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This Week In MAGA – Trump’s America – Week 33 2019
  • Zogby: ‘Poor Performances’ Of Democrats Boost Trump’s Approval To 51%, Up With Blacks And Hispanics!
  • 61% Of Money Raised By Trump Campaign Was From Small Donors Under $200!
  • Trump Administration Issues Final Rule Denying Green Cards To Legal Immigrants Who Have Received Certain Public Benefits Or Who Are Deemed Likely To Do So In The Future!
  • Appeals Court Sides With Trump Administration On Asylum Rule, Limits Injunction!
  • Trump donates his 2019 second quarter salary to the Surgeon General’s office!
  • Trump Overhauls Endangered Species Protections – the proposed changes would result in more effective, quicker decisions on species protection!
  • Trumps New Hampshire Rally Broke Elton John’s Arena Attendance Record!
  • 48 States had unemployment rates under 5% in July 2019!
  • Nine states have record low unemployment rates according to Bureau of Labor Statistics report!
  • 150 Americans Apply for Jobs at Koch Foods After ICE Raid removes 243 alleged illegal migrants in two of the company’s chicken processing plants!
  • Shell Signs the Pledge to America’s Workers, committing to provide enhanced career opportunities to 3,300 workers!
  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America Announces Complimentary HVAC Education Programs – Pledge to America’s Workers!
  • Grassley, Johnson Release Investigative Findings On Alleged Hack Of Clinton’s Server By China!
  • Chinese Industrial Output Slows To 17-Year Low!
  • Trump Approves $8BN Sale Of F-16 Jets To Taiwan!
  • Google Whistleblower Turns Over 950 Pages Of Docs And Laptop To DOJ. Alleging Serious Manipulation Of Algorithms That Could Have Major Repercussions In 2020 Election!
  • Accounting Coordinator At Non-Profit Facing Fraud Charges For Embezzling $321K In Organization Funds!
  • Federal Appeals Court Rejects Planned Parenthood Bid To Freeze Trump’s Family Planning Rule!
  • Proud Boys Claim ‘Mission Success’ In Antifa Protest, Vow To Hold Monthly Portland Rallies!
  • Broadway Producer Ben Sprecher Arrested On Child Porn Charges!
  • Operation Mad Hatter Leads To 15 Drug Trafficking Arrests In Central Arkansas!
  • ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Hit With $395,000 Fine Over Trump Skit!
  • Coast Guard Cutter’s Crew Makes Massive 4,600-Pound Cocaine Bust!
  • Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol seizes over $1.2M worth of Narcotics!
  • CBP Officers Seize Cocaine and Black Tar Heroin Valued More Than $628,000 in Texas!
  • Philadelphia CBP Seizes Nearly $1 Million in Counterfeit Smartphones from China!
  • CBP Stops Attempt to Smuggle $3.4 Million worth of Counterfeit Products at LAX from Hong Kong!
  • CBP rescues 28 illegal aliens as they attempt to cross the Rio Grande River into the United States!
  • Border Patrol Agents Arrest 12 Illegal Aliens, 3 Smugglers in 2 Failed Smuggling Attempts!
  • South Texas man convicted of smuggling 27 illegal aliens in the back of a tractor trailer!
  • Previously convicted child sex offender from Mexico sentenced to 4 years in prison for illegally reentering US!
  • Mexican man extradited to the United States to face sex trafficking charges!
  • Idaho man sentenced to 100 years in prison for producing child pornography
  • FL Man Arrested For Human Trafficking After 6 PA Massage Parlors Were Raided For Exploiting Undocumented Women And Offering Sexual Acts For Money!
  • Owners of Non-Profit home for ‘troubled boys’ arrested for trafficking boys in their care!
  • Four Men Sentenced to Prison for Engaging in a Child Exploitation Enterprise on the Tor Network!
  • Uzbekistani resident of Connecticut Defendant Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Provide Material Support to ISIS faces up to 15 years’ imprisonment!



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