Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on January 4, 2023 12:29 am

Scott Adams threatens to sue Ben Garrison For Comic Criticizing Scott…

First some context. Here’s Ben Garrison’s comic:

Anon’s take:

“‘Cause I found out, I think I have a good theory now, of why so many people have the opposite view of my view, during the pandemic. So there’s a hu-huge cohort of people who, like, you know, little dingleberries who surround my twitter every day, and make statements about what I said, that are inaccurate. And I was trying to think, why the hell are there so many people who have the literally opposite view of what my view was? How is that even possible? And I think I figured it out. It’s, it’s -one- comic, that was created by Ben Garrison, a cartoonist. Right wing, right leaning cartoonist. And the comic is full of, you know, lies… about me. Oh, and maybe, maybe Styx, somebody says, I haven’t heard what he said. But the comic, I think because people will read a comic, wuh, long before they will listen to long form livestream, I think the comic became the primary reason that people think my views are largely the opposite of what they were. ‘Cause the comic says that. So, ehem, I’ve decided to, uh, since Ben Garrison by now knows that his comic is inaccurate, or maybe he’s suffering cognitive dissonance, he might believe it, I don’t know. But in any case, uuuuhm, he has a free punch. Would you agree? Would you all agree he has made himself available to become my new nemesis? And people on twitter saw me attacking him yesterday, I’m gonna keep up the attacks, I’m gonna attempt to destroy him totally.”

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