Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on December 3, 2020 5:07 pm

🚨🚨🚨 BUSTED: Ballots hidden under a table being counted AFTER poll watchers were told that counting had stopped…

On election night, there were reports of a water main leak in Georgia that was allegedly so bad that all the counters and poll watchers needed to go home until the morning. After the Republicans left, people stayed behind and continued counting until around 1am. Then amazingly, Biden had found all the votes he needed to take the lead. This is the evidence given at the Georgia Senate Committee Hearing showing ballots magically appearing from under a table.

Now here’s the thing; Go to the video below at 9:40. Zoom in and FOCUS on the lady with the PURPLE SHIRT.

First, the girl with blond dreads (her daughter, the supervisor) brings the case to her table and places the stacks of ballots on the table. She takes what appears to be the SAME stack of ballots and scans them THREE times in a row through the ballot scanner. You can see the ballots getting fed through the machine. Same stack gets manually hand-straightened each time and then placed in scanner. Focus on the ballots popping up on the scanner. By the way, the person with yellow shirt in the middle is doing the same thing.

That’s fraud. BUT, they do not have to scan 3 times for us to point out the other fraud in the video. They committed an election code violation the minute they cracked open the suitcases.

21-2-483 – Counting of ballots; public accessibility to tabulating center and precincts; execution of ballot recap forms; preparation of duplicate ballots (b) All proceedings at the tabulating center and precincts shall be open to the view of the public (c) At the tabulating center, the seal on each container of ballots shall be inspected, and it shall be certified that the seal has not been broken before the container is opened.

Here’s a composite video:

Here’s the full video:

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