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Durham Investigating John Brennan’s Edits To Intelligence Report That Overruled Senior Officers Who Concluded Russia Favored Hillary…

Durham investigating John Brennan

Last week it was reported that John Brennan had personally edited a key section of the intelligence report on Russian interference in the 2016 election where two CIA officers contradicted the narrative that Russia was helping Trump. Brennan hand-picked five CIA officers to write the report and the lead writer was his good friend. It was not written by 17 agencies as was reported by the media. This key edit by Brennan was used to justify the continuation of the fake Trump-Russia “collusion” investigation.

We have known for a while that Durham was investigating Brennan’s handling of Russian interference, but now we’re getting a better understanding of some of the politically motivated actions Brennan took.

Two senior U.S. intelligence officials who have seen classified materials detailing Brennan’s role have said Brennan excluded conflicting evidence about Putin’s motives. The dissenting CIA officers objected and argued that Russia preferred Clinton because they found Trump to be unpredictable. Russia in fact saw a Clinton administration as more favorable because in the past – when Hillary was secretary of state – she tried to “reset” relations with Russia. But Brennan wasn’t having any of it as he overruled them.

From RealClear Investigations:

The second senior intelligence official, who has read a draft of the still-classified House Intelligence Committee review, confirmed that career intelligence analysts complained that the ICA was tightly controlled and manipulated by Brennan, who previously worked in the Obama White House.

“It wasn’t 17 agencies and it wasn’t even a dozen analysts from the three agencies who wrote the assessment,” as has been widely reported in the media, he said. “It was just five officers of the CIA who wrote it, and Brennan hand-picked all five. And the lead writer was a good friend of Brennan’s.”

Brennan himself stated that he chose to override the conclusions of senior officials because the “quality of the sources justified the high confidence” in sticking with the conclusions from his potentially biased analysts. It’s worth noting that both Brennan and Comey agreed with high confidence” that Putin “ordered an influence campaign in 2016”, but it was Mike Rogers of the NSA that disagreed with both of them in the technicality of it, expressing only moderate confidence” rather than “high confidence” over how Putin helped Clinton in the 2016 elections. Mike Rogers talked about this during his testimony in May of 2017.

The political motives are pretty clear since not only was Brennan a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, but so was Andrea Kendall-Taylor, one of the CIA operatives that drafted the analysis. Andrea gave money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and is a close colleague of famed whistleblower Eric CIAramella.

The Washington Examiner had a piece today that quoted Brennan expecting Durham to criticize him for his decision of overruling two dissenting CIA officials, but one thing he didn’t mention was how he and his henchmen were supporters of Hillary:

The Atlantic reported that Brennan “bets” that Durham’s investigation will ultimately “criticize him for a decision … to overrule two CIA case officers specializing in Eurasia, who tried to dissuade him from accepting CIA analysts’ assessment that Putin wasn’t just interested in mucking up the election, but in doing so specifically to benefit Trump.” The outlet quotes Brennan as saying that siding with those two CIA officers would have been “a very inappropriate action” and that “I’m not going to tell” the original CIA analytic team “to change their judgment because you two folks who are now looking at stuff for a brief period of time believe that it should be changed” because “that would be a corruption of the analytic intelligence process.”

It also doesn’t really help Brennan that the current DNI director John Ratcliffe sent Lindsey Graham a letter stating that John Brennan told Obama that Hillary Clinton approved scheme to smear trump with Russia accusations.

Let’s see where this goes.

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