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REP Louie Gohmert Says Servers In Germany Tied To The Election System Have Been Confiscated – Sidney Powell Confirms Reports…

REP Louie Gohmert went on NewsMax and said that Scytl, which had U.S. elections data cycle through Spain, was raided by a large US ARMY force and their servers were seized in Frankfurt, Germany. Gohmert has apparently seen some German tweets claiming this.

Some people are claiming this is tied to Dominion, but we haven’t yet located the original source on that.

UPDATE 2: Sidney Powell confirms this is true but doesn’t know whether or not it was confiscated by good or bad guys.
UPDATE 1: Trump Recount Committee staffer corroborates rumors that Dominion Servers were confiscated by U.S. Authorities in Germany, and that the raw data will “shake the globalists to their very core”.

Scytl on the otherhand is claiming this is fake news:

Following several erroneous statements that have been published in digital and social media, Scytl would like to clarify the following:

  • The technologies implemented by Scytl in the US are both hosted and managed within the US, by a local subsidiary, SOE Software, based in Tampa, Florida.
  • We do not tabulate, tally or count votes in the US
  • We do not provide voting machines in the US
  • We did not provide online voting to US jurisdictions for the US elections.
  • We do not have servers or offices in Frankfurt
  • The US army has not seized anything from Scytl in Barcelona, Frankfurt or anywhere else
  • We are not owned by George Soros and have never been connected to him
  • We are not tied to Smartmatic, SGO, Dominion or Indra
  • We have no ties with Russia either

A recent analysis by GreatGameIndia broke down Scytl’s involvement with US elections titled: “Why 2020 US Election Votes Were Counted By A Bankrupted Spanish Company Scytl”. They go on to say the following:

Scytl, a Spanish company headquartered in Barcelona offering a suite of election services, has been used by various states and cities in several ways since 2008.
[…] What is interesting is that the Spanish firm Scytl was declared bankrupt in June this year. The company filed for bankruptcy as part of a broader analysis of security vulnerabilities associated with digital voting.
[…] On 11 May 2020, facing debts of over 75 million euro, Scytl initiated bankruptcy proceedings with a view to sell its business to the U.S. investment fund Sandton Capital. On 2 June 2020, a Spanish court declared Scytl bankrupt and started the process of auctioning off its assets.

If you’re wondering, here’s the team at Sandton Capital.

Trump campaign lawyer, Lin Wood, had this to say:

What to believe? The US military cannot just go on foreign soil like Germany and just do raids. If this story is true, what probably occurred is the German authorities could have passed the servers to the U.S. authorities upon request.

Regardless, this is information warfare.

We’ll update this post as more info becomes available.

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