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NWO Thermal Imaging Glasses And Cameras With Biometric Technology Are Coming To A Location Near You

NWO Thermal Imaging Glasses And Cameras With Biometric Technology Are Coming To A Location Near You
While everyone is waiting for the lockdowns to end, if ever, life for ordinary citizens will not be the same as personal privacy and freedoms have already begun to degrade. But some companies see this as an opportunity to monetize your willingness to give up your freedom for some “security”.

Meet ROKID; a Chinese startup with an office in San Francisco pumping out augmented reality glasses since 2014. But since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world stage, they’ve switched to manufacturing thermal imaging glasses called the T1, which is already in use in China. Techcrunch reports their success has given them the motivation to begin marketing this tech to businesses, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies in the US.

The T1 uses an infrared sensor that can take the temperature of 200 people in 2 minutes. The current model is equipped with a Qualcomm CPU, a 12 megapixel camera and AR voice control capabilities that can take pictures and videos on demand. The product also has facial recognition and data management tech integrated into it. According to ROKID, they wont be collecting or storing any of the data in its own databases, but are they to be trusted? Who will store the data and would you even trust them with it?

Thermal Imaging and Biometrics
ROKID isn’t the only company looking to monetize the NWO agenda. In New Hampshire, Electronic Security Protection is working with a company called Dahua with a similar concept to ROKID. They too have their own thermal security cameras with biometric facial recognition tech.

The owner of Electronic Security Protection, Goeffrey Davis, stated that his cameras will be implemented at crowded places airports and businesses. “It will show everybody’s temperature as they come through,” Davis said. “It will see through face masks, it will see through helmets, it will see through face shields.” Davis also mentioned that he’s looking to get this into schools and hospitals while negotiating with county sheriff’s departments to expand his reach.

What you should know:
You can’t use temperature as a sole indicator of Covid-19 because you can have a fever and not have Covid-19 at all. So what’s the real agenda here? While authorities are already aggressively pursuing this technology, the global elites are celebrating as they inch closer to achieving their utopian aspirations.

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