Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on December 16, 2020 1:57 pm

Dominion Sub-Contractor and Whistleblower, Melissa Carone, Has Proof Dominion CEO John Poulos LIED to Michigan Senate…

Melissa has 53 minutes worth of audio recordings of the Dominion training sessions in which they admit that all of their hardware is connected to the internet, something that contradicts John Poulos’ testimony in front of the Michigan Senate. A forensics examination also confirmed Dominion machines were connected to the internet. The audio recordings have been released despite efforts by Michigan’s Secretary of State to block it.

“I gave Patrick Colbeck permission to release the audio recording that I recorded. It is a 53-minute audio recording of the Dominion training session in which they admit that all of their hardware is connected to the internet.”

In the audio recording, there is talk of resetting the ICP (Imagecast P) tabulator counts @timestamp 24:49.

They talk about making sure that the “listeners” are reset at the beginning of the day after the testers have run the test tabulations to make sure the machine is counting correctly @timestamp 26:56.

They also talk about how sometimes they see transmissions during the middle of the day, which isn’t supposed to happen. The woman also talks about unplugging the modem (which you shouldn’t be doing).

Here’s the audio recording:


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