Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on June 1, 2021 11:12 pm

Fauci Emails: 3200+ Pages of Emails Released…

The Washington Post released 866 pages of Fauci emails they received through a FOIA request. Buzzfeed decided to tag along and add on 2400 more pages they obtained from their own FOIA lawsuit.

Everyone is starting to go through all the details with a fine-tooth-comb and we expect some revelations over the next few days.

***This story is developing.

The RedState has already found that Fauci was in correspondence with Wuhan Lab Funder Dr. Peter Daszak, who thanked him for dismissing the lab leak theory.

Zerohedge also quickly found that there was some scrambling to perform damage control after journalists were highlighting the man-made COVID-19 theory from back in early 2020. In a separate tweet, Zerohedge posted other emails where Fauci is asking whether Chinese weaponization was done during the time he sent funding to China. It’s as if Fauci wanted to find out how incriminating his involvement was going to be.

Independent journalist Jordan Schachtel found an email on page 2003 where a scientist tries to warn Fauci that COVID spread well beyond any suitable containment measures, and says China is lying about its data. Fauci ignored the email saying it was too long to read.

Mark Zuckerburg caught red handed colluding with Dr. Fauci via use of censorship.

Link to the documentcloud hosting the emails:

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