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Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Gives Shocking Interview In Trump DC Hotel Detailing His Role in FBI Operation Targeting Hillary…

For those that know Patrick Byrne, back around 2016-2017, he talked about being involved with the FBI and having documents incriminating Hillary. In 2019, he gave documents to the DOJ that included emails and text messages regarding the origins of the Russia investigation and how he was personally involved with an FBI operation targeting Hillary Clinton. In the video above, Patrick lays out the details of that whole situation.

Patrick Byrne claims he helped facilitate a bribe for Hillary Clinton in the amount of 18 million on behalf of the FBI in January 2016. The bribe was going to be used by the Obama administration against Hillary after she was elected. Patrick went on to say that “If Hillary is a “good girl,” and defends Obamacare, that flame stays low. If she is a “bad girl,” and thinks for herself, it’s gonna get turned up high. That way Barack Obama is going to manage Hillary Clinton for the 8 years she is president, and then she’s gonna steps down, and Michelle is gonna run.”

Patrick says the plan to entrap Hillary was called “Operation Snowglobe.” where once Hillary was to take the bait and step into it, they would be able to “shake her up” at any time during her presidency if needed. He also says that Durham and Barr were fully aware.

As for the credibility of Patrick’s claims, here’s a piece from the Washington Examiner:

CNN reported that a U.S. official confirmed that Byrne shared information about the early stages of the Russia investigation during a meeting earlier this year. This source said Justice officials found part of Byrne’s story to be credible because what he was saying was not widely known.

Gen. Flynn was also on Newsmax this week and had the same backdrop as Patrick Byrne’s video. Both were filmed from Trump international hotel in DC. Here’s a photo of the rooms:

Here’s a video of Flynn on Newsmax:

Sydney Powell also gave an interview located in the same hotel: See video at 15 sec. Note the table lamp, table, and chair color:

So what’s the significance of this? Well for one, it shows that Trump’s DC hotel must be a fortress providing protection for those working with sensitive information. We assume things like phone lines must be secured. It can also indicate coordination between Trump-related parties.

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