Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on January 23, 2023 11:16 am

Rabbit Hole: Mini-Ice age and pole shifts cometh…

A Mini Ice Age Cometh: Effects Through the Centuries (FULL PRESENTATION DAVID DUBYNE)

David DuByne presented at Alternative View May 2019 in the United Kingdom, explaining what a 400 Grand Solar Minimum cycle is and how it has impacted societies in the past. If the information presented is correct, we can get a close in time line for the changes you would expect to see based on the past. You make your own decision.

•How Grand Solar Minimums have effected societies through the centuries
•Expected Changes in the Grand Solar Minimum and Media Distractions
•Leanest years globally for food production 2024-2032
•Cancelling waves in the Sun / Double Dynamo
•Chill of the Thermosphere
•Global Electric Circuit
•Plasma Petroglyphs Magnetic Polar Wander
•SWARM stops publishing data on how fast Earth’s magnetic poles are moving
•Cloud cells on our planet are moving and colliding in new areas
•Food production becoming unreliable as seasons are now inconsistent
•Where moisture will shift as Inter Tropical Convergence Zone moves


Watch SuspiciousObservers channel on YT for more info.

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