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Marxist Pope Lays Out The New World Order Agenda During Speech At ‘World Meeting of Popular Movements’…

Pope Lays Out The New World Order Agenda At ‘World Meeting of Popular Movements’

Pope Francis gave a speech at this years ‘World Popular Movements’ where he addressed collectivists and statists that share the same socio-environmental perspectives.

This particular meeting was organized to tackle issues like capitalism, instituting a global government and to encourage strategies on extracting and redistributing wealth and resources from wealthier nations. It’s all according to the ‘Great Reset‘ plan where players like Lynn Rothschild have partnered with the Pope in moving forward with the agenda.

Here’s a brief summary:

  • Vaccine patent holders should release their patents so that everyone can get vaccinated for free.
  • Calls on financial institutions to provide debt-forgiveness, a universal basic income, and a change in the global economic system.
  • Wants to tackle ‘climate change’.
  • Wants big tech to silence hate speech, to better manage ‘fake news’ and to suppress ‘conspiracy theories’.
  • Asks the United Nations to resolve what he calls ‘neo-colonialism’.
  • Calls for a reduction of working hours and redistribution schemes “so that the wealth of a part is shared with equity”.
  • Calls on his subjects to confront populism.
  • Claims meritocracy and individualism is flawed.
  • Does not want to go back to pre-pandemic normals. Is calling on a new social order (6uild 6ack 6etter?).
  • The Pope ‘blesses’ Black Lives Matter.


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