Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on November 16, 2020 3:38 pm

Dominion Employees Delete Their LinkedIn Profiles En Masse, But Not Before 4Chan Archived Them…

4chan archives Dominion employees linkedin profiles
Dominion employees can delete their profiles all they want, but the government still has it. Nothing on the internet ever really goes away.

They might not know it themselves, but LinkedIn still retains logs of activities and actions, and can be handed to court if asked for it. LinkedIn usually complies with most official requests too:

ANON says:

I took screen shots of all the ones visible to me prior to them jumping ship/being removed.

These profiles are not all of them as Dominion states on their LinkedIn page that they have between 201-500 employees. Anon was only able to capture around 100 or so before the mass exodus occurred.

Here’s the pol thread for anyone that’s curious:

Dominion Employees LinkedIn 1

Dominion Employees LinkedIn 2

Dominion Employees LinkedIn 1

Dominion Employees LinkedIn 1

Dominion Employees LinkedIn 1

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