Posted by Centipede Nation Staff on January 6, 2022 3:24 pm

Kazakhstan in midst of a revolution as civilians arm themselves and take to the streets…

Can’t tell if it’s genuinely people revolting or a Russian / CIA operation to destabilize the region. Kazakhstan is the world’s largest producer of Uranium.

Authorities claim at least 18 police officers and military servicemen were killed in clashes. No details have been released on civilian casualties, but the UN is also claiming that “thousands” have been wounded.


Apparently the people have successfully overthrown the government and the rage was instigated by vaccine policies like the passports, and not because of “rising fuel prices” like the media is pushing.

When Kazakhstan introduced QR code vax pass for accessing bank accounts, the people rose up and overthrew the government, the prime minister has fled the country and the government has collapsed. Its ripe for the same everywhere…

The military is being overrun. Videos all over of soldiers surrendering. They are trying to coordinate a defense against the rebels.

Russia just sent it’s military to Kazakhstan.

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