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♘♞♘Trump Allies – Tata, Watnick, Patel – Take Top Roles In Pentagon – Deep State Panic

Trump Pentagon Allies

The Pentagon has elevated Trump allies to powerful positions within the Department of Defense amid the sudden termination of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and others.

A notable move is that of retired General Anthony Tata, who will be taking over responsibilities of Deputy Undersecretary for Policy. This position is not only the highest policy position in the Pentagon – who manages strategy, policy, and operations – but is also considered to be the second most critical role in the Department of Defense.

Wikipedia has an interesting section on his bio called ‘Conspiratorial and inflammatory comments’, that when you read it, gives off an impression that the editor had a personal stake in damaging the general’s reputation with out-of-context quotes – but some of which are actually true as-is, and well, discern for yourself:

In Twitter posts and radio-show appearances in 2017 and 2018, Tata repeatedly made the false claim that President Barack Obama was a “Muslim” and a “terrorist leader”; accused Obama of being “an anti-Semite” who wanted to “destroy Israel” and “did not want” to defeat ISIL; and claimed that the negotiation of the multilateral nuclear agreement with Iran was born by Obama’s “Islamic roots.” Tata accused then-President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama of being “borderline treasonous” during Trump’s transition to the presidency. In August 2018, he accused former CIA Director John O. Brennan, a critic of Trump, of being a “clear and present danger” to the U.S. and called Brennan a “communist” on Fox & Friends. He repeatedly pushed the notion that a “deep state cabal” was working to undermine Trump; pushed false conspiracy theories that Brennan ordered the assassination of Trump; and, on another occasion, tweeted at Brennan, “Might be a good time to pick your poison: firing squad, public hanging, life sentence as prison b*tch, or just suck on your pistol.” Tata also referred to Islam as “the most oppressive, violent religion”; accused both Obama and former president Bill Clinton of being guilty of “sedition and/or treason”; accused Obama of being a “Manchurian candidate” who supported “Hamas & Muslim brotherhood”; and suggested that “the left” and Obama “hates America.” Tata also made various inflammatory Twitter posts attacking Democratic politicians Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters as “violent extremists” and using a racist hashtag to criticize CNN journalist Don Lemon.

This move, along with the hiring of Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Kash Patel – signals that Trump is clearing out the Deep State and bringing in the patriots.

For those that don’t know, Ezra Cohen-Watnick was General Flynn’s protégé at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He was Trump’s first National Security Advisor and seen as a threat by H.R. McMaster – who tried to get him removed from his position and replaced with one of his CIA buddies until Trump stopped him. Ezra was the guy that informed Rep. Devin Nunes about illegal unmasking by Obama’s admin. Ezra eventually left his position to take on a role within AG Session’s DOJ. But now Trump has brought him in to fill the role as Acting Undersecretary in the Department of Defense.

As for Kash Patel, he started off as a national security aide under Nunes. He was the main author of the famous ‘Nunes memo’. Patel also played a role in the Trump-Ukraine ‘scandal’ where Trump created a specific role for him as an independent back channel to Ukraine. Many left-wing media outlets are peddling the narrative that Patel has been “trafficked in deep state conspiracy theories”. Now, Kash Patel was named Chief of Staff to the new Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller.

Is Trump setting up the deep state for their take down?

Brennan in panic mode:

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