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This Week In MAGA – Trump’s America – Week 19 2019
  • Trump’s Approval Rating Hits 46%, The Highest Mark To Date For Trump In The Gallup Poll!
  • President Trump’s Job Approval Average In The Real Clear Politics (RCP) Poll Of Polls Is Over 45 Percent For The First Time Since Inauguration!
  • Trump One Of Few President More Popular Than At Inauguration!
  • What Market Tumble? Workers 401(K) Savings Hit Record Levels!
  • Great U.S. Consumer Price Index Is Out, Very Low Inflation Producing “Great Chance to Really Rock Great Numbers All Around”!
  • GM Will Sell Lordstown Plant To Workhorse, Who Will Build Electric Trucks. GM Will Also Be Spending $700M In Ohio Creating Another 450 Jobs!
  • US To Let 30,000 Foreigners Return To The United States For Seasonal Work!
  • Trump Administration To Propose Hike In H-1B Visa Filing Fee!
  • Thanks to the Trump Admin, TV pitches for prescription drugs will have to include price!
  • Thanks to Trump Gilead will donate HIV medication for up to 200,000 Americans a year!
  • Trump Admin sets new initiative on ending surprise medical billing for Americans from doctors and hospitals!
  • Infuriating Democrats, Trump Plans To Redefine Poverty, Cutting People From Welfare With The Goal of Moving Americans From Dependence to Independence!
  • Trump Announces $448M In Federal Aid To Communities In Florida Affected By Last Year’s Category 5 Hurricane Michael!
  • Trump says ‘BIG FIREWORKS’ Returning To Mt. Rushmore Beginning With The 2020 Independence Day Celebration!
  • Nearly Half Of Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Contributions This Year Came From Female Donors!
  • Trump Invokes ‘Executive Privilege’ Over The Full Mueller Report!
  • Senate Panel Approves Trump Nominee Jeffrey Rosen As Deputy AG!
  • Michael Park Confirmed To 2nd Circuit, Becoming Trump’s Third Appointee To Court. It Will FLIP Very Soon!
  • President Trump Presents The Presidential Medal Of Freedom To Tiger Woods!
  • Trump pardons former Army soldier sentenced for killing Iraqi prisoner!
  • US Goods Trade Deficit Hits 5 YEAR LOW With CHINA! #MAGA!
  • President Trump Began The Process Of Raising Tariffs On All Remaining Imports From China, Valued At Approximately $300 Billion!
  • Trump Admin Hits Iran With New Sanctions On Steel, Aluminum And Copper Industries!
  • U.S. To Impose Tariffs On Mexican Tomatoes!
  • Federal officials announce seizure of North Korean vessel for violating U.S. sanctions!
  • My way, or the Huawei – Pompeo Warns UK That U.S. Will Not Share America’s National Security Secrets If they allow Huawei Technologies Into Britain’s 5G!
  • Trump Admin DHS Has Forced China’s State-Owned Cosco To Sell The Port Of Long Beach Over Security Concerns!
  • Poll: Majority View Socialism As Incompatible With American Values!
  • Senate Dems Delete Embarrassing Poll Showing 70% Prefer Kavanaugh Over RBG!
  • World’s Fastest Supercomputer Will Be Built By AMD And Cray For US Government – Frontier Is Expected To Go Online In 2021 With 1.5 Exaflops Of Processing Power!
  • DeSantis Officially Signs Bill Into Law To Arm Teachers!
  • Denver first in U.S. to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms!
  • Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Signs ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban Into Law!
  • DEMs Pull 2 Bills From House Floor That Was “Unfair” To Native American’s After Trump Exposed Them!
  • Conservative And Christian Colleges And Universities Are Landing More Interns Inside The Trump White House After Obama Era Dry Spell!
  • The US Air Force Successfully Tested A Laser System To Shoot Down Missiles. The System Is Designed To Eventually Be Used On Airplanes!
  • U.S. Air Strike Kills 13 ISIS Fighters In Somalia!
  • Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Officially Refuses To Give Trump’s Tax Returns To Democrats!
  • Biden Ally Involved With $60M Dark Money 2020 Strategy Center, Shutters PAC!
  • Michael Cohen reports to prison!
  • Parents of teen girls harassed by Brian Sims raise over $100G for Philly pro-life org!
  • Chick-Fil-A Is Now The Third-Biggest US Restaurant Chain And Its Sales Have Tripled In The Last Decade!
  • Dire New Figures Show The Cable Industry Is Now Losing 14,000 Subscribers Every Day!
  • CNN Axes Over 100 Staff, ‘More Layoffs Coming’!
  • White House Imposes New Rules On Reporters’ Credentials Cutting Down On The Number Of Journalists That Hold “Hard” Passes!
  • VIOLENT LEFT! Liberal Student Arrested For Punching Pro-Lifer On UNC Campus, Triggered By Images Of Aborted Children!
  • STEM School Students Walked Out Of A Vigil Saying They Didn’t Want To Be Used To Promote Gun Control!
  • Leading U.S. weightlifting association formally excluds transgenders from its women’s division!
  • Sports League Rejects Transgender Athlete’s Claim To Female Weightlifting Records!
  • New Trump WH Policy Lets Deputies Detain Immigrants On Behalf Of ICE, Subverting ‘Sanctuary’ Laws!
  • The Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Ruled That Trump Can Send Asylum Seekers To Mexico!
  • Pentagon Approves Plan To Shift $1.5B For Wall Along US-Mexico Border!
  • Self-Deportations Are Rising Dramatically Under Trump Administration!
  • Monthly Arrests At U.S. – Mexico Border Reach Highest Point Since 2007!
  • Mexican Officials detained 289 Migrants Before Reaching the US, Including Some Children Infected With Measles, Chickenpox!
  • Yuma Sector Border Patrol Intercepts Two Human Smuggling Attempts!
  • South Texas ICE Deportation Officers Remove Previously Deported Salvadoran Gang Member Wanted For Aggravated Homicide And Other Criminal Charges!
  • 63 Pounds Of Fetanyl, $3 Million In Meth, And 232 Pounds Of Pot Intercepted From Crossing The U.S. Border!
  • Laredo Port Of Entry CBP Officers Intercept Methamphetamine Worth Over $1 Million!
  • Portland Man Sees Jail Time For Attempting To Bribe ICE Deportation Officer!
  • Man Was Arrested As Massive Cache Of More Than 1,000 Guns Seized From Bel-Air Mansion During ATF Raid!
  • FBI Has Seized Deep Dot Web And Arrested Its Administrators For Facilitating Access To Dark Web Sites And Marketplaces!
  • US indicts Chinese national in biggest known healthcare hack in its history!
  • 44 States Sue Pharma Giants Over ‘Multi-Year Conspiracy’ To Hike Drug Prices By 1,000%!
  • NY Diagnostic Testing Facility Owners Plead Guilty In More Than $18.5 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme!.
  • Ex-Fugees Rapper Set To Be Charged In Case Tied To Obama Funding, 1MDB!
  • Former FBI Linguist Arrested And Indicted On Obstruction Charges!
  • Aide To Dem Rep Charged With Soliciting Underage Prostitute!
  • Dallas Airport Drug-Smuggling Crew That Offered To Fly Explosives Admits Guilt!
  • Fifth Person Implicated In Hoboken Cash-For-Votes Scheme!


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