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How Democrats Ruined Space Exploration, Then Tried Taking Credit For Recent SpaceX And NASA Success

Under the Obama administration, they had an opportunity to get Americans on the front lines of space exploration, instead, NASA was gutted and the dreams of space fans went up in smoke. Now that President Trump is in office, he’s making good on his promise to make America great again and point America back towards the stars. Seeing that Trump’s efforts are now coming to fruition, the Democrats are trying to take credit for something they completely ruined a decade ago. But don’t let them fool you.

In the past, Biden was known for plagiarizing speeches, lying about his education, his family, and work – fast forward to today, he’s now lying about his contribution to the SpaceX/NASA launch while conventiently forgeting it was Obama’s administration that crippled the space agency, rendering them almost useless.

In a statement on Saturday after the launch, Biden said the following:

“This mission represents the culmination of work begun years ago, and which President Obama and I fought hard to ensure would become a reality.”

We can’t tell if Biden is showing symptoms of dementia, or having another episode of compulsive lying. But we’re here to help refresh his memory on how the Obama administration gutted NASA and the dreams of space fans throughout the nation.

Upon taking office, President Obama formed a commission to study NASA and come up with some recommendations to determine their goals. The group was called the ‘Review of United States Human Space Flight Plans Committee‘, also known as the ‘Augustine Commission‘, named after chairman Norman Augustine, former CEO of Lockhead Martin.

After a few months, the commission recommended that the NASA program ‘Project Constellation‘ was behind schedule, underfunded, over budget, and not executable under any reasonable budget. The project was a crewed spaceflight program developed by NASA, started by President George W. Bush, to complete the International Space Station, and to return to the moon no later than 2020, with a crew flight to Mars as the ultimate goal.

The committee proposed 3 options for exploration beyond low Earth orbit:

  • Mars First, Mars landing, with possible testing of equipment on the Moon.
  • Moon First, lunar surface exploration focused on developing the capability for future exploration of Mars.
  • Missions to inner solar system locations, such as lunar orbit, asteroids, and the moons of Mars.

The options would cost an extra $3 billion a year for NASA to execute. But for Obama, this price tag was too high, so he killed the project all together. In effect, this turned the United States into a third-rank space nation.

When Obama killed ‘Project Constellation‘, he didn’t even consult congress, which caused bipartisan anger as a result. No where in Obama’s plan was there any intention to send American astronauts anywhere.

When space hero’s Apollo 13 commander James Lovell, Apollo 17 commander Eugene Cernan, and Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong heard about the devastating NASA cuts, they sent an open letter to Obama. The way Obama responded was by creating a dog and pony show at the Kennedy Space center with political prop Buzz Aldrin making an announcement basically saying ‘we would go to Mars in the next 30 years‘. A timeline that is so far out into the future that it basically had no meaning at all.

In fact, the next month when Neil Armstrong testified before congress about the future of space exploration, he said Obama’s plan was short on ambition.

While those who pay attention know the truth, Fake News organizations and leftist propaganda outlets like NPR are shaping the latest SpaceX/NASA launch story to undermine anything Trump has accomplished. They don’t actually think you will research the details, and think you will rely solely on their vague reporting. Their recent article titled “Democratic And Republican Presidents Supported The NASA-SpaceX Partnership”, NPR would make you think that they fact checked Trump, and probably proved how the Obama administration deserved credit for the rebuilding of the space industry. But low and behold, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

From NPR:

Having companies take astronauts to the outpost was a natural extension of this cargo program. NASA announced its commercial crew program in 2010, under President Barack Obama.

In a desperate attempt to give credit to Obama for something he never did, they tried to shape the wording where they don’t actually say Obama himself helped the space industry, but that it was under Obama’s administration that some people took it upon themselves to move forward with some plans to do so. At the same time, they completely misrepresented the scenario while strategically leaving out details on how the administration destroyed the hopes and dreams of space fans. In fact, it was under Bush’s administration that created the Commercial Crew/Cargo Project Office. NPR failed to mention that not only did Obama cripple NASA while he was in office, but during Obama’s campaign in 2007, he mentioned that he wanted to cut funding to ‘Project Constellation‘ to help fund education instead.

From on 11/20/2007:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama released today the education plan he would enact if elected. The full 15-page plan includes a variety of proposals, including reforming early education programs. The last section of the plan, titled “A Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility” explains how he would pay for these initiatives. The passage of relevance here: “The early education plan will be paid for by delaying the NASA Constellation Program for five years,” among other steps.

This is why NPR is considered a full blown propaganda network. NPR is one of the main fake news networks that pushed the fake Russia/Trump theory for years while producing no factual evidence. Instead, they bludgeoned their audience with fake news and false hopes. What makes you think going further anything will change with them? This is standard protocol. They’ve now taken their audience into uncharted dimensions.

Obama and Biden wasted 8 years that might have been spent in getting and keeping Americans to the forefront of Space exploration, instead, China and other nations have been advancing their own endeavours in space. Now the United States, under directive of Donald Trump, has a renewed spirit for space exploration and American exceptionalism.

In December 2017, Trump signed a Space Policy Directive to provide for a U.S.-led, integrated program with private sector partners for a human return to the Moon, followed by missions to Mars and beyond.

Let’s not forget about the creation of the Space Force too.

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