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WATCH CALIFORNIA – The Quiet Take-Down Of The Red Rat Lines

In this post we will breakdown how the recent raid of 1000+ Firearms in California might not only be related to the Getty’s, but the forced sale of the China-owned Port of Long Beach, NXIVM, Fast & Furious, Mexican Cartels, Chinese Freemasons, ANTIFA, Deep State operations, and Human Trafficking.

On Wednesday, there was a raid in a Holmby Hills California mansion where 1000+ guns were seized. The same mansion was owned by Cynthia Beck the mistress of Gordon Getty. This revelation brought up many questions as to the purpose for the horde of firearms. During our research we came across some interesting connections which we will explain further, but let’s begin with the Mansion and the Getty’s.

Getty’s Mistress and the Weapons Cache

In 1999 it became public knowledge that Gordon Getty had a secret second family with Cynthia Beck. Their children then aged 8, 10 and 14 — went to court to claim their birthright, and legally change their last name to Getty. His wife, Ann, had been aware for two years about the other family. Getty put out an official statement following the news scandal, “Nicolette, Kendalle and Alexandra are my children. Their mother is Cynthia Beck, and I love them very much.”

There are no pictures or much information on Cynthia Beck other than the fact that she owns about twenty properties in Los Angeles, which she ‘bought’ during her relationship with Getty. She owns a $9 Million Run Down Malibu Mansion, with neighbors like Steve Jobs widow Laurene Powell, LA Rams owner Stan Kroenke and Walmart heiress heiress Ann Walton. Holmby Hills – where the seizure took place – is perhaps best known as the home of the Playboy Mansion. It is also home to Michael Jacksons estate as well as Jay Z / Beyonce. Her most expensive home is a 3-acre estate in Beverly Hills, which like her Malibu home, has been left in deterioration and is now surrounded by a barbed wire fence.

In regards to the raid, the LA Times made the connection between Cynthia Beck and Gorden Getty. Here is the relevant paragraph:

Girard Saenz was taken into custody on suspicion of unlawful transportation and of giving, lending or selling an assault weapon. The Bel-Air mansion was described by authorities as a hoarder’s paradise with guns strewn throughout the house. Court records show the property is owned by Cynthia Beck, who has three daughters with J. Paul Getty’s son Gordon Getty. Beck bought the property in January 2001, but it remains unclear what, if any, connection she has to Wednesday’s events. Beck could not be reached for comment.
Public records show Beck and Saenz together own several pieces of property in Los Angeles and an office building in San Francisco.

Did You Know?
There’s a connection between Obama and the Getty’s which include Obama fundraising at Gordon Getty’s home back in April 2016.
“…the White House said Obama will be at a $33,400-a-plate fundraiser at the home of Gordon and Ann Getty in San Francisco… The event is an annual affair, spearheaded by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from San Francisco.”

Let’s not forget that the Getty’s have deep ties with the current California Governor Gavin Newsom, past Governor Jerry Brown and even the Pelosi’s. If you want to know who really runs California, read our report WHO RUNS CALI? The ‘Family’ With Wealth, Power, & Influence

The Chinatown raid

The raid and seizure in Holmby Hills also included a home on North Bunker Hill Avenue in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles. The following twitter post – although bad footage – shows the raid in Chinatown.

When searching for the address of the chinatown raid, we found 728 N Bunker Hill Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90012-1604 is connected to Cynthia Beck. If we look at the street view, we see a blue house on Bunker Hill with the cross street of Alpine.

This reminded us Qanon post #1007:

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: c7ccb9 No.886265 📁
Apr 3 2018 21:17:28 (EST)
+ ++ +++

Coincidence? Bunker Hill (Bunker), Alpine (Forest), Blue House (Blue). According to the LA Times, it is the business address of Girard Saenz’s (the suspect arrested during the raid), which he owns with Cynthia Beck. What is Saenz doing with a business address at a house in Chinatown?

Is it also a coincidence that just last week the Trump administration forced China to sell its Port of Long Beach Container Terminal over National security concerns? Could there be a connection to these raids? Something big is definitely happening in California.

Similar Raids from the past

This next article is eerily similar to the raid and seizure that just occured in Holmby Hills.

From LA Times posted on July 21, 2015:

The body went unnoticed for two weeks in the summer heat, decomposing inside a sport utility vehicle parked in the affluent neighborhood of Pacific Palisades.
Once Los Angeles police were called, they traced the dead man inside the vehicle to a town house down the street. There, investigators found roughly two tons of ammunition and more than 1,200 high-end pistols, shotguns and rifles
Several neighbors said the man was known only as “Bob” in the local area and described him as a gun fanatic who claimed to have worked covertly for either the FBI or the CIA… The dead man, he said, had told his fiancée that he was an undercover operative for the government and was being watched by the unnamed agency he worked for… Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese said detectives don’t believe the death is the result of foul play. Albanese said the man was suffering from end-stage cancer and did not work for a government security agency, despite the man’s claims about his past… “We don’t think the weapons are illegal. We are taking them for public safety,” said Sgt. David Craig of the LAPD’s gang and narcotics division.

Does this connect to Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious operation?

This is Qanon Post #1071:

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 383caa No.936517 📁
Apr 7 2018 11:32:47 (EST)

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 383caa No.936472 📁
Apr 7 2018 11:30:31 (EST)
Talking to you, anon.
We always see “It’s Happening” here.
The ‘Tone’.
April showers.

Relevant soon.

In Q’s post above, he’s referencing Eric Holder in California. This post was made in April of last year. If we were to assume this applies to this year’s events, would it be a fetch to consider that Eric Holder’s Fast n Furious scam might be coming back into light? In fact, just 1 day ago, Politico dropped a report related to that operation. The title was: Subpoena Fight Over Operation Fast And Furious Documents Finally Settled. Here’s a quote from the article:

“The Parties agree that because subsequent developments have obviated the need to resolve those issues in an appeal in this case, the District Court’s holdings should not in any way control the resolution of the same or similar issues should they arise in other litigation between the Committee and the Executive Branch, and hereby waive any right to argue that the judgment of the District Court or any of the District Court’s orders or opinions in this case have any preclusive effect in any other litigation,” the agreement says…

So indeed Eric Holder is back in the news. Add in the gun trafficking arrests recently where thousands of weapons were seized in Southern California, plus the Long Beach port which was forced by the DHS to be sold to a US company from Chinese ownership in reference to ‘National Security’ concerns, we have a recipe for a conspiratorial brew of sorts.

For those that don’t know, Operation Fast and Furious was a weapons trafficking operation (some call it a sting) that was set up to sell weapons to the Mexican Drug Cartels in order to (supposedly) follow the flow. To refresh your memory about the post-consequences, here is a quote straight from Wikipedia:

As a result of a dispute over the release of Justice Department documents related to the scandal, Attorney General Eric Holder became the first sitting member of the Cabinet of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress on June 28, 2012, in a vote largely along party lines in a Republican-controlled House. At Holder’s request, President Barack Obama had invoked executive privilege for the first time in his presidency in order to withhold documents that “were not generated in the course of the conduct of Fast and Furious.” In 2016, a federal court ruled that the records in question were not covered by privilege…

Did You Know?
The Orlando Shooter(s) used weapons that were bought through the Fast & Furious operations.

The FBI Probes Antifa, Cartels, And MSM Connections

Recently, it has been reported that the FBI was probing an Antifa plot to buy guns from the Mexican cartel to ‘stage an armed rebellion at the border’. This not only implicates ANTIFA and the Cartels, but the MSM and the migrant caravan.

From Fox News on May 01, 2019:

Word of the probe comes after years of the FBI putting greater emphasis on the threat of Antifa activities, with bureau Director Christopher Wray saying the agency is looking into the ideology and individuals associated with the movement.
But according to a December FBI document obtained by the San Diego Union-Tribune, the agency is now tackling actual alleged plots of possible criminal activities that would affect U.S. homeland security.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune article mentioned above:

The Dec. 18 document from the FBI specifies an alleged plan for activists to purchase guns from a “Mexico-based cartel associate known as Cobra Commander,” or Ivan Riebeling
When federal law enforcement officials last year began collecting dossiers on mostly American journalists, activists and lawyers in Tijuana involved with the migrant caravan, one part of their investigation focused on an alleged plot by a drug cartel to sell guns to protesters, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation report…
In March, it was discovered that Customs and Border Protection had compiled lists of people it wanted to stop for questioning at the border. Agents questioned or arrested at least 21 of them, according to documents obtained by NBC San Diego. On that list, Reibeling is described as an “instigator,”

Remember when MSNPC released information about the “U.S. Government tracking journalists and immigration advocates through a secret database”? PEPE farms remembers.

From NBC San Diego:

At the end of 2018, roughly 5,000 immigrants from Central America made their way north through Mexico to the United States southern border. The story made international headlines. As the migrant caravan reached the San Ysidro Port of Entry in south San Diego County, so did journalists, attorneys, and advocates who were there to work and witness the events unfolding…
These American photojournalists and attorneys said they suspected the U.S. government was monitoring them closely but until now, they couldn’t prove it. Now, documents leaked to NBC 7 Investigates show their fears weren’t baseless. In fact, their own government had listed their names in a secret database of targets, where agents collected information on them. Some had alerts placed on their passports, keeping at least two photojournalists and an attorney from entering Mexico to work
The individuals listed include ten journalists, seven of whom are U.S. citizens, a U.S. attorney, and 48 people from the U.S. and other countries, labeled as organizers, instigators or their roles “unknown.”

This is definitely a deep state operation, and it seems like mockingbird media is also implicated.

The Long Beach Rat Line

The Long Beach port was a popular shipping location for Chinese and Mexican import/exports. If you look at some of the revenue that comes in and out of the port, you’ll find some interesting numbers.

Now if we were to take Q’s word for it, this port isn’t just any ordinary port, but also has ties to human trafficking (more on this later). See Qanon Post #1445:

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 205f78 No.1694734 📁
Jun 10 2018 23:16:25 (EST)
Track ALL suicides.
Example 1:
Think Spade.
Trace to Children Foundation(s) (NY).
Trace to Import/Export.
Trace from China/MX to Long Beach.
Trace sale/spin off of Co.
Trace to CF.
Trace to Port (Security Clearance Profile (L5)).
Who granted?
Expect A LOT more.

NXIVM, Mexico, Long Beach and Human Trafficking

We know the Mexican border is used to traffic not only drugs and guns but also people. Q has connected Alison Mack of NXIVM to the Mexico Border and Long Beach Port.
Qanon Post #1203:

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 948590 No.1121272 📁
Apr 20 2018 19:30:58 (EST)
Mack is naming names.
Big names in H-Wood / Gov’t (local/federal).
The ‘Standard’ Hotel.
Helicopter crash.
All related.
Future will prove past.
Feeling ok today?
Why is the MX border / Long Beach Port so important?
Tick TOCK (LLC).

We know that Mack was in a Mexican compound when Keith Rainer was arrested, so she definitely has ties to Mexico. We also know there has been a crackdown on Chinese “massage parlors” with links to human trafficking, and with the Port of Long Beach being owned by the Chinese, we can assume that this was how the trafficking victims were brought into the country.

This now brings to Qanon post #1369:

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: b9b7bb No.1414277 📁
May 14 2018 22:18:10 (EST)
Allison Mack [NXIVM] arrested [date]?
When does a bird sing?
Schneiderman resigns [date]?
Eyes Wide Open.
Who will be next?
Watch NYC.
Watch CA.

Is it a coincidence that the NXIVM trial is happening in NYC at the same time as these raids and the forced sale of the port in CA? Is the Firearms trafficking a gateway into exposing human trafficking operations?

California’s Historical Ties With The Chinese Mafia

The following is definitely eye opening in regards to the firearms trafficking out of California, but also the connections between the Chinese Mafia and the states politicians cannot be ignored.

From CBS News on March 26, 2014:

A California state senator who advocated gun control legislation asked for campaign donations in exchange for introducing an undercover FBI agent to an arms trafficker and told him how to get shoulder-fired automatic weapons and missiles from a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines, according to court documents unsealed Wednesday.
The allegations against state Sen. Leland Yee were outlined in an FBI affidavit in support of a criminal complaint. The affidavit accuses Yee of conspiracy to deal firearms without a license and to illegally import firearms. He was arrested Wednesday and appeared later in federal court, where bail was set at $500,000.
Yee’s arrest came as a shock to Chinese-Americans who see the senator as a pioneering leader in the community and a mainstay of San Francisco politics, said David Lee, director of the Chinese American Voters Education Committee.

From the LA Times on February 24, 2016:

Yee admitted in a plea deal that he was part of a racketeering conspiracy… he was accused of seeking an official state Senate proclamation in the spring of 2013 praising the Ghee Kung Tong Freemason lodge in San Francisco. Yee sought the proclamation, according to the court complaint, in exchange for a $6,800 donation to one of his campaigns — a donation that was paid by an undercover FBI agent.
An organized crime figure named Raymond Chow, known as Shrimp Boy, identified himself as the “dragon head” of that Freemason organization on his Facebook page. The indictment said Chow, 54, whose criminal history includes racketeering and robbery, had a position of “supreme authority” in the Triad, an international organized crime group.

Here’s Raymond Chow (Shrimp Boy) with Leland Yee:

Here’s Chow (Shrimp Boy) with Gavin Newsom:

Here’s Leland Yee with Gavin Newsom at a Church fundraiser when they were both Supervisors from the City & County of San Francisco:

Here’s another picture of Leland Yee and Gavin Newsom:

Bonus: Ted Lieu and Leland Yee:

Lieu and Yee also worked together and co-wrote statements in the Senate regarding affirmative action.

Chinese Spy Caught Working as a Custom’s Agent

On Febuary 5th 2019, Wei Xu, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection watch commander at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport, was arrested after Xu sold three guns out of the trunk of his car to undercover officers. The firearms sold included an “off-roster” pistol, which is a firearm that is not on California’s list of approved guns. On July 17th, Xu pleaded guilty to illegally selling guns on the internet and to creating a fake company to avoid paying taxes. Some of the firearms he was selling were obtained by using his power as a law enforcement official. He also pleaded guilty to illegally possessing unregistered firearms and making false statements to a federal agency about his involvement with a Chinese company to get a secret-level security clearance. Xu had been running this illegal gun-selling operation since the late 1990s. Xu had began working for the Customs and Border Protection agency in 2004. He was sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison in January of 2020.

It seems California is a place to watch.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ll be expanding and refining this post as time goes on. Stay tuned.

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