Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on November 16, 2020 5:20 pm

Philly mob boss to allegedly flip on Joe Biden after manufacturing 300,000 ballots for $10 a pop…

Skinny Joey’ Merlino to flip on Biden

Trump team lawyer, Jordan Sekulow gave a heads-up on twitter with a piece on Philly mob boss, Skinny Joey’ Merlino, suggesting that he’s ready to flip on Biden and DEM operatives in exchange for a full expungement of past misdeeds.

It is alleged that these DEM operatives tied to Biden ordered around 300,000 election ballots marked for Biden from Joe Merlino. They supposedly paid around $10 per ballot for 3 days worth of work, which netted them around $3 million – paid for in cash. Joe Merlino’s team packaged the ballots into ‘non-descript cardboard boxes’ and had them dropped off at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Now, Skinny Joey’ Merlino is willing to flip on the DEMs only if Trump promises a full expungement of his criminal records and gets a pardon for the election fraud itself.

From the

“He wants a clean record. He wants to fish and hunt on federal lands. He’d really like a job with the National Parks Service. You need a clean record to get those things,” explains one confidant. “But most of all he wants the thanks of a grateful nation for coming forward.”

“He wouldn’t mind a little fame — or a lot of fame,” he jokes. “If he comes forward he’ll probably get a book deal and a movie franchise.”

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