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Peter Navarro Releases Report on Election Fraud during the 2020 Election: THE IMMACULATE DECEPTION – ‘Theft By A Thousand Cuts’…

Peter Navarro Releases Report on Election Fraud

Peter Navarro, the Assistant to the President, released a new report that details how massive fraud took place during the election across six key battleground states in what he describes as “theft by a thousand cuts across six dimensions and six battleground states rather than any one single “silver bullet” election irregularity.”

Peter’s report includes evidence from more than 50 lawsuits, sworn affidavits, testimonies given at a variety of state venues, published analyses by think tanks and legal centers, videos, photos, and more. Peter also includes a bunch of charts that helps to visually explain significant irregularities that occurred across all six battleground states.

Judging from the findings of this report, it is hard not to see what Peter calls a “coordinated strategy to effectively stack the election deck” against the President.

The report ends with “If these election irregularities are not fully investigated prior to Inauguration Day and thereby effectively allowed to stand, this nation runs the very real risk of never being able to have a fair presidential election again.” How can anyone disagree?

Read the report:


Peter Navarro updates his original report with a new memo addressed to “War Room and American Republic” detailing how over 379,000 ballots were illegally cast in the swing state of Michigan – “more than twice the alleged Biden victory margin”.

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