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Lin Wood Files Notice of Subpoena in Georgia

Lin Wood Files Notice of Subpoena in GA
Lin Wood files notice of subpoena with Georgia to have Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, and Atlanta Hawks VP, Scott Wilkinson, produce documents, info, and permission to inspect voting premises.

Judging from Lin Wood’s tweet, it seems he already has some of things he’s requesting.

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The first part of the document Lin Wood shared ‘Commands’ that Georgia’s Secretary of State (Brad Raffensperger) “produce at the time, date, and place set forth below the following documents, electronically stored information, or objects, and to permit inspection, copying, testing, or sampling of the material: Please see “exhibit A” hereto.”

Exhibit A says the following (Emphasis ours):

The term the “Premises” refers to the improvements located at 1 State Farm Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30303, The “Premises” includes but is not limited to the Suite located on Swing Level, Room 604, the hallway where said Suite/Room is located, any and all elevators providing any access to the floor of the Premises on which said Suite/Room is located, and any and all loading docks and loading dock entrances to the Premises.

The things to be produced are as follows:

1. Any and all recordings of any format, whether digital or otherwise, of the Premises, recorded at any time from 12:00 am, on November 3,2020, through and including 12:00 a.m. on November 5, 2020 (“Recordings”);

2, Any and all storage media such as back-up tapes or similar devices which are stored and/or used primarily for “disaster recovery” of the Recordings;

3. Any and all deleted versions of the Recordings;

4, Any and all documents, including but not limited to work orders, repair orders, incident logs, and correspondence, referring or related to any plumbing issues within the Premises, including but not limited to malfunctioning or broken water pipes and malfunctioning, leaking, or broken toilets within the Premises, relating to any plumbing issue at the Premises occurring at any time from 12:00 am, on November 3, 2020, through and including 12:00 am. on November 5, 2020.

Lin Wood has asked for the recordings located within the premises of where the elections took place from the night of November 3rd, to November 5th. The only problem is that many systems don’t keep recordings for that long. Unless of course they are using a cloud-based solution with extended retention time periods. It is possible he was given a copy (stolen?) already and is seeking a legal path to getting the information.

As for the work orders related to plumbing issues, Lin Wood is referring to what happened during the night of the election when supposedly a water leak (overflowing toilet) was used as an excuse to send home GOP observers while being told the counting was done. If you recall, that’s when the huge Biden dumps came in overnight (pun intended).

Let’s see where this all flows.

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