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Jack Dorsey And The Satanic Verses

A 2006 tweet from CEO Jack Dorsey referencing “Pasta” And “Satanic Verses” resurfaces after Qanon’s post #3974 went live. Many took on twitter and other social platforms to discuss the significance of Jack’s tweet. What was it about?

What we found was that Jack Dorsey didn’t just post about the Satanic Verses once, he brought it up three different times. Now of course with all the news about the elites and their pedovore fetishes starting to hit the mainstream, it is assumed by many that the mere mention of anything related to “Pasta” or “Satan” will get you categorized with the real criminals. But what was Jack’s tweet really about?

The 3 following tweets have been archived for educational purposes:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is referencing the book called Satanic Verses written by Salman Rushdie that criticizes the origins of Islam. In fact, the author got a Fatwah on his head by Ayatollah Khomeini, then Supreme Leader of Iran for writing the book. Whatever was on page 307, it made Jack Dorsey cry. We were expecting some verse that showed evidence of Jack Dorsey summoning demons through Satanic worship, but we found none. Here is page 307:

Exterm inador . “You’ve been brainwashed,” Gibreel scoffed. “All this Western art-house crap.” His top ten of everything came from “back home”, and was aggressively lowbrow. _Mother India_, _Mr. India_, _Shree Charsawbees_: no Ray, no Mrinal Sen, no Aravindan or Ghatak. “Your head’s so full of junk,” he advised Saladin, “you forgot everything worth knowing.” His mounting excitement, his babbling determination to turn the world into a cluster of hit parades, his fierce walking pace — they must have walked twenty miles by the end of their travels — suggested to Chamcha that it wouldn’t take much, now, to push him over the edge. _It seems I turned out to be a confidence man, too, Mimi. The art of the assassin is to draw the victim close; makes him easier to knjfe_. “I’m getting hungry,” Gibreel imperiously announced. “Take me to one of your top-ten eateries.” In the taxicab, Gibreel needled Chamcha, who had not informed him of the destination. “Some Frenchy joint, na? Or Japanese, with raw fishes and octopuses. God, why I trust your taste.” They arrived at the Shaandaar Café.

Jumpy wasn’t there. Nor, apparently, had Mishal Sufyan patched things up with her mother; Mishal and Hanif were absent, and neither Anahita nor her mother gave Chamcha a greeting that could be described as warm. Only Haji Sufyan was welcoming: “Come, come, sit; you’re looking good.” The café was oddly empty, and even Gibreel’s presence failed to create much of a stir. It took Chamcha a few seconds to understand what was up; then he saw the quartet of white youths sitting at a corner table, spoiling for a fight. The young Bengali waiter (whom Hind had been obliged to employ after her elder daughter’s departure) came over and took their order — aubergmes, sikh kababs, rice — while staring angrily in the direction of the troublesome quartet, who were, as Saladin now perceived, very drunk indeed. The waiter, Amin, was as annoyed with Sufyan as the drunks. “Should never have let them sit,” he mumbled to Chamcha and Gibreel. “Now I’m obliged to serve. It’s okay for the seth; he’s not the front line, see.” The drunks got their food at the same time as Chamcha and Gibreel. When they started complaining about the cooking, the atmosphere in the room grew even more highly charged. Finally they stood up. “We’re not eating this shit, you cunts,” yelled the leader, a tiny, runty fellow with sandy hair, a pale thin face, and spots. “It’s shit. You can go fuck yourselves, fucking cunts.” His three companions, giggling and swearing, left the café. The leader lingered for a moment. “Enjoying your food?” he screamed at Chamcha and Gibreel. “It’s fucking shit. Is that what you eat at home, is it? Cunts.” Gibreel was wearing an expression that said, loud and clear: so this is what the British, that great nation of conquerors, have become in the end. He did not respond. The little rat–faced speaker came over. “I asked you a fucking question,” he said. “I said. Are you fucking enjoying your fucking _shit dinner?_” And Saladin Chamcha, perhaps out of his annoyance that…

Whatever was on that page seemed to make Jack roll back to page(s) 86-87 for reference (or even comfort?).

Also just for reference, Jack’s other tweet mentions the ‘golden twine. That can be found on page 78:

“… what epileptic fit ever caused day turn into night, caused clouds to mass overhead, caused the air to thicken into soup while an angel hung, scared silly, in the sky above the sufferer, held up like a kite on a golden thread?”

We won’t bore you with quoting any other pages from the book. You can read the whole thing yourself below. We found it on Internet Archive:

⟰ Housed at: Internet Archive

Salman, Rushdie, expose, islam

One of the most controversial and acclaimed novels ever written, The Satanic Verses is Salman Rushdie’s best-known and most galvanizing book. Set in a modern world filled with both mayhem and miracles, the story begins with a bang: the terrorist bombing of a London-bound jet in midflight. Two Indian actors of opposing sensibilities fall to earth, transformed into living symbols of what is angelic and evil. This is just the initial act in a magnificent odyssey that seamlessly merges the actual with the imagined. A book whose importance is eclipsed only by its quality, The Satanic Verses is a key work of our times.

Now here’s a little extra on that book:

So with that said, why did Q really reference that tweet if Jack Dorsey wasn’t reading from an actual “Satanic” book? There has to be a connection to something we’re not seeing right now. Lisa Mei seems to also believe there’s a connection we might be missing.

What do you think?

As always, God bless America and long live the republic.
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