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Viral Video of Guy Claims That Arizona Audit Has Been Hijacked by The Biden Regime Under Guise of National Security…
NOTE: This was sent to us as a tip. Cannot verify the claim of this yet, but worth noting. The person in the video below makes an argument that the word “Special” (from Special Master) within the underreported agreement between AZ Senate and Maricopa Supervisors has a unique meaning in which it allows the Biden to legally obstruct. See ‘Special master‘ on wiki. We are still reviewing this.

Via (fyi: site isn’t https secure):

The backdoor deal orchestrated by Senate President Karen Fann Statecraft Lawyer Korey Langhofer ( ) has established an extra jurisdictional claim to the results and conclusions of the Arizona Senate Audit of the 2020 Election. This is not a conspiracy theory but a fact!

This audit used belongs to the People of Arizona, but unfortunately now it belongs to the Courts. Now that AG Bronvich has begun the process of pursuing criminal charges and low level criminals will be going to jail, yet still Arizonans will never see the Routers or Splunk Logs associated with the 2020 Presidential Election and here is why. This Unilaterally Brokered deal has set up a third party to negotiate the fulfillment of Senate Subpoenas called a “Special Master” But the use of the term [Special] does not signify in any way the personal or anthropological quality of the John Shaddegg. The Legal Definition of the [Special] signifies Military Jurisdiction or better yet Five Eyes National Security Jurisdiction not unlike Special Prosecutor John Durham or Ken Star and in no way does it represent “Independent” status just as the Federal Reserve is not Independent, they are tools of higher than political status, the National Security State. To Simplify Karen Fann and Korey Langhofer along with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have given the Biden DOJ a seat at the table and to where and when AG Bronvich takes action, the Biden Administration can counterman any attempt to seize the Subpoenaed Material under the guise of Executive Privilege and National Security.

The People of Arizona need stand up and demand this deal be rescinded and dissolved immediately!

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