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🚨🚨 Mike Lindell Pictured Coming Out of White House With A Note That Included Phrases Like “Insurrection act now as a result of the assault”…

Mike Lindell White House Notes - Insurection Act

A photographer from the Washington Post caught a snapshot of My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell holding a document as he exited a meeting with President Trump. The photographer had a detailed-enough photo that you can read much of what was captured.

Enhancing the image reveals phrases such as “insurrection act now as a result of the assault”, and “Frank Colon as acting National Security”.

NY Mag’s Intelligencer division found and contacted Frank Colon to ask him about his involvement with Mike Lindell and Trump, but when approached, Frank was apparently confused and described himself as just being a “government employee who does work for the Army“. He added that he doesn’t know who Mike Lindell is other than seeing him on TV.

Mike Lindell admitted to CNN that he did in fact meet with Trump earlier on Friday while trying to hand him evidence of election fraud. Lindell added that Trump told him to hand over the evidence to lawyers working at the White House who would then look it over.

In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner, Mike Lindell said that the memo was written by an attorney and he was “just a messenger”.

Here’s the photo of Mike Lindell’s document enhanced:


…Frank Colon NOW as Acting National Security
…him with getting the evidence of ALL the … as the election and all information regarding… people he knows who already have security… have done massive research on these issues… Fort Mead. He is an attorney with cyber… expertise and is up to speed on election issues.

Insurrection Act now as a result of the assault on the… martial law if necessary upon the first hint of any

… Sidney Powell, Bill Olsen, Kurt Olsen… Move Kash Patel to CIA acting.

… on Foreign Interference in the election. Trigger… powers. Make clear this is China/Iran…. used domestic actors. Instruct Frank… evidence on…. the… broad…

Lastly, here’s two Twitter posts from Lindell tonight regarding election fraud:

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