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This Week In MAGA – Trump’s America – Week 13 2019
  • Rasmussen Reports: 50% Approve Of President Trump’s Job Performance!
  • Majority Say They’re Open To Re-Electing Trump!
  • Brad Parscale: 34% Of The People That Attended The Michigan Trump Rally Were Registered Democrats!
  • Trump Vows To Release FISA Docs Now That Mueller Probe Is Concluded, Slams ‘Treasonous’ FBI!.
  • Federal Judge Rules DOJ Must Hand Over Comey Memos!
  • Poll — 61% of Likely Voters: No More Investigations of Trump After Mueller Report
  • Trump’s National Emergency Stands As House Fails To Override Veto!
  • Trump Cuts All Direct Assistance To Northern Triangle Countries Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala!
  • Conservative’s that support Trump’s border wall has increased 85 percent since he became president!
  • Pentagon Notifies Congress $1 Billion Authorized To Begin New Wall Construction!
  • Toyota Pledges 200,000 opportunities for apprenticeships, re-skilling and other development and training to America’s Workers!
  • Trump Signs Executive Order To Protect The US From A ‘Debilitating’ EMP Attack!
  • Justice Department Sides With Court Ruling Obamacare Invalid!
  • Trump Administration Calls For Putting Americans Back On Moon By 2024!
  • Trump Admin Cracks Down On Abortion ‘Backdoor Funding Schemes,’ International Lobbying With Foreign Aid!
  • Trump Overrides Admin Decision To Slash Special Olympics Funding!
  • Trump Campaign Sends Memo To Television Producers Warning About ‘Credibility’ Of Six Trump Critics Who It Says Spread False Claims About Collusion!
  • MSNPC’S Rachel Madcow Loses Half-A-Million Viewers After Implosion Of Collusion Conspiracy!
  • Green New Deal Fails Senate Test Vote As Dozens Of Democrats Vote ‘Present’!
  • Trudeau’s Approval Rating Drops Below Trump’s After SNC-Lavalin Scandal!
  • Education Department Opens Probe Into College Admissions Scandal!
  • One In Custody After Threats Against President, Pentagon Closes I-68!
  • NIXVM Lauren Salzman Pleads Guilty – To One Count Each Of Racketeering And Racketeering Conspiracy!
  • Creepy Porn Lawyer Arrested For Alleged $20 Million Extortion Scheme Against Nike, Embezzling Client’s Money, Defrauding Bank!
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro And Fox News Wins Defamation Lawsuit From Black Lives Matter Leader!
  • Chicago Seeks $130G From Jussie Smollett As Actor’s Legal Team Demands Apology From Mayor, Police Chief!
  • Trump: Smollett Case ‘Outrageous,’ FBI And DOJ To Review!
  • Judge Blocks California’s High-Capacity Ammunition Ban!
  • Last-Minute Order Partially Blocks Enforcement Of Bump-Stock Ban!
  • Facebook Charged By The Us Government Over Targeted Housing Ads Allegedly Discriminating By Race, Gender, Zip Code And Religion!
  • Texas AG Ken Paxton Officially Launches Investigation Into Chick-Fil-A Ban!
  • Border Patrol recorded more than 3,700 apprehensions along the Southwest Border – making it the largest single day total in more than a decade!
  • 1700 Migrants Apprehended in Single Day in Texas Border Sector!
  • CBP Agent Encountered Nearly 400 Central Americans After They Illegally Entered The Country Over The Weekend!
  • Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Apprehends Group Of 56!
  • ICE Arrests Suspected Human Smuggler, 54 Illegal Aliens In El Paso Smuggling Stash House!
  • Federal Grand Jury Indicts 12 Members Of Jalisco New Generation Cartel, A Mexican-Based Criminal Org. Considered By DOJ To Be 1 Of The 5 Most Dangerous Transnational Orgs In The World, On Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges!
  • Illegal Immigrant Charged With Murder For Shooting Oklahoma Mother-Of-One!
  • “Beans Lady” Caravan Migrant From Viral Video Arrested On Assault Charges!
  • CBP’s Air and Marine Operations Stop $17 Million Drug Shipment!
  • CBP Field Operations Seizes Narcotics Worth Over $3 Million at Rio Grande Valley International Bridges!
  • Brownsville CBP Officers Seize $308K in Cocaine at Gateway International Bridge!
  • Eagle Pass South Border Patrol Agents Seize $72K Worth of Methamphetamine!
  • Alleged Dark Web Child Pornography Facilitator Extradited To The United States To Face Federal Charges!
  • Convicted “Sadistic & Masochistic” Pedophile Passes Out After Getting Sentenced To 260 Years Behind Bars!
  • Texas Rangers Hall Of Fame Pitcher John Wetteland Indicted On 3 Child Sex Charges!
  • Ohio Pastor Anthony Haynes Found Guilty Of Sex Trafficking A Minor!
  • 50 Women Are Suing Salesforce, Accusing It Of Selling Software To An Online Sex Marketplace That Pleaded Guilty To Human Trafficking!
  • Bayer And Johnson & Johnson Settle Lawsuits Over Xarelto, A Blood Thinner, For $775 Million!
  • Purdue Pharma To Settle Oklahoma Opioid Lawsuit For $270 Million!
  • Monsanto Ordered To Pay $80 Mn In Roundup Cancer Trial!
  • Duke University Pays $112.5m To Settle Lawsuit Over Falsified Data To Obtain $200m In Federal Research Grants!
  • Former NSA Contractor Accused Of Largest Security Breach In US History Expected To Plead Guilty!
  • 2 Charged In Fatal Shooting Of Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer!
  • Former NSA Contractor Accused Of Largest Security Breach In US History Expected To Plead Guilty!
  • FAKE HATE HOAX! Black Church Member Pleads Guilty In ‘Vote Trump’ Arson!


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