Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on September 12, 2020 6:24 pm

Antifa Holds “Migrant solidarity” Rallies in Athens, Greece as migrants burn down the island of Lesbos…

A Couple of days ago, Migrants set fire to their camp holding 13,000 people on the island Lesbos in Greece. The narrative is that the camp is overcrowded and there has been a Coronavirus outbreak, but many of them have been desperately trying for months to make a run for northern Europe. Many of the migrants in these camps are military-aged men that have been exported by Turkey’s Erdogan in order to destabilize the region. This latest Coronavirus narrative gave them the opportunity to execute their plans.

From OAN:

The fire at the camp, which was holding four times the number of people it was supposed to, has returned the spotlight to the migration crisis facing the European Union, which has struggled to find a response that goes beyond temporary fixes.

German Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on Europe to accept more refugees but the difficulty of reaching an accord was underlined by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who ruled out taking more in.
[…] The need to bring the situation under control has been made more urgent by the fact that authorities have lost track of 35 camp residents who had tested positive for coronavirus.

Migrants are now rioting and causing chaos by blocking roads and using children as shields in order to get the attention of Germany’s Merkle, which they hope will give them free movement of travel to other countries in Europe.

Today, Communist Antifa gathered in mainland Athens to hold a ‘solidarity march’ for the ‘migrants’.

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