Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on November 17, 2020 2:27 pm

Senator Hawley grills Zuckerberg about Facebook tracking Americans across the internet…

One of Senator Josh Hawley’s question was in regards to a tool called “Centra” which Facebook uses to track its users across the internet and not just on Facebook’s platform. Zuckerberg replied that he “wasn’t familiar” with it to which the senator remarked how often Zuckerberg seems to forget or be unaware of these things.

Watch Sen. Hawley grill Zuckerberg:

Here’s a transcript of part of their exchange:
Hawley: Centra is a tool that Facebook uses to track its users not just on Facebook but across the entire internet. Centra tracks different profiles that a user visits, their recipients, their linked accounts, the pages they visit around the web that have Facebook buttons. Centra also uses behavioral data to monitor users accounts, even if those accounts are registered under a different name… and on and on and on. Mr Zuckerberg, how many accounts in the United States have been subject to review and shut down by Centra?

Zuckerberg: Senator, I do not know because I’m not actually familiar with the name of that tool. I’m sure that we have tools that help us with our platform and community integrity work, but I am not familiar with that name.

Hawley: Do you have a tool that does exactly what I described…? Or are you saying that that doesn’t exist?

Zuckerberg: Senator, I’m saying that I’m not familiar with it, and that I’d be happy to follow up and get you and your team the information that you would like on this, but I’m limited with what I’, familiar with and can share today.

Hawley: It always amazing me Mr. Chairman how many people before this committee suddenly develop amnesia…

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