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THE NEO-PROGRESSIVE MACHINE – The Trojan Horse Infiltrating The Left

THE NEO-PROGRESSIVE MACHINE - The Trojan Horse Infiltrating The Left
If you pay attention to politics, you’ll notice an emergence of young people claiming to be ‘Progressives’. While this new breed stems from the original Progressives from the turn of the 20th century, they don’t differ much from Hitler’s 3rd Reich and even the Soviet Communists. You’ll find that they are in fact similar in their approach to social programs with appeals to collectivism and authoritarianism. The only difference being their approach of adopting to today’s societal conditions – hence the name Neo-Progressives. This ideology is sometimes conflated with Liberalism, especially by people on the right, yet Neo-Progressives don’t discourage that label. In fact, this allows them to use people’s positive perception of liberalism as a way to infiltrate them like a Trojan Horse with ideas that would normally be rejected. And as you’ll see in this article, the Green New deal is one of those ideas.

Let’s first take a dive into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Then we’ll take a look into the people and organizations that helped build her up. We’ll then move on to the Green New Deal, and the people who fund all these movements. Are you ready to go down this rabbit hole?

Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

This media darling has been in headlines since before she even took office in January 2019, as the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district. The media loves to play into this freshman’s narrative, but is it even her narrative? Is she really the result of a rally cry from people who wanted change? Or is she just another puppet pushing the narrative of the global elite through unassuming ‘youth movements’? Let’s find out who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really is and the master(s) pulling her strings.

A faux ‘Young Entrepreneur’

The media loves to say that Ocasio-Cortez is a hardworking wunderkind millennial with entrepreneurial roots. But was she? In college, she started a company called ‘Brook Avenue Press’ which was a company meant to provide educational products to children and parents in urban areas. She claimed to have partnered with the Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator, which was basically just a co-working space where people would pay $195 – $275 a month to rent a desk.

There’s no proof that Brook Avenue Press was ever more than an idea she had in 2011. Brook Avenue Press doesn’t appear to have had any real activity. The web domain is for sale, there is no domain history on, and the company was dissolved by the state of New York in 2016 for not filing tax returns for two or more years.

She eventually became the Lead Educational Strategist at GAGEis. GAGEis, Inc. is owned by Cheni Yerushalmi, an Israeli businessman who also owned the now defunct ‘Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator’ that Ocasio-Cortez’s company ‘Brook Avenue Press’ partnered with. GAGEis’ website went down around the same time when Sunshine finally closed it’s doors in 2016.

To understand what GAGEis did, we have to go back to 2014 to see a website archive of :

GAGE is an incubation program designed to combat the modern challenges faced by new and aspiring graduates in a post-industrial economy… graduates to discover career advancement opportunities through non-traditional means.

It’s still not clear exactly what they did. But let’s continue to look into who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes on Political Activism

While attending Boston University, she was part of Senator Ted Kennedy’s office staff. She also graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and International Relations.

She was an activist protester that would live-stream on facebook. Here is a gofundme that she was using to get donations for her trip to Standing Rock.

Her first tweet (if she didn’t delete previous ones) is on September 01 2015 asking for a job to John Collery the Global Director of Kuja Kuja. Kuja Kuja built an app that lets refugees rate the services around them and was part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Exhibit.

She was also a supporter for Bernie early on and eventually became a field organizer for their Bronx office.

Cenk, from The Young Turks, featured a quote from Ocasio-Cortez on his show back in April 19th, 2016. This was her first time she got any type of spotlight, and it happened to be 6 days before a political action committee (PAC) called “Brand New Congress” was announced. This is the same PAC that eventually created what is known today as “Justice Democrats” – another PAC, which Cenk is a co-founder of. These two PAC’s were the ones that recruited and trained Ocasio-Cortez (more on that later). This spotlight from the Young Turks, alludes to the fact that Cenk was more than just in-the-know about her before she was anything. They were building her up.

The quote that was featured on The Young Turks was originally from ThinkProgress, posted on April 18th, 2016 – a left-wing blog published by the Center For American Progress – a non-profit ogranization founded by John Podesta and funded by George Soros:

Westchester County voter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided to check on the status of her voter registration last month, after hearing about problems in Arizona’s primary. She was dismayed to discover that, despite being a registered Democrat since 2008, her party affiliation had been changed to unaffiliated. She is now unable to vote for her preferred candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), in the primary.
“I am so hurt that my right to vote in this primary has been taken from me,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a Reddit post explaining her situation.

The quote above mentions herself as a “Westchester County Voter”, but her website said that she had to leave her home in the Bronx as a child everyday to get a quality education. So what is she doing having an address in a middle to upper-class suburban community in Westchester County?

Where is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from?

According to the New York Times, she was living in the Bronx neighborhood of Parkchester until she was five, then her family moved to a house in Yorktown Heights located 40 minutes north in an upper-middle class suburb of Westchester County. Records show that she also attended and graduated from Yorktown high-school in 2007. Also, Westchester County land records show that Ocasio-Cortez was living there with her mother and brother in 2016 when they sold the home for $355,000.

Now after reading that, you would assume she was a girl from Westchester, as records show, and not from the Bronx like she projects. But if you were to listen and read her own public statements, you would think otherwise. For example, her website stated that she “commuted” 40-minutes between school and family. While doing this research, we found that Ocasio-Cortez has updated her site to quietly fix what many found to be a contradiction.

The old version of her site said:

…much of her life was defined by the 40 minute commute between school and her family in the Bronx.

The updated version of her site says:

…early life was spent in transit between her tight-knit extended family in the Bronx.

So we go from “…much of her life… commute between school and family“, to “early life… transit between tight-knit extended family“. By tweaking it like this, she would have her spokespeople go out and use the new narrative for damage-control as many people thought she grew up in the Bronx. For example, the Boston Globe states that Ocasio’s spokesman, Corbin Trent… explained that the 40-minute ‘‘commute’’ referred to Ocasio-Cortez’s trips to visit extended family on weekends and holidays..

As you can see, she quietly tweaked the wording around to fix her story. But we know the reason why she wrote it that way in the first place; she wanted to create the illusion of a struggling young woman from the Bronx. In fact, if you look at her Wikipedia entry, it states that she moved back to the Bronx after college. But did she?

A recent article from the NY Post tries to find out where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lives today. When reporters from the NY Post tried to locate her home address, they were directed to the same Parkchester Bronx apartment from her younger years. But reporters from the NY Post couldn’t find anyone in the building or local businesses that could vouch for Ocasio-Cortez living in that vicinity. Even the buildings’ Postal worker said that several months worth of mail accumulates in the mailbox before anyone collects it.

What else could she be deceptive about?

Money Laundering

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign may have illegally funneled thousands of dollars through a PAC called Brand New Congress, to her boyfriend Riley Roberts. The PAC paid Roberts $3,000 on August 9th. Eighteen days later, AOC’s campaign paid this PAC $6,191.32. A month later, the PAC then turned around and paid Riley Roberts another $3,000.

From Fox News:

“It’s not illegal for [Ocasio-Cortez] to pay her boyfriend, but it appears that they created some sort of scheme to avoid claiming the money [as a campaign expense],” Dan Backer, a D.C.-based attorney who filed the complaint on behalf of the foundation, told Fox News. “What exactly did he do for that money?”

Read the FEC complaint filed by the Coolidge-Reagan Foundation.

AOC’s Chief Of Staff is also being accused of funneling over $1 million in political donations into two of his own private companies, through Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats. Now it looks like they ‘Could Be Facing Jail Time’ if their control over the PAC was intentionally hidden.

What is Brand New Congress?

Brand New Congress was launched on April 25th 2016, before Bernie conceded the primary to HRC.
Brand New Congress is a political action committee (PAC) formed by the staff and volunteers of the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Their goal is to help elect hundreds of new congressional representatives that are “based on Bernie Sanders’ political platform.” “to replace the incumbents who owe their jobs to the rich and powerful”.

They ask their followers to nominate candidates that are ‘everyday Americans’. These candidates must vow to run on small-dollar donations only, and refuse all corporate PAC and corporate lobbyist money. They are recruiting Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and pretty much candidates of any party.

Brand New Congress hasn’t been very successful, but they are able to recruit young people to run in districts that’s possible for them to win. In 2018, 30 candidates were endorsed by Brand New Congress, 8 of which won their primary, but only one, Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez won the general election.

What is Justice Democrats?

Justice Democrats was designed by Zack Exley, Claire Sandberg, Saikat Chakrabarti, Alexandra Rojas, Corbin Trent, Cenk Uygur, and Kyle Kulinski. After the DNC fiasco in 2016, they all banded together to create Justice Democrats. In fact, some of them are the same people that created Brand New Congress. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ended up sitting on the Board of Directors of Justice Democrats as early as Dec. 2, 2017, and was the only Justice Democrats-sponsored candidate to hold legal control of the PAC.

According to Rolling Stone:

Chakrabarti, Alexandra Rojas and Corbin Trent — met back in 2015, when the only thing they had in common was the fact that they each dropped everything they were doing and went to work for Sanders not long after he declared his candidacy.
[…] Rojas was a community-college student working three jobs in Costa Mesa, California, trying to gain residency so she could qualify for in-state tuition. Chakrabarti was in tech, an early employee at a multibillion-dollar startup in the Bay Area, growing increasingly disillusioned with the industry. Trent had a couple of food trucks in Tennessee that he’s started after watching his family’s furniture-parts business devastated by NAFTA.

So let’s look a little deeper into these people that created these organizations.

The Founders of Justice Democrats:

Zack Exley is a millionaire IT guy from Silicon valley who was dubbed “the garbage man” by George W. Bush after he created a satire version of Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign website. Zack has a history with the far-left of the Democratic Party. He worked for John Kerry’s unsuccessful 2004 presidential campaign. He was also consultant and researcher for the Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign. In 2015, he co-founded New Organizing Institute as a think tank to produce techie field operatives for left-wing Democrat political campaigns. He was senior advisor of digital communications for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, Organizing Director for the George Soros-funded (remember endorsed Bernie for President in 2016), a Fellow at the Open Society Foundation which was founded by George Soros in 1993, and former CRO of Wikimedia Foundation (which owns the domain name and hosts sites like Wikipedia). In the past couple of years, he has co-founded multiple progressive companies, such as Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, and New Consensus. He also Co-authored the book Rules For Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything​.

Claire Sandberg is another techie far-left political operative and anti-fracking activist credited with creating a digital campaign against fracking in New York. She was “known in the 2016 Presidential circles as the drumbeat behind Sen. Bernie Sanders’ digital campaign”, she was also his distributed organizing director. She co-founded Brand New Congress, Justice Democrats, and was deputy campaign manager for Abdul El-Sayed, a Justice Democrat endorsed 2018 gubernatorial candidate for Michigan who lost in the primaries. She was hired in the UK to help run socialist Jeremy Corbyn’s 2017 campaign against Theresa May. Along with Bernie Sanders and other Bernie staff, she co-founded ‘Our Revolution‘ but left just prior to launching. She also co-founded another progressive PAC ‘We Will Replace You‘ which seems to now be defunct as their website is for sale. She has ties to Winnie Wong, a political organizer and senior advisor to the Women’s March and controversial radical activist Linda Sarsour.

Saikat Chakrabarti is Alexanadria Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief of Staff. Not well known in Conservative politics, but in liberal politics he is considered one of its rising stars. He was essential in crafting Bernie Sanders’ progressive message and was one of the co-founder’s for Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats. Saikat Went to Harvard for computer science, was a Sophomore developer intern at Real News Network and Apple, a Bridgewater technology associate, co-founder of Mockingbird (a web design tool), and a founding engineer of Stripe. It should be noted that Stripe has been criticized for banning conservatives.

Alexandra Rojas was the National Digital Field Manager for Bernie Sanders. Originally from Connecticut, she moved to California right after high school, and began organizing while at community college. She got the attention of Bernies’ national staff and moved to Vermont as an intern, then full time staffer where she worked with people who are now the co-founders of Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats. Here’s a video of her describing ‘Brand New Congress’ in August 2016. Alexandra is also a co-founder of ‘Movement School‘, the activist arm and sister organization of Justice Democrats. Alexandra was also a speaker at ‘The People Summit’ 2016, where the Communist Party USA was a sponsor.

Corbin Trent is the spokesman for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and a co-founder of Brand New Congress and communications director for the Justice Democrats. Coming from Appalachia and operating a group of food trucks, he founded ‘Tennessee for Bernie Sanders’ back in 2015, then went on to be the national campaign coordinator for Bernie Sanders Presidential run.

Cenk Uygur is a Turkish born American Lawyer who is the main host and creator of the progressive political and social commentary program The Young Turks. He co-founded Justice Democrats and helped AOC gain popularity through his show. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also told Cenk in a post primary interview that The Young Turks covering her is what helped her win. Eventually, Cenk was forced to resign from the Justice Democrats after people found a bunch of blog posts from Cenk, which many described him as being “disturbingly sexist, racist, and pro-rape”.

Kyle Kulinski is another co-founder for Justice Democrats. He’s a progressive talk radio/video host and hosted/produced a YouTube show called ‘Secular Talk’ – an affiliate of The Young Turks network. Kyle left the Justice Democrats the same time as Cenk, stating he disagreed with the staff’s decision. Watch Kyle advertise Justice DEM’s and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on his show.

Dave Koller was the co-founder of the Young Turks. He was also the treasurer for Justice Democrats. He was outed from the PAC the same time as Cenk Uygur for writing a post in which he describes himself and Uygur asking 14-16 year old girls if they have ever had sex and referring to them as “whores in training” and “little spoiled brat bitch young American girls on their way to becoming abused porn actresses or dispensable property in a New York City prostitution ring“.

Did You Know?
The Young Turks is supported by The Media Consortium which is a nonprofit that supports independent and community media outlets. The Media Consortium in turn receives funding from places like the ‘Media Democracy Fund’. The Media Democracy Fund lists George Soros’ the Open Society Foundations as one of its funding partners.

Their Mission:

Justice Democrats want to “take power” and “change the Democratic Party from the inside out” by destroying the upper echelons of liberalism using protected minorities who can get away with anything they want and command high influence on social media. That means naming names, targeting establishment DEMs like Nancy Pelosi, and threatening to primary anyone in their own party who doesn’t play along with their scheme.

From Politico:

“There is going to be a war within the party. We are going to lean into it,” said Waleed Shahid, the group’s spokesman.

These actors are pawns who say they want to drain the swamp, instead they are playing to left leaning people and riling them up so they can gain control of them and the Democrat party.

All those kids/activists (Sunrise Movement – More about this shady organization later) that you see barging into the congressional offices are fueled by Justice Democrats. Justice Democrats use their candidates as talking heads to threaten sitting Dems to act inline with their beliefs or they will be put on a list which they will give to their activists who will get them replaced in upcoming elections.

From Wikipedia:

The group came to prominence after the 2018 midterm elections when 250 young people, 51 of whom were arrested, occupied the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to demand action on climate change. The Sunrise Movement is closely allied with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Justice Democrats.

From Common Dreams:

The Sunrise Movement, Justice Democrats, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez launched their call for a Green New Deal at a sit-in at Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office in Washington on November 13, 2018. The Sunrise Movement led another round of sit-ins on December 10th where 143 young leaders were arrested for a moral act of civil disobedience at Pelosi and Hoyer’s offices in Washington.

Their tactics are so successful, that even Democrat senators are now afraid of going against these freshmen Democrats, either that, or they see their success and are using them for their own 2020 presidential campaign agenda.

How Justice Democrats Recruit Their Candidates

Like Brand New Congress, they receive nominations from every-day Americans, but only Democrats (Brand New Congress claims to be bi-partisan). Justice Democrats then trains these nominees to be candidates and they also help run their campaign. These candidates have to promote the Justice Democrat issues and policies like the Green New Deal, Abolish ICE, Medicare for All, and pressure sitting DEMs to co-sponsor/vote yes on their bills.

During the 2018 Election, they endorsed 78 Candidates (12 of which were nominees), 26 of them won in the primaries, and 7 got elected to congress. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the only nominee that won. Here are the 7 officials elected:

Similar to a reality show, AOC was originally nominated by her brother to Brand New Congress, then Justice Democrats came in and helped push her campaign. Out of thousands of nominations, they picked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She was literally recruited to be a talking head for the socialist elite staff that ran Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

In the cringe video provided here, you will notice the shirt Saikat Chakrabarti was wearing is that of Subhas Chandra Bose, India’s head of state, prime minister, minister of war, and minister of foreign affairs in the 30s/40s. Bose believed that an independent India needed socialist authoritarianism and stated: “Our philosophy should be a synthesis between National Socialism and communism”. He also expressed admiration for the authoritarian methods of Germany during the 1930s, and thought they could be used in building an independent India.

Is it starting to make sense? These freshman progressives claim to be a new style of Democratic Socialists but are nothing more than Hyper-Radical Totalitarians. They want to control your money, your guns, your kids, your freedoms, and to rule over you with an iron first.

The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is based off what Bernie Sanders was preaching about in the 2016 election. Chakrabarti, AOC’s Chief of staff, used that as the foundation to the updated Green New Deal which he co-authored with the Sunrise Movement, the Justice Democrats, and New Consensus.

From The New Yorker:

The document was written over a single December weekend by the staff of the freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and three like-minded progressive groups, none of which existed two years ago: the Sunrise Movement, a grassroots climate organization; the Justice Democrats, which recruits and supports progressive candidates; and an upstart policy shop called the New Consensus… “We spent the weekend learning how to put laws together,” Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, told me. “We looked up how to write resolutions.”

Who is New Consensus?

New Consensus is a non-profit think tank for progressives. New Consensus was co-founded by Zack Exley and Demond Drummer. Some of their key personnel are Rhiana Gunn-Wright, and Randy Abreu.

Demond Drummer has an interesting story. He attended The University of Chicago Divinity School to understand how religion, specifically Christian religion, interacted with American politics. He took a leave of absence to join a Summer Organizing boot-camp for progressives, which was a New Organizing Institute training program (remember Zack Exley is the co-founder of New Organizing Institute). While there, he was selected by the Obama Campaign in the summer of 2007 to join the primary campaign in South Carolina where his job was to grow Obama’s support in rural areas. After the campaign ended, he took a New Organizing institute fellowship. In 2018, he also ran for, but lost, the 1st Congressional District of Illinois with Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats.

Rhiana Gunn-Wright is a Rhodes Scholar from Chicago who was an intern for Michelle Obama’s policy team and worked at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. She also wrote policy for Abdul El-Sayed when he ran (unsuccessfully) in 2018 for Governor of Michigan. El-Sayed’s campaign was also backed by Justice Democrats and was endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and Linda Sarsour.

Randy Abreu is an attorney that worked for the House Judiciary Committee and the Federal Communications Commission. Self proclaimed Obama Alumn who was appointed as an advisor in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Technology Transitions and Clean Energy Investment Center. In 2016, he served as a delegate to Bernie Sanders. In 2018, he served as the political and policy director to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, while at the same time, he was running for City Council in the same district. Randy is also a co-founder of ‘Movement School’ with Alexandra Rojas from Justice Democrats.

Who is the Sunrise Movement?

To answer this, we have to separate it in two parts. The Sunrise Movement Education Fund (Originally named U.S. Climate Plan Inc.), and the actual Sunrise Movement political action organization. Let’s start off with the Education Fund first.
In 2013, US Climate Plan (aka Sunrise Movement Education Fund) was created by Evan Weber, Matthew Lichtash, and Michael K. Dorsey. Michael was a visiting professor at the same college both Evan and Matthew were attending. The three wanted the United States to adopt an effective national energy strategy, so they developed ‘The Plan’ which they proposed could “set our nation on a promising path towards ensuring a safer, more prosperous, and more just future for ourselves and our posterity”. Evan, Matt, and Michael used a $30,000 grant and free office space by the Sierra Club to draft ‘the plan’ and set out “to create a comprehensive energy plan that the Obama Administration could embrace”.

Here’s a propaganda piece that was created by U.S. Climate Plan (Sunrise Movement Education Fund) back in 2013:

Eventually, in 2017, this ‘Sunrise Movement Education Fund’ extended their effort and created a separate organization just called the ‘Sunrise Movement’. Sunrise Movement was created by Evan Weber and other climate activists like Dyanna Jaye, Varshini Prakash and Sara Blazevic as an extension of U.S. Climate Plan Inc (Sunrise Movement Education Fund). Like US Climate Plan, Sunrise Movement also received a grant from the Sierra Club Foundation ($50,000), they also shared Sierra Club’s Washington office address.

Did You Know?

The Sierra Club is one of the nation’s oldest (1892) and largest non-profit environmentalist organizations with an affiliated PAC and Foundation. Sierra Club is known today for its radical far-left views and as a front group for its donors’ financial interests. Sierra Club gathers funding from suspicious donors, including numerous corporations (Microsoft, Exxon, Pfizer, Wells-Fargo, etc), Billionaires (Michael Bloomberg, Nathaniel Simons, Roger Sant, etc), left wing organizations (United Nations Foundation, Tides Foundation, Turner Foundation, MacArthus foundation, BlueGreen Alliance, etc), even the State of Montana. Video shows them endorsing Obama in the 2008 and 2012 Presidential election.

Sunrise Movement and Sunrise Movement Education Fund are both non-profit political organizations that organizes and aligns themselves with Justice Democrats and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Sunrise Movement claims they are an “army of young people to stop climate change”. They might be an army, but they aren’t run by regular citizens that care about climate change.

It is pretty clear who is behind this “youth movement”. Not really an organic uprising of young people that needed to be heard like the media wants you to believe. It’s just another psyop created by the deep state with the backing of billionaires and big corporations.

Let’s preview some of their propaganda:

Sunrise Movement are behind the people that barge into offices demanding to be heard:

They also organize flash mobs that disrupt political events:

Democracy Now: Youth disrupt White House event promoting fossi…

"As a young person I am scared about the threat of climate change right now and in the future, and I am angry that people like Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson are putting my life and the lives of billions of others at risk."Our very own Varshini Prakash on why she and others in SustainUS, Sunrise Movement, and the #USPeoplesDelegation broke out into beautiful song to disrupt the White House sponsored event promoting fossil fuel expansion at the international climate talks.Thanks to Democracy Now! for the footage!

Posted by Sunrise Movement on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Here’s AOC showing how they operate to help push her agenda:

Update 01/21/2021: AOC recently deleted the above tweet. But on the internet nothing is ever truely deleted. Here is the archive. The question, why did she delete it? Could it be because she was advocating for these protesters to invade the Capitol and highlighting their arrests?

Meet the People Behind The Sunrise Movement

Michael Dorsey is a co-founder and Treasurer of Sunrise Movement Education Fund. He was also on Barack Obama’s Energy and Environment Presidential campaign team in 2008, was the former (2010) National Advisory committee member for the EPA during Obama’s term, served on the task force for President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development in 1993, and was former board member of the Sierra Club. Remember it was the Sierra Club that gave the grant to start the Sunrise Movement Education Fund in 2014.

Matthew Lichtash is a co-founder of Sunrise Movement Education Fund. He also majored in economics and environmental studies from Wesleyan University’s College of the Environment. He is an analyst at ICF International, a global consulting and technology services company headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. They work with the private sector and government such as homeland security and the U.S. Department of Defense. Matthew is also the co-founder of Carbon Capital “a nonpartisan website designed to streamline climate change information into concise and context-filled posts.”.

Evan Weber is a co-founder, President and CEO of Sunrise Movement Education Fund and co-founder and Treasurer of the Sunrise Movement. He is a climate justice activist that was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii like Obama supposedly was. He even attended the same K-through-12 school. In 2011, Evan participated in the Occupy Wall Street movement where he realized “Ever since that moment I knew in my soul that if we were ever going to take action on climate change in this country, that we were going to have to do something like that,”. He ended up majoring in economics and environmental studies at Wesleyan University’s College of the Environment with Matthew Lichtash. He was also assistant professor in Dartmouth College’s Faculty of Science in the Environmental Studies Program, as well as director of Dartmouth’s Climate Justice Research Project.

Dyanna Jaye is a co-founder and campaign director of Sunrise Movement. She supposedly met Evan during the 2014 climate protest in New York City. She got involved in the climate movement at the University of Virginia. In 2014 she was the United States youth delegate at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Peru. In 2015, she was at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris where she led a youth contingent pushing to zero-out fossil fuel emissions by 2050.

Varshini Prakash is a co-founder of Sunrise Movement, also known as “a rising star in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party”. Born in Boston to Indian Immigrants, she got involved in the climate movement as an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she led the UMass Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign for 2 years.

Sara Blazevic is a co-founder of Sunrise Movement. She started getting involved in the climate movement as a junior at Swarthmore College. She also participated in the Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network like Varshini, where she worked for a year and a half as a campaign coach and strategic adviser. She is also a member and strategist at IfNotNow, an American Jewish progressive activist group opposing the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Cathy Kunkel is the President of Sunrise Movement. Kunkel graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University. As a Churchill Scholar, she has a Masters of Advanced Study from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University. She was a Ph.D. student at the Energy and Resource Group at the University of California at Berkeley and senior research associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She is an analyst at the IEEFA (Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis), and co-founded Rise Up WV. She is also the co-chair of the West Virginia Working Families Party. This group also endorsed Bill Price for Charleston City Council in 2018. Price works for the Sierra Club. She is also featured often in Sierra Club publishings and was legislative chair for New Jersey’s Sierra Student Coalition.

Cristina DuQue is the Secretary of Sunrise Movement. She went to the university of Georgia and was heavily invested in the climate movement. She was a founding member of UGA Chapter and national leader of the Sierra Student Coalition, a founding member and Coordinator of GA-YES (Georgia Youth for Energy Solutions), and also the lead trainings fellow for Southern Energy Network. After she graduated, she worked as the Fossil-Free Student Organizer for and kept her position as Student Organizer for the Sierra Student Coalition where she is also an executive board member.

Betamia Coronel is a board member of Sunrise Movement and Secretary of The Sunrise Education Fund. She is a Fordham University graduate with a BA, Middle Eastern Studies, and Master’s in International Political Economy and Development. While there, she was a Community Organizer and Trainer at St. Nicholas NPC (Neighborhood Preservation Corp), Founded in 1974, it is a “nonprofit community development organization serving low-to-moderate income North Brooklyn residents”. She was also an Associate Coordinator of Community Service, then Assistant Director of Service Learning and Community Partnerships at Fordham University until she graduated. She was the U.S. Reinvestment Coordinator and current Lead Organizer – U.S. National Organizer at also provided some early financial support to the Sunrise Movement. does not disclose its donors, but has admitted to receiving funding from The Tides Foundation which is linked to George Soros. The Tides Foundation also has a hand in creating the Occupy Wall Street movement, which Evan Weber also participated in. Sunrise Movement co-founders Varshini Prakash and Sara Blazevic worked with the Divestment Student Network, a fiscally sponsored project of the Alliance for Global Justice which receives funding from both; The Open Society Foundation and the Tides Foundation. Divestment Student Network also received grants from Sunrise Movement co-founder Dyanna Jaye has a history with the United Nations and we know that the United Nations also collaborates with the Open Society Foundation.

Does this look like an organic collaboration of young people that care about climate change, or are they operatives recruited and put in place to help push an agenda that keeps the cabal in control of the sheep?

So who are the brains behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal? Here’s a map to show just how connected these people are and who is pulling their strings:

The Money Trail of The Green New Deal - How big money and global institutions fund ‘grassroots’ movements to engineer a false reality. By Centipede Nation

We hope this analysis opened up your eyes to the Trojan Horse that has infiltrated the liberal left. These are the people that are pulling the strings to what many think is an organic ‘youth movement’. Rest assured the Deep State runs this social engineering machine using these minions as their little operatives.

This analysis and report only scratches the surface of this psyop. In fact, it goes beyond the borders of this nation and has its tentacles stretching all over the world. You can connect these dots to Europe’s own Yannis Varoufakis who started the ‘DIEM25’ and ‘Progressive International’ movements. We’ll get to that in a future post from this NEO-PROGRESSIVE MACHINE series.

In the meantime, It’s important to us that this research will help anons with a stepping stone in taking it much further.

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Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. And as always, God bless America and long live the republic.
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