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SMALL DIG: SOROS, PELOSI, FEINSTEIN ALL tied to the election software used in Michigan called ‘Dominion’ that switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Many states currently use ‘Dominion’.

Dominion Software Used To Switch Votes

Small, quick dig on Dominion software below.

On Thursday the Michigan’s GOP claimed that a glitch in the election software in one Michigan county gave 6,000 Republican votes to Democrats.

Smartmatic allegedly created the Dominion software. Smartmatic is run by Lord Mark Malloch Brown who works for George Soros.

Other positions have included vice-chairman of George Soros’s Investment Funds, as well as his Open Society Institute, a Vice-President at the World Bank and the lead international partner at Sawyer Miller, a political consulting firm. He also has served as Vice-Chairman of the World Economic Forum. He began his career as a journalist at The Economist.
[…] He chairs the Boards of a number of non-profit boards including the International Crisis Group, the Open Society Foundation, and the Centre for Global Development. Mark is also a Distinguished Practitioner of the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University and was formerly a visiting distinguished fellow at the Yale Centre for the Study of Globalisation.
[…] Mark is the author of “The Unfinished Global Revolution” and continues to write, broadcast and lecture about international issues.

Here’s Dominion software in the news:

Then you have some engineers that have contributed to Democrat orgs. There is one person who donated to Trump from the company, but her LinkedIn doesn’t list her as ever working there. Take that as you wish:


Take note of the following twitter thread (archived here):

Sidney Powell Drops Another MOAB: Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein Tied To Dominion Election Software

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