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By anon via 4chan

4Channers Create Dystopian Vaccine Campaign In Order To Red Pill The Masses…

The post below is the campaign that has already started, including the production of stickers, posters, digital media, etc… A classic /pol/ operation with instructions on how to execute the agenda with many creative submissions. As one of the anons noted; the trick is to push the boundary into a hard dystopian hellscape.


To get that dystopian feel:


  • 1700×2200 (8.5×11″ @ 300dpi)
  • Font is “Tw Cen MT Std Ultra Bold”:
  • Font size 180px, centered horizontally and vertically


  • leave empty void gaps on the side and bottom
  • use at least one line, ideally two, to separate a top & bottom combo page
  • end each message with a period


  • use “you” and “your” and “we” and “our”, like the message is from big brother to the viewer
  • no apostrophes, always DO NOT vs DON’T and YOU WILL vs YOU’LL
  • try various rewording to get most lines similar widths
  • use “true” messages and phrases that are approved narratives, the off-putting part comes from making horrifying things sound positive or for your benefit or that they about you
  • use “true” narratives that even normies know are false, like “THERE ARE NO FINANCIAL INCENTIVES INVOLVED” when even normies know there are
  • use “true” approved narratives that sound fanatically worshipping or overly positive
  • for top & bottom combo pages, try to use contradicting messages. “YOUR CHILDREN WILL NOT GET MYOCARDITIS” “MYOCARDITIS WILL ONLY BE TEMPORARY”, like “wait I thought you said they won’t get it though…??”
  • try to contradict within a single message. “VACCINATE TO PROTECT THE UNVACCINATED.”
  • use VACCINATED not VAXXED, like a corporation would
  • don’t add swastikas and pepes and urls kek

This isn’t my idea.
I lifted it from a leaf.
Here’s the font, free to download, recommended by OP:
Based on this scene:

I’ll be coming up with shorter, quicker ones.
Six words or less.
So far eight or nine seems like the sweet spot.
Checking back a bit later.
Cheers, lads.

I’m going to see about making more hard-line triggering posters in the coming days.
I want a catalogue.
Thanks for the tip.
I’ll see about using that.

Many NPCs will take photos and post them.
This has a double effect of radicalizing those on the edge and radicalizing the Branch Covidians.
The people trying to force this on us must be exposed.
I’ve come around to the line of thinking:
“Simple, aggressive, memorable.”
I want quality.
Not quantity.
I’m talking about the people reading and understanding – not the posters themselves.
This is about reaching people who are capable of understanding.

Thanks fren.

>perhaps reverse the order so death is the first concept introduced. Something like “The Vaccine has killed less people than it has saved.”
This is a really good idea.

And those who are aware, like you, will be enraged.
Which is what I want.

You’re hinting at the double think.
That makes it wordy, but I agree it’s great to show it off.

Alternate, simplified:

They will think twice.
This is why I’m going hard on it now.
I’ve been thinking about this for the last hour or so.
Yes, I want those on the edge to be swayed toward us.
High agency people are more valuable.
However, you’re right about the average NPC on the street.
If they’re also enraged then it makes our job easier.
Many are silent and highly pissed off.
That fire needs to rise.

Here in Los Angeles we’re just about as far gone as Melbourne.
No flulags yet.
This is why I’m going more hard line and aggressive with the messaging.
The time for being cute and coy is well over.
I want these people exposed and I want everyone pissed off.
If you have any Australia specific ideas let me know and I’ll gladly format them.

Also, this one is directed at women.
Because of the social impacts.

>That’s cool. I’m in SoCal too. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. But I don’t think they can keep this up much longer. My prediction is that by May 2022 they will just give up. No more vax mandates.

Don’t bank on it.
We’re talking about billion dollar corporations who have literally moved governments to make this happen.
This is the time to fight.
This is the biggest happening of your life.
And you know it.
I’m not trying to come off as hysterical, but I know you know what I mean.

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