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BRIAN CATES (DrawAndStrike) THREAD: Both Schiff and Trump are sending out tons of chaff – disinformation, if you will – because something’s coming…
Authored by Brian Cates via Telegram

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OK – listen to what Adam Schiff is saying and think about why he’s saying it, in light of the federal grand jury spying on him. 👇

Adam Schiff: “But that’s what Bill Barr did for Donald Trump when he intervened in the Roger Stone case. He made the case against Michael Flynn go away. These are astonishing actions by an Attorney General. Purely political acts to placate, please the President of the United States. If any Democratic President did anything like that, there would be such a hue and cry about it – and so I don’t think there is anyone in the modern history of the Justice Dept who has done more damage to that institution than Bill Barr.”

Something isn’t sitting right with Schiff. I have a feeling that he senses something is up with DJT speaking out against Barr today. His nerves are off the charts right now.

If Liddle Adam is talking bad about Barr, it’s more evidence that the Honeybadger is a white hat.

Justice will be served.

What does Schiff say about Bill Barr? Now, contrast that with what DONALD TRUMP is saying about both Barr and John Durham:

Jonathan Karl’s story on Slow Moving Bill Barr is made-up beyond any level imaginable. It is, in other words, Fake News! I lost confidence in Bill Barr long before the 2020 Presidential Election Scam. It was when he dismissed and didn’t act on the very powerful Horowitz Report, and instead gave everything over to John Durham, who has seemingly disappeared from the planet. Can you even believe a report coming out during the Biden Administration?

We caught them but unfortunately didn’t have an Attorney General who was capable of acting and wouldn’t go against his friends in Washington, D.C. Barr was a “swamp creature” who was devastated when the Radical Left wanted to impeach him. He, and other RINOs (you see it all the time!), always fold. If he becomes “less” for President Trump, maybe they will leave him alone. It takes a very strong and special person to go against the “mob”. Bill Barr was not that person. Despite evidence of tremendous Election Fraud, he just didn’t want to go there. He was afraid, weak, and frankly, now that I see what he is saying, pathetic. The facts are rapidly coming out in States and Courts about the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, and let’s see if Bill Barr, a man who was unable to handle the pressure, was correct? The answer will be a resounding, NO!“

BOTH Schiff and Trump are sending out tons of chaff – disinformation, if you will – because something’s coming.

Schiff has been running around putting his face in front of every camera that he can screaming “TRUMP ORDERED THIS BARR GOON TO SABOTAGE THE ROGER STONE AND GEN FLYNN CASES!” What’s he hinting at? THAT TRUMP SICCED BARR & DURHAM ON SCHIFF TOO. And all these other members of Congress that were being spied on as part of SpyGate leak investigations. Schiff is claiming **TRUMP GIVES THE ORDERS and his attack dog WILLIAM BARR GOES AFTER THE DESIGNATED TARGET. So what does Trump do? He puts out this statement “Bill Barr my attack dog? What a joke! Barr never did a damn thing I told him to!”

Schiff is trying to claim Trump himself is running the SpyGate investigation, giving orders to Barr and Durham. And Trump also orders Barr to end the cases against Stone and Flynn, Barr follows Trump’s orders. When Durham drops the bomb, Schiff is going to LOUDLY SCREAM this is all TRUMP!!!!! So today we get Trump’s strongly worded response. Trump not only wasn’t giving Barr any orders, this Durham guy seems to have disappeared off the planet! Trump is mocking Schiff. “I’m running Barr and Durham? I’m in charge of this, giving the orders? Are you insane? I’m so far on the outside of this I don’t even think Durham’s going to issue a report!”

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