Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on October 11, 2021 11:36 am

Via Anon on 8Kun

Capitol Police Whisteblower. The fix was in on Jan 6…

It dropped on Friday that a Capitol Police Whistleblower had written a 16 page letter to Congress, dated September 28th, blaming the failures of the Capitol Police on senior Leadership. The two he cites to be most responsible are Yogananda Pittman and Sean Gallagher. He says they had forehand intelligence that January 6th was going to be chaotic and not only didn’t do anything about it, like asking D.C. police for help, getting National Guard, or having officers dress up in riot gear, they also kept the intelligence that J6 was going to be chaotic, a secret from the rest of the capitol police. He goes on to further indict these leaders by saying they purposely did nothing as events were unfolding on the day, letting Capitol Police officers get bumrushed without taking any action, and just watched it all on the Command and Control screens. He says they did this for political and personal gain. Pittman and Gallagher have since been promoted, with Pittman being named chief of the Capitol Police. Finally, he says Pittman committed perjury by knowingly lying to congress.

Sounds like an inside job.

Read the Whistle Blower letter –
Politco Article that broke the story –

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