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ITALYGATE: Supreme Court of Italy legal counsel testifying under oath about interference in 2020 election…

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This is Professor Alfio D’Urso. He seems to be giving a video affidavit here and it looks like he’s reading word-for-word the affidavit that was being circulated on social media a few days ago. It’s apparently related to some Italian Federal Court investigation on Leonardo S.p.A. and security hacking.

Prof. Alfio D’Urso seems to be part of the Department of Law, Economics and Sociology Magna Græcia University in Catanzaro, Italy as you can see here. We also found an article dated December 24 that shows him as some kind of director for an Italian city.

Here’s the affidavit that was being circulated:

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There are some articles that the MSM reported on related to Leonardo and some “hacking” of sensitive data by two individuals that were recently arrested for it. The question is, was this story used as a cover for the election hack? Here are some articles on that:

We will find out soon enough if US authorities will act on this.

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