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Patrick Byrne Shares Intel on Election Fraud from Chinese Counterfeit Ballots, to PA Ballot Stuffing Operations…

Patrick Byrne Has Election Fraud Evidence - From China To The USA

Patrick Byrne brought the spice early Monday morning with a series of tweets highlighting – what he calls – two separate narratives. One which involves legitimate ballots being illegally filled out, and another narrative where Chinese counterfeit ballots were shipped to Georgia, counted, and eventually shredded to hide the evidence.

Patrick Byrne noted that a Michigan printing company was contracted to print official ballots for certain counties in Pennsylvania. Hundreds of thousands of these ballots somehow made it to New York, where a group of goons filled out the ballots for Biden and had them trucked back to Pennsylvania where they eventually got mailed out.

This same printing firm prints ballots for multiple states. So who knows if there were more of the same operations occurring in those areas. It seems like Patrick and the team have all the hard evidence, including texts, statements, affidavits, and more.

We don’t know if the following is related, but this also appears to line up with another report we did about a Philly mob boss that allegedly wanted to flip on Joe Biden after he had his goons fill out 300,000 ballots for $10 a pop. Listen to Gianni Russo talk about it.

In a separate matter, Byrne revealed they have evidence that China sent out counterfeit ballots to Georgia with the additional proof of a shipping receipt from the Chinese printing firm written in Chinese.

These Chinese ballots were sent to be shredded after the election to hide the evidence, but forensic examiners found at least 2 ballots unshredded that didn’t match legitimate ballots.

We also heard about the attempts to shred the evidence from Jovan Pulitzer during a podcast interview last week. Now Patrick confirms this shady operation indeed happened. Patrick also adds that the DOJ and DHS were ordered to stand down.

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