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MUST WATCH: Patrick Byrne Shows You Just How Deep The Deep State Is

Patrick Byrne Shows You Just How Deep The Deep State Is

Patrick Byrne talks about his involvement in fighting corruption inside the US government and reveals bombshell information about the FBI, Maria Butina, the Clintons, Wall Street, and the deep state to which he told a crowd: “It’s quite possible I get killed or arrested after this talk”.

Here’s a brief summary of each topic he touched on:

My Life as an “Expert”:

Byrne goes to explain his life starting with visiting China in his early 20’s, dealing with cancer, and going on humanitarian missions in Vietnam and other Asian countries for the US government in the name of peace.

Wall Street and Me:

Around 2006, Byrne revealed the destabilization mechanisms of the financial world, more specifically the flaws of the “Settlement” system that has Wall Street exploiting loopholes that were creating “Looted Pensions” and “Systemic Risk”. At that time, Byrne was labeled a conspiracy theorist.

A few years later, around 2009, Byrne received a “Christmas present” from an FBI agent telling him “… You’re going to see handcuffs come out this week, and you need to live the rest of your life knowing that every one we arrest suspects your fingerprints are on his problems.” The FBI then arrested around 200 people over the next 18 months. Byrne was vindicated.

A Special Request and a Magic Letter:

Byrne had compiled everything needed to prevent the 2008 financial crisis, and that’s when he discovered that everything in Washington was corrupt – considering nobody had a solution to getting it fixed.

In that process, Byrne was taken to meet Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Specter, whom he calls a wonderful man. During the meeting, Specter told Byrne that he believed systemic corruption was infiltrating the federal institutions of government and there was no way to stop it.

At the time, the Senate Judiciary requested – in a letter to the President – that Byrne play a role in investigating and disrupting this infiltration.

Maria Butina, Part 1: Schmoozing Maria:

When the legendary economist Milton Friedman died, he asked Byrne to serve as his successor of his foundation. This meant a lot to few people, but one of them was Russian intellectualist, Maria Butina. In 2015, Byrne spoke at an annual Libertarian conference where Butina approached Byrne with a story that she was tied to like-minded individuals in Russia and was a fan of Byrne. She was interested in opening doors between her peeps in Russia and the US. Byrne went ahead and notified the FBI about Butina, but eventually suspected some corrupt elements of the agency started fudging some of the recorded details between Butina’s encounter with US individuals, namely Byrne and Trump.

Bribery and Blackmail:

The FBI came to Byrne explaining to him what a “Sting” was and how it worked. That’s when they told him he was going to work in helping them take down Hillary Clinton by arranging an $18 Million dollar bribe. A few days after the bribe took place between Byrne’s ‘bagman’ and Hillary, the FBI told Byrne to forget this ever happened. Byrne wanted to know what was happening, and “4 federal people of 3 different flavors” told Byrne that Hillary will in fact be President and that Obama put people across the federal bureaucracy to control her. Eventually Hillary would step down and Michelle would run for President. This plan was labeled “Operation Snow Globe“.

Byrne believes Brennan was the mastermind behind all of this, even blackmailing Obama. In Byrne’s analysis, he established that Brennan and his inner circle had established ‘Predicate Acts’ and demonstrated a prior disposition to use the National Security apparatus for their domestic political ends.

Maria Butina, Part II: The Rape & Murder of Maria Butina:

On the side, Byrne was told to re-engage with Maria Butina – which most likely came from Brennan and Comey. Three agents approached Byrne saying that they might have missed something in regards to ‘National Security’ and Russia. Byrne made a commitment to figure out the National Security threat but also not to betray Butina. Then Byrne decided to set up his chain of command on a rape and murder charge by deliberately planting stories of his conduct with her. He gave a story that he reconnected with Butina and had non-consensual sex with her, which eventually led to Brennan and Comey signing off on the continuation of the mission.

The three original agents approached Byrne and asked if he could continue with the mission without falling in love, to which Byrne replied that if D.C. gives word, he’ll cut her head off and bury her in the desert. The agents got defensive and warned him not to touch a hair on her head no matter what D.C. said – which confirmed to Byrne that these three agents were white hats. The agents went back to D.C. to try to cancel the mission but were overruled. In the end, Byrne was on the mission for 5 more months. Butina was eventually prosecuted and thrown in jail.

All of this was apparently approved by Peter Strzok, Andy McCabe, Bill Priestap, James Comey, and John Brennan.

Psyop to Take Over the USA:

Patrick Byrne gives a synopsis of Yuri Bezmenov’s four-stage model for Marxist-Leninist regime change happening in the US.

  1. Demoralization (Covid…)
  2. Disorientation (Antifa, riots…)
  3. Crisis (Election Fraud…)
  4. Normalization (MSM puppets distributing the controlled narrative…)

End of Talk:

Byrne finished off with telling the crowd that someone in the Deep State signed off on the rape and murder of Maria Butina so as to keep cooking a Russian Collusion narrative. They had Byrne continue the relationship with Butina for 6 months with the timing to be aligned with Trump’s nomination where the ‘Russia’ narrative can continue building steam.

Byrne says that Operation Snow Globe, the Russian hoax, the takeover of America is all connected and leads to the same people that signed off on Byrne’s missions to which Byrne was deceived thinking he was doing work to counter a National Security threat.

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