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MUST WATCH: Nutritional Wisdom For A Healthy Pregnancy | Mini Documentary…

Via Heart & Soil (Paul Saladino):

One of the biggest questions facing women today is “what foods should I eat for a healthy pregnancy?”

And despite following mainstream advice and ‘doing all the right things’, many women still struggle with the emotional, physical and financial turmoil of infertility and challenging pregnancies.

In Nourished, we meet the mothers and medical specialists who have gone against the grain, and returned to the traditional animal foods that have always been known to support mother and child.

Because before prenatal vitamins, these foods were valued for their ability to support conception and the creation of healthy, beautiful babies:

“Without knowing the names of the vitamins contained in these foods, isolated traditional societies recognized their importance in the diet and liberally ate animal products containing them. They rightly believed such foods to be necessary for fertility and the optimum development of children.” – Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions

With 1 in 5 couples unable to conceive, and many women struggling to achieve a healthy pregnancy, we all know someone touched by this issue.

Please share this film with them in the hope it helps them experience the joys of healthy parenthood.

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