Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on December 17, 2021 1:37 pm

ANON Explains Why Every Company Seems To Go Woke In Lockstep…

Ever wondered why ‘go woke get broke‘ never succeeded? Why seemingly companies have been introducing toxic cultures and destroying their productivity and products? Was it to target the leftist consumers? That makes no sense as they are alienating a large portion of the market in favor for a small portion. You would be correct. It doesn’t make sense until you meet Larry Fink. Now you see Larry has been a very busy boy over the last decade or two and has created the largest Hedge fund in existence, BlackRock. Our story starts in 2007/08 during the housing bubble crash.

The FED is freaking out not knowing how to manage the situation. It looks extremely likely the entire system will implode and they do not have the tools to stop it. Then came Larry Fink.

img Larry boy here was running a $7 trillion dollar hedge fund and offered to help. They created the Maidan Lane vehicles where all of the defunct Wall Street giants assets will be placed and managed by the FED officially, but in reality it was Larry who the one who managed them.
Fast forward to the 2020 crash. The FED is panicking again because the corporate bond market was ready to collapse as investors no longer wanted the Zombie corps debt. If this market went, corporations would no longer be able to fund themselves except for issuing more stock which would future devalue equities and created a death spiral. So who has come in to be savior once more? Larry Fink. The FED basically told Larry to buy worthless bonds and they in turn will actively buy his ETF to subsidize him. This in turn means BlackRock is now having freshly printed US dollars buy his ETF. BlackRtack now is effectively part of the financial system to the point where Bloomberg even called them the “Fourth Branch of Government”

Now you may be wondering what this has to with wokism as it just sounds like a rant about thing we already know. You see Larry Fink recently has become obsessed with something called ESG investing. ESG investing stands for environmental, social and corporate governance investing. In short, Larry Fink’s investment philosophy to reward companies that follow certain rules with investment dollars. These rules could be the CEO not taking a salary or how much diversity and inclusion there is and from there he throws his now $12 trillion around to the ones with the highest ESG score which in turn is a proxy woke score. Now you are thinking; “so what company can get
investment dollars from elsewhere that doesn’t care”? You would be wrong as BlackRock’s Aladdin service is used by practically every major investment institution and fund. Most of these institutions and fund use the ESG ranking as well even if they do not believe in it as why would you want to draw the ire of the “fourth branch of government” if you do not.

This has lead to every single corporation having to increase their wokeness to get investment dollars otherwise their ESG score will be too low and they will be effectively blocked out from the market. So there you go, now you know why wokeness is being pushed, because Mr. Fink has a hard on for wokeness and everyone doesn’t dare cross him.

TLDR; Larry Fink has gained so much power, he is strong arming the entire Finance world to only invest in “woke” companies.


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