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Heirs of oil baron John Rockefeller funding activists that are fighting oil and gas development while expanding their ‘climate change’ initiatives…

Heirs of oil baron John Rockefeller funding activists that are fighting oil and gas development

The ‘Equation Campaign’, set up by Rebecca Rockefeller Lambert and Peter Rockefeller Gill Case, has pooled $30 million of their personal wealth to counter things like the Keystone pipeline and the replacement of the ‘Line 3’ oil pipeline that runs from Alberta to Wisonsin. They plan on raising over $100 million soon.

This news also comes at a time when Michigan’s Gov Whitmer has coincidently threatened to shut down the ‘Line 5’ pipeline due to its “aging” infrastructure. It’s also a time when the Colonial Pipeline caused nationwide gas shortages due to a ‘ransomware hack’ that was eventually addressed after being paid $5 million in untraceable cryptocurrency. Is it related? Who knows.

Rebecca Rockefeller Lambert said “The industry has said that the number-one challenge to building new pipelines is local opposition… These groups have amazing results, but they are seriously under-resourced.”

The initiative involves things like blocking new development, including lawsuits, protest activities, public relations, social-media campaigns, and legal support for those paid-off protestors.

Peter Rockefeller Gill Case says he feels a “particular moral drive to utilize the funds that came from oil and gas extractions to find a way to put the genie back in the bottle… This is oil money that came from the earth, and we’re investing it back in the earth.”

Not everyone in the family is on board, most are divided on whether to support this activism, like Ariana Rockefeller, who was quoted saying: “I don’t think denouncing a family legacy is the best way to go about doing this.” Another descendant, David Kaiser told New York Magazine: “If Exxon’s stock price suffers, the whole family will lose money.”

Other donors to this ‘Equation Campaign’ include George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the 11th Hour Project of the Schmidt Family Foundation, and the David Rockefeller Fund.

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