Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on May 20, 2022 4:29 pm

Via Anon:

“iF I gOt ThAt wRoNg, I wOuLd iNViTe Ms. fOsTeR tO cOrEcT mE”

Why should anyone pander to the psychological projections of ‘Raskin’ as if settling truth from false should consist of appealing to the ‘yOu mUsT DiSpRoVe’ a wrap up smear scam artist’s narrative.

You flip their flipped shit and describe what it is they are saying by asking them a question addressing their own smear mirror.

“Are you actually suggesting abortion ban in all cases including rape and incest?”

Is a dialectic trick to compel a person into having to defend the accuser’s INVERTED projection of wanting abortion for NON rape and NON incest scenarios.

Ergo, you flip their shit back and ask about their ask:

Would you support the bill if it exempted rape and incest?

Now that goes right to the accuser’s own projection of holding the logical FALLACY OF COMPOSITION, which is in Raskin’s case: If abortion for rape and incest is approved, then it should be approved IN ALL OTHER SCENARIOS, including, of course, FETUS TRAFFICKING which funds the political careers of politicians like Raskin (Planned Parenthood money laundering).

Rather than have to explain a logical fallacy, Raskin of course dialectically inverts his own untenable ideology and smears Foster for allegedly supporting no abortion for rape and incest!

See how the scam artists work?

You’re guided into having to answer a gotcha question that is designed to cover up their own inconsistent illogical stance on abortion.


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