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Sidney Powell Releases A 270 Page Document of Election Fraud Evidence To The Public

Sidney Powell Releases 270 Pages of Election Fraud Evidence To The Public

Attorney Sidney Powell released a document on Zenger that includes 270 pages worth of evidence and sworn affidavits detailing election fraud and the kind of foreign interference assessment called for in Trump’s 2018 Executive Order.

Many of our readers are already aware of the evidence included within the release. Regardless, it is helpful to those that would like to share this with family, friends, and co-workers that thought election fraud was just one big ‘conspiracy theory’.

Sidney Powell has now compiled everything into a single document where anyone can read it and distribute it freely. Also keep in mind that it was gathered by Sidney acting in her private capacity on behalf of the American people.

Interesting points for navigation:

  • (1-26): The initial pages look like unclassified CISA reports regarding Iran and Venezuela cyber activity impacting the election.
  • (27-93): 2016 senate report on Russian interference. Heavily redacted.
  • (94-116): Antrim Michigan forensics report dated Dec 13, 2020.
  • (117-131): Documents and statements linking GEMS (Global Election Management System) software to Dominion and Smartmatic.
  • (130): Summary of GEMS software linking Dominion, Smartmatic, Sequoia, Diebold, Premier.
  • (132): Summary of Soros and Malloch Brown connection to Smartmatic.
  • (133): Summary of HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Bank of China) connection between Comey, Clinton, and Lynch.
  • (135): Summary of business acquisitions linking Smartmatic and Venezuela to the CCP.
  • (138-173): Documents establishing “Edison Research” as alias for Dominion. DNS records showing CCP’s ownership of Dominion voting system. Patent documents showing Eric Coomer as investor to Dominion. Records showing Dominion links between Iran and CCP.
  • (174-181): There is a redacted letter linking a senior Smartmatic employee registering SSL certificates on a government server in the Philippines.
  • (182-189): There is a redacted written statement of a Venezuelan marine. While on presidential detail they were witness to the meetings that created Smartmatic. Followed by a history of Smartmatic’s use in Venezuela.
  • (190): The 2018 EO is also included, along with the statutes regarding Presidential authority during emergency. This is followed by a 2006 letter addressing Secretary of Treasury about Smartmatic’s acquisition of Sequoia voting systems. It warns of Smartmatic’s Venezuelan origin, poor security record, and the use of Venezuelan nationals in the Chicago 2006 primary election.
  • (201-215): There are congressional memo’s from 2019 requesting stakeholder and financial information from McCarthy Group and HIG Capital The last 36 pages are the Navarro report, which summarizes the 2020’s fraudulent election activity. The report cites 148 sources.

Read the document:

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