Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on June 29, 2020 5:17 pm

Stefan Molyneux Banned on YouTube Amid The Coordinated Purge Of Conservatives On Other Platforms

Stefan Molyneux Banned on YouTube

While Youtube Banned author and philosopher Stefan Molyneux and others from its website accusing them of violating ‘hate speech’ policies, multiple tech giants have also decided to purge dissident voices in an effort to silence uncomfortable speech. Was this all coordinated?

The decision to ban Stefan Molyneux comes right after Reddit started banning popular subreddits throughout the site, most notably the Trump subreddit r/the_donald while claiming it violated their ‘hate speech rules,’. Just minutes after, Amazon’s video site Twitch also temporarily suspended Trump’s account for sharing what it called ‘hateful conduct.’ There’s also Facebook that has caved in to updating their policy after a mass exodus of advertisers have erased over $60billion in FB’s market value.

The latest move by these tech giants is just another example of the technocratic elite removing or censoring content which they consider threatening to their monopolies behind the guise of ‘hate speech’ policies. How much further will they take it?

Could the ban have been a coordinated effort between social media companies, or just a diffusion of responsibility that happens when many organizations all do something at the same time? Seems sketchy. Also, how will this affect the DOJ‘s anti-trust lawsuit against Google? We will see.

Stefan Molyneux is known for producing politically-incorrect and thought-provoking content that has many on the political Left question their own reality. Some of the controversial topics he has covered included discussions with scientists in relation to race, IQ, DNA/genetics, politics, and more. It seems the topics he produced was too uncomfortable for some to live with, so the technocrats had to silence his speech in hopes the truths wouldn’t ripple far enough to have any significant impact.

Stefan Molyneux’s YouTube page currently has a red banner that says: “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.

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