaresupposedtoBE”

From: sharleebrown
“I started waking up just after 9/11. When TPTB waltzed out the Patriot Act days later. It was huge in scope & size & I knew then that they had this all ready to go just waiting for the right opportunity which they knew would come. It was my wtf moment. I’ve questioned & researched everything ever since.”

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