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Fulton County DA Prematurely Charges Officer With Murder of Rayshard Brooks In Attempt To Appeal To The Mob And Secure His Election

Fulton County DA Prematurely Charges Officer With Murder of Rayshard Brooks

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations have not concluded their investigation of the Rayshard Brooks shooting, yet despite this, the District Attorney has already filed charges against the officer involved without even having any information regarding the incident. But there’s more to the story.

The following is a statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations:

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was requested by the Atlanta Police Department on Friday night, June 12th, to investigate an officer involved shooting at the Wendy’s Restaurant on University Avenue. We are in the process of conducting this investigation. Although we have made significant progress in the case, we have not completed our work. Our goal in every officer involved shooting case we are requested to review, is to complete a thorough, impartial investigation before we submit the file to the respective District Attorney’s Office.

The GBI was not aware of today’s press conference before it was conducted. We were not consulted on the charges filed by the District Attorney. Despite today’s occurrence, the GBI will complete its mission of completing an impartial and thorough investigation of this incident and we will submit the file, once completed, to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

Here is the full Police bodycam footage of Rayshard Brooks shooting:

What we know so far is that Rayshard Brooks was passed out at a Wendy’s drive-through and found completely wasted, gets woken up multiple times by the cop, resists arrest, fights with cops, steals the weapon, then shoots taser at the cop while running. Rayshard Brooks was only shot after he discharged the Taser, which should qualify as self-defense. Why is this significant? Because a Taser is classified under Georgia law as a deadly weapon.

The DA prematurely filed brutal charges against the officer that could result in life in prison or worse, the death penalty, yet the following clip might even hurt District Attorney Paul Howard as it shows him explaining: “Under Georgia law, Tasers are classified as a deadly weapon.” We would imagine the officer will use the following clip during his defense.

Here’s another nice little fact; District Attorney Paul Howard is currently under an ethics investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations since last month for funneling money to himself via a non-profit, he is also facing sexual harassment lawsuits.:

That means Howard padded his pay with $195,000 of the $250,000 in grant money the city signed over to the DA’s Office in two checks in 2014 and 2016. The final $25,000 in payments were disclosed in a recent letter from the state ethics commission that notified Howard he will face two more allegations of violating state campaign finance laws.

Was the DA’s preemptive move an attempt at securing his position as District Attorney? He is currently facing a runoff election after coming in second in the primary for his seat last week. He even intends to cast his Democratic opponent as an ally of police unions and Republicans.


Howard — facing three civil lawsuits alleging harassment or gender discrimination, numerous allegations from the state ethics commission and a GBI investigation over his use of a nonprofit’s funds to supplement his salary — came out swinging Friday at a candidate’s forum. He accused Willis of promising not to prosecute police officers in exchange for the Atlanta Police Union’s endorsement and repeatedly questioned her party affiliation.
[…] After the debate, a flier appeared featuring photos of Willis, two-time mayoral candidate Mary Norwood, now chairwoman of the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods, and President Donald Trump in which Willis is labeled as a Republican. It states, “Don’t Let Them Lynch Paul Howard.”

Here is the press release where Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced how Former Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe faces 11 charges in the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks:

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