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Alleged White House Insider Drops Intel On 4Chan On Take-Down of Coup Plotters

Alleged White House Insider Drops Intel On 4Chan

Authored by Anonymous via 4chan

Durham is building his case to trace this vast conspiracy to first rig an election and then to try and cover their failed tracks and simultaneously take down Donald Trump the current sitting POTUS. Many and by that I mean most will never completely understand the complexity of this operation, because it reads like a Robert Clancy novel, but it is in fact real, & anything but fictional.

The elite globalist put up their puppet to run for POTUS in 2016. They went all in to try and ensure her election, including abusing the FVEY network, illegal domestic spying and surveillance as well as foreign operatives. They had all their bases covered they thought, but they underestimated two things, the testicular fortitude of Trump, and the strength of his following. They misread the largest republican voter turnout in history. She was never supposed to lose. These elitists could never imagine that this carnival barker showman from reality TV fame, could ever be the Pied Piper of the conservative party of lame duck voters.

They did the same thing with Ronnie Reagan, they underestimated him & he won in a landslide against a weak incumbent, Hillary for the most part was an incumbent in their eyes, she’d been around forever & undefeated. She had the multi-billion dollar war-chest, the big $$ donors, the TV networks, the Hollywood elites, & the Obama Administration’s DOJ/FBI/IC in her corner, again she was never supposed to lose. For three years the outsiders have been screaming what’s taking so long, as they are watching the DC Machine taking out members of of his team one by one, beginning with Gen. Flynn, who by the way warned Trump this would happen.

Flynn told Trump there’s no way they are going to accept him, he’s going to have to dig in and fight. Gen Flynn knows how to fight, from hand to hand or from the intelligence world, he’s been there done that first hand. Flynn chose Trump, Trump didn’t choose Flynn, but they are both from the same mindset, and they both recognized the fighters within themselves. Flynn knew what was in store for them & made Trump aware just what was at stake & the importance of victory. They made a pact that if they embark on this endeavor to break up the recidivist culture good ole boy club, and take down the swamp, that there was no turning back, no surrender, all or nothing & there was no way out.

So what’s taking so long is, this small elite force is going up against the entire globalist world. The richest people on the planet, with billions of loyal followers, I mean true believers, brainwashed in their ideology they’ve been grooming for decades. Barack Obama was just a test pilot just to see how far left they could go, Barry was just the first one through the door, a beta tester so to speak. And with him we saw the paradigm begin to shift. Now they are all in. So they spied, lied, they supplanted operatives in an attempt to filter the Trump campaign’s ability to get a grip on them. The MSM gave Trump billions in free airtime to insure he cleaned out the primary, because they just knew he was a soft target, an easy win. But then she lost. Now there were a few in that group that thought about her losing, we see it in the text messages, the big what if. Despite the fact they were bad cops, they were doing their tradecraft, have a contingency plan, the insurance policy.

Overconfidence will get you killed and it did in the case of Hillary, she thought she was untouchable, and undefeatable and it cost her the election. So all these years of investment by the globalists is put in jeopardy by her arrogance.

So the cover-up began literally Nov 9th, and they plot to take down the president-elect went to plan B, the symbolic morning after pill, because they can’t let him get his hands on the archives, the files, the evidence that will bring them all down. They can’t just cut off the head of the snake, too messy and hard to pull off, Trump was no wall flower, they had been after him for years, and he has great fighting instincts, but they can pull his fangs (Flynn).

What was their very first move? Take down Flynn and cripple Trump taking out his Army commander, while simultaneously blindfolding Trump to inner working of the intelligence world, he lost his tracker, his scout, who knew where to look.

Luckily Trump had retained close allies like Devin Nunes, who was the head of the HPSCI and though still a rookie, knew enough to keep informed, and pay attention to details, but being in congress limited what he could actually do other than shed light.

Flynn’s small elite force was in place like his intelligence team of Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Derek Harvey, Michael Ellis, Rich Higgins, and his commerce strategists like Peter Thiel, David Cattler, John Eisenberg, Kenneth Juster & Kevin Harrington.

Flynn was assembling a team of deputies to get the NSC back on track to do what it was originally intended, and not the political hackery the previous administration had turned it into, and this the NSC down to less than 50 possibly 25. Despite popular belief it was this small team, headed up by Ezra who sniffed out that Obama was spying on the Trump Campaign, and a female analyst who let Ezra know that Mike Rogers was going to make his pitch to be CIA Chief. Ezra knew that would be disastrous, Rogers was career NSA and because it was the NSA that was the hub of all this spying. The NSA is the cesspool of the swamp, Snowden exposed just how bad it was in 2013.

I don’t approve of how Snowden did it, but I understand his position. He was with Booz Allen an embedded contract analyst who saw the toolbox and what the NSA was doing with it and panicked. Snowden was young & from his point of view surrounded & thought he had nowhere to turn. So he fled, problem was he went to our mortal enemies, & that’s a problem. But regardless what he exposed was true & important to what is going on in this case.

Ezra knew Rogers was making a play for a promotion to CIA Chief in the new admin, informed Flynn, & the General set up a meeting in Trump tower to first introduce his protege to the President-elect, and let him inform Trump he was being spied upon & who & how it was being done. Rogers made his pitch that evening, Trump said “we will take it in consideration and get back with you” The timeline was misread by outsiders thinking Rogers told the President-elect he was being spied upon, when he already knew earlier that day.

Cohen-Watnick works in the shadows, stays off social media and sticks to what he does best, analyze intelligence and make strategic planning portfolios. Ezra had portfolio strategies to take down Iran & China, the Obama admin goffed at.

When Trump was sworn in Flynn put his team in place in the NSC, and immediately they recognized what a problem there was in the West Wing, more that they earlier expected. And when the FBI came after their boss and took him down, Ezra knew he had to find a confident to get this info to.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick passed on his intel to Michael Ellis who in turn set up a SCIF meeting with Nunes, who Flynn felt he could trust from their time together on the transition team, and they let Nunes see the evidence of the spying on Trump. That set the HPSCI in motion to start down this long road, and Ezra knew with McMaster in pace he wasn’t long for this world as far as the NSC goes. McMaster purged the NSC of Flynn’s team and filled it with more swamp. But the FBI struck and we all know about the takedown of Flynn and how they entrapped him with a completely fabricated charge, forcing him out and causing him to have to defend himself with the likes of Sidney Powell.

Then the Swamp countered Flynn with HR McMaster, playing on the fact that Trump was enamored by being surrounded by Generals, & McMaster fit the bill perfectly to go in and clear out Flynn’s team. This was a misstep on Trump’s part, but things were moving fast & it wasn’t thought through.

McMaster attempted to replace Cohen-Watnick with CIA official Linda Weissgold, the author of the infamous Benghazi Video talking points & member of the “Benghazi dream team”, a group of IC analysts assembled to counter the Benghazi investigation headed up by Trey Gowdy. That didn’t fly because she was too openly partisan, a Hillary/Obama loyalist and would just never pass muster and McMaster knew it. SO he had to search elsewhere, while Ezra was gathering intel and setting up an evidence time capsule for Nunes.

Mcmaster finally replaced Ezra with Michael Barry, due to his vast experience and thought he was a team player, and a swamper, however Barry didn’t last long because they had forgotten his ties to Erik Prince a Trump Ally. So he ended up back with the CIA. But the NSC was infiltrated with people like Fiona Hill, the Vindman Twins etc, McMaster appointed Joe Biden’s former right hand Eric Ciaramella as his number two, & expanded the NSC to over 300 members, the opposite of Flynn’s goal to reduce it below 50 closer to 25.

With the table set, & Trump running 90 to nothing trying to run the country after his transition was completely undermined by Obama, he was basically flying while blind and his radar was outdated, DC was swampier than he originally thought. Flynn is out, Flynn’s team is out, Trump is surrounded by either people with no swamp time ot people with too much swamp time, mainly very few he could trust, so Trump did what he does, relied on family and they were too green, but were fast learners.

Imagine trying to learn to swim in shark infested waters, that’s what they were up against. They were in the deep end of the pool with no lifeboat and surrounded by sharks. Any other man would have been out within six months, either quitting or being taken down.

The swamp convinced doofus Sessions to recuse himself, moving Swampy Rosenstein into place, Trump forces them to get rid of Comey, because Trump knows Comey lied to him and can’t be trusted. Rosenstein brings in Mueller to set the coup in motion.

When Mueller wasn’t given the FBI Chief spot, Rosenstein does the next best thing, appoint him SC & shield him from Nunes & HPSCI, until the left can re-engineer California voting, allowing vote harvesting, and just plain voter fraud in NY & NJ to flip the House. This allowed Schiff to shut down Nunes from using the HPSCI to investigate what was going on, and allow Schiff to ramp u the Russia Hoax platform, setting the stage to impeach Trump in his first term, on baseless bullshit. But Nunes stayed the course behind the scenes with his congressional investigators however he’s limited to what he can do, other than complain and write letters, Durham is the key, he has teeth.

So when everybody was pissing in their pants over why Johnny Ratcliffe was just now sending declassified documents over to Durham on Thursday, they just wouldn’t listen to reason and experience and fell into the fear porn pool grifters panic over nothing. If anyone thinks that Durham is that far behind in this investigation that he’s just now looking at documents, you should seek held soon because you aren’t thinking clearly, walk away from the fear porn grifters and think for yourself

Durham doesn’t need the document declassified to look at them, he has top TS/SCI clearance as does his team. But the 23 person GJ panel doesn’t. In order to simplify presenting his case to the GJ he just requested the documents declassified rather than try to read in 23 people on each & every different level documents. So after sifting through the millions of pages of evidence that’s in play here, Durham chooses the documents he needs to present his case and sends a grocery list to Ratcliffe on what he needs declassified and the order is filled and returned.

The majority of this stuff was Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) which means each grouping (compartmentalized) would have to be read in for each of the 23 members of the GJ panel. That’s very very cumbersome and time consuming, instead just get the documents declassified and then they can be used for the GJ and still remain secured under Section 6E protection. Sensitive evidence will be filed under seal in the court, the judge can view them in an in camera viewing just like they did in the Flynn case. If it’s used in a jury trial the same process applies. I’ve seen cases where courtrooms are basically turned into an interactive SCIF, no media or gallery is allowed, the case is heard behind closed doors and all involved are under felony level NDA if they leak anything. So calm down and think this through, the swamp isn’t just a puddle limited to DC, it’s a vast sea that stretches across the globe, and it’s all driven by power and money, and that’s the key to unwinding this mess.

Forensic accountants can be more dangerous than an agent with a badge and a gun, just ask Al Capone.

I’m so encouraged to see Durham dragging people like Daniel Jones before a GJ, that means they are following the money trails up to the top and that’s what it’s going to take to sniff all this out. Giving money isn’t actionable unless there is some direction & involvement with the actual criminal acts. Jones is on the bubble on that count depending on what Durham knows. His name has now surfaced in connection with Durham’s probe, & GJ proceedings.

Remember for the most part the perpetrators of the DOJ/FBI skullduggery are gone, either fired or resigned but nonetheless gone, so there is no administrative remedies for this outside of maybe losing a pension, just not sure that’s legal, so that leaves criminal judicial remedies.

It surely looks like the trappings of a RICO case to me, and that’s not just wishful thinking. All the tell tale signs are there. And Durham’s specialty is governmental corruption, it’s his bread and butter and his appointment was purposeful.

To all the chronic cynics – the Debbie Downers – the doom and gloom mindsets that are going to bitch, piss moan and groan about nothings happening, save it because you make those statements based on zero facts. This isn’t a some carnival sideshow to satisfy your juvenilistics cravings for instant gratification, this investigation to actually do something worthwhile and make a difference. If you want instant gratification get a puppy.

Good news was brought to my attention this morning, that could be another avenue to get at these funders of this conspiracy. LW Doyle pointed this out to me, Larry Doyle is a forensic accountant you has been all over the Clinton Foundation follow him:

This case is so multi-faceted there’s a lot of moving parts. Part of proving conspiracy, is the tying together of multiple parties, that not only includes boots on the ground but those funding the wrong doing. Money trails are solid when you can piece them together also a possibility this case is 18 USC 371 Conspiracy to Defraud the United States. “any conspiracy for the purpose of impairing, obstructing or defeating the lawful function of any dept of gov.”

Durham must prove people knew the info was false when they passed it to the FBI.

Anonymous 10/11/20(Sun)13:04:38
And if nothing happens, Trump loses in 3 weeks, and he hands off power to Biden, then can we start talking about the fact that it’s going to take more than bullshit to save this country?

That’s why Barr has spread the workload appointing 5 US Atty to take different parts of it al centering and being coordinated back to Durham, it really quite an interesting endeavour when you really sit down and piece it all together. The origin in the in the original hoax that Trump was colluding with russia, is part of it, but the whole claim that the DNC DCCC and Hillary were even hacked by Russia. Pushing that claim into the FBI and it being a complete fabrication is looking more and more evident.

Let me point out How all these perpetrators and funders all pivot on Perkins Coie, they were the go between for everyone, Obama, FusionGPS, CrowdStrike, Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton Campaign, DNC, DCCC, everyone. Money changed hands thru them. Also hopefully people like Larry Doyle are looking into how involved they were with the “hack” of the DNC, their clients included Google which owned the largest stake in CrowdStrike before they went public, the DNC, Hillary’s campaign, multiple Obama organizations and many others.

You take out Perkins, Coie under a RICO, everyone else falls, but easier said than done, you need someone on the inside, that they can flip, and Perkins Coei is a tough nut to crack, but all this cash flow going through their firm to all these coup plotters is glaring.

All involved are their clients, and the key to kicking all this off was the claim of hacking, put up by CrowdStrike to anchor the Russia narrative to and the FBI and IC went with it based on their report of the hacking, and they blocked the FBI from looking at the servers.

When has the FBI EVER just ran with a scandal of that magnitude based on a private third party’s word. Any other instance and they tell you until we see the servers sorry you’re on your own. Providing a disc image generated by CrowdStrike doesn’t cut it. My take is CrowdStrike falsified their report of the DNC hack with the knowledge of & participation of Perkins, Coie lawyer Sussman. The 7th floor knew it was false which is why they never insisted on taking possession of the servers and conducting their own forensic examination, Just like the 7th floor ignored the Weiner laptop until they came under fire of being exposed for not getting right on it when they were notified by both NYPD-task force and the FBI-NYFO and NYC-USAO. Everything the FBI had about Trump and Russian collusion, Russian Hacking, all originated from people directly connected to Hillary Clinton plain as day. But it’s the tying it all to actual crimes, is the tough part, with document destruction, hiding evidence, it’s a real mess.

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