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Patrick Byrne Testimony to J6 Committee – The SolarWinds hack justified election investigations – Trump was optimistic but decided to not proceed after advice from Rudy Giuliani…

During a WH meeting in Dec 2020, Patrick Byrne, along with Michael Flynn, and Sidney Powell hoped to convince Trump to invoke emergency national security powers to investigate the 2020 elections justified by the ‘SolarWinds’ hack. The argument presented to Trump was that two executive orders give the President a range of options in the case of foreign interference in our elections. At one point Trump was convinced and agreed they should execute the task using the DHS after Flynn’s recommendation. But their efforts would be opposed by a handful of White House lawyers and advisers with raised voices determined to keep the president from giving in to that temptation. One of the moments of frustration was when Trump asked his lawyer “Why haven’t you shown me these letters?” To which Pat Cipollone answered, “I’m your White House lawyer. I’m not your campaign lawyer.” That’s when things went downhill.

After the meeting broke for a little bit, some from both sides reconvened for a bit, but without Trump. Eventually Byrne ended up leaving the WH thinking the plan has been decided upon and it was time to move forward, but later learning that Trump decided not to follow through with any action after taking advise from Rudy Giuliani. Patrick found out about the decision after speaking with Rudy and let him know, “Patrick, by the time you walked out, I went back and told the President, ‘You can’t go forward with this plan, absolutely can’t go forward with this plan. We’ll all end up in prison. And you can’t go forward with this plan.”

The J6 council eventually asked Byrne about the famous tweet where Trump called on his supporters to come to the capitol on Jan 6:

Q: And how do you connect that, if at all, to the tweet about January 6th?

A: My guess is that he had about 4 hours of his spirits lifted and had been excited and then got his hopes dashed and sort of went back and said – and went back to – the strategy that would have been.

With that said, here’s a sweet little tidbit from the testimony:

…at least twice publicly and once privately he said, “Pat” — “When I said at some point we will know, I’m telling you, Mr. President, it’s ‘going to take 14 days, but the truth is we’ll have an answer in 7. By Christmas Eve we can give this country an answer,” which seemed like a pretty good idea. “And the truth sir, we can give you quick read in a few days if we haven’t found what we think we are going to find.”

He cut me off. At least twice I went there, and I said, “Sir, if we don’t find what we’re going to have to find, you’re going to have to concede immediately.”

He cut me off and said, “Pat, you have no idea how — you have no idea, you have no idea. On January 20th, right over there, Pat, Marine One is going to land, and you have no idea how easy it’s going to be for me to walk out and get on that helicopter and go. I will never spend a day in this town again, let me tell you. I’ve got my golf courses. I’ve got my friends. My life is going to get a lot better, Pat, I promise you, It’s just if I think this election has been stolen and I suspect that there might be a foreign government involved, how can I do that? Can I really do that?”

It seemed entirely appropriate and normal deliberation, and twice I tried to ~ twice he cut me off to drill me on that. And then once when we were alone-ish, in the sense of it’s like we all got up to move from the Resolute and we had the thing about Sidney, there was a moment where he was going up to the main door, he turned to me, and we had just sort of a moment, him leaning in to say, like, “Pat, you have no idea how easy it’s going to be for me to walk away from this job. I promise you. I just don’t know how can I do that? I know this was rigged. And, you know, if there’s a foreign government’s involve in this, how can I do that?”

Read the rest from Byrne’s testimony below:

Via Patrick Byrne:

“For the good stuff regarding my meeting with Trump, start reading around Page 135. It will become clear why the J6 committee came up Dick-O’-Hand on Trump. Every word I told was true.”

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