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Huge Dump of Articles and Videos Showing Arsonists To Blame – Not Climate Change – For Fires on The West Coast

Anarcho-Arsonists Start Wildfires
The following is a collection of articles, tweets and videos that show many of the fires on the West Coast have been initiated by Arsonists.

The West Coast is on fire and tens of thousands of people are being evacuated and displaced as a result. The MSM and ‘Fact Checkers’ are trying to convince the American people that arsonists aren’t responsible for deliberately setting wildfires on the west coast. Pelosi wants you to believe that “mother earth is angry” and that these fires are a result of climate change, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. So far the death toll is rising and Oregon officials are saying they are preparing for a ‘mass fatality event’.

NOTE: This list will be expanding daily as we crawl and filter more data.

More details

Residents set up checkpoints in Corbett hours after fireworks ignite brief fire, deputies say:

OREGON: The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners held an emergency meeting to consider a declaration of emergency to address an outbreak of wild fires throughout the County – Sept. 10, 2020.
Check out the body language of the members and watch them get upset and challenge the guy delivering the news to them:
“There are lots of confirmed reports of looting, mostly in the outlying areas… lots of looting has been taken place, burglaries and what not. There’s reports of, not specific to any area, but all over the county… that people from extremist groups are staging gas cans, for later destruction… it’s not confirmed ANTIFA, but suspected ANTIFA… reports and sightings of people armed with chainsaws, and the goal is to fall telephone polls in the hopes of starting further fires.”
ARTICLE: Jackson County Sheriff, Sheriff Nathan Sickler, announced charges today against 41-year-old Michael Jarrod Bakkela relating to at least one portion of the devastating Almeda fire.


ARTICLE: ‘We got another one’: Second man arrested for intentionally starting brush fire in Pierce County:
ARTICLE: Man seen starting fires at Oregon state park, fire chief says: “Peterson said a middle-aged man with arm tattoos was seen lighting two fires in the bushes as you turn towards the dam.”
ARTICLE: BLM activist livestreams his own arrest after allegedly setting fire in Washington State
ARTICLE: Sheriff – Springfield man tried to start fire at Dexter frisbee golf course this week:
Public Information Officer for Washington State’s Pierce and Thurston counties confirms Arsonist caught on State’s SR-167:

More details:

ARTICLE: Man arrested in connection to three suspicious fires in Olympia:
ARTICLE: “A suspect, identified as 30-year-old Fresno resident Ivan Gomez, has been arrested on arson charges in connection to the fire. Gomez was first detained on August 18 near the origin of the fire in the John Little State Natural Reserve.
ARTICLE: (Police Logs) “Wesley Marcello Reed: 39, of Red Bluff was arrested Friday and charged with arson of a structure or forest land. No bail was set.”
ARTICLE: Eastern Washington woman arrested for starting fires while crews worked to fix fallen power lines:
ARTICLE: “Arson is suspected as the cause of the blaze that injured the firefighters above the scenic Big Sur coastal region. The fire had been burning for weeks, but it doubled in size overnight.”
ARTICLE: Four people arrested for arson for deliberately starting blazes along West Coast as death toll from devastating wildfires climbs to 29 and Oregon officials prepare for a ‘mass fatality event’:
ARTICLE: 14 confirmed arson hot spots in Manti-La Sal National Forest:
ARTICLE: Man arrested, charged with arson in connection with southern Oregon fire:
Arson footage from Oregon, removed from facebook:

Youtube backup

Here’s audio being broadcasted over HAM radio about someone throwing Molotov cocktails from a vehicle:

ARTICLE: (Law Enforcement Today) Source Says Series of wildfires on the West Coast may be “coordinated and planned” attack:
ARTICLE: Arson Christine Comello arrested after allegedly starting multiple fires in Spokane on Monday:

ARTICLE: Comello was also accused of burglary and arson at a local business in Spokane. Christine Comello has a long arrest record:

ARTICLE: Spokane Girl Arrested for Arson Posted Picture on Facebook “Feeling Cute, Might Burn All Your S**t Later”:

Sheriff Says “F Antifa”, Wants Civilian Help Against Oregon Mass Arson:
ARTICLE: (Jedidiah Fulton, 39) Man Armed With Machete Accused Of Setting Six Wildfires:
ARTICLE: Man (Alberto Vincent Acosta) Accused Of Lighting Six Fires In And Around Ukiah Yesterday Arrested This Morning:
ARTICLE: Man (Julian Draper) accused of intentionally setting a fire in Pablo:
ARTICLE: Suspect arrested for Arson (Demarco Covey, 24 ) in Anderson Hay Fire in Kittitas County:
ARTICLE: Sonoma County Deputies Arrest Alleged Arsonist (Wesley James Bergman, 37) Who Admitted ‘Having a Bad Day’:
ARTICLE: Man arrested (John Davies, 55), suspected of lighting fires in Marin County:
ARTICLE: Man (Domingo Lopez Jr., 45) arrested for starting at least 7 brush fires along I-205:
ARTICLE: Oregon Woman Catches Arsonist on her Property with Matches — Holds Him at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive:

ARTICLE: Arsonist (Jeffrey Acord, 36) live streamed Washington blaze HE started then tried to act as hero for reporting fire to cops:

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