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Black Lives Matter fundraising handled by group with ties to convicted terrorism

For nearly a century, the NWO cabal have been using charitable organizations to funnel money between themselves and to engineer so-called grassroots movements in order to change policy and aid in the destruction of the Republic. Black Lives Matter is just another project of this machine connected to domestic terrorists that have been convicted of some of the most heinous crimes.

BLM is being fiscally sponsored by a radical left-wing group that has a domestic terrorist on their board of directors named Susan Rosenberg. One of the heroes of the BLM’s co-founder is another convicted domestic terrorist and cop killer, Assata Shakur. Susan is directly connected to Assata Shakur and they are both part of the same radical communist groups that caused much mayhem during the 60s, 70s and 80s. Get this; Susan Rosenberg was pardoned Bill Clinton during his last day in office.

Assata Shakur, also known as Joanne Chesimard, is on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list. She was a member of the Black Liberation Army, who partnered with the Weather Underground to commit acts of domestic terrorism. While serving a life sentence for murder, she escaped prison in 1979 and resurfaced in Cuba where she was granted political asylum.

Susan Rosenberg was beleived to also play a role in Shakur’s escape from prison. Rosenberg, who is also affiliated with the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army through another group called May 19th Communist Organization, was arrested in November 1984 with 740 pounds of dynamite, a submachine gun, and other weapons in her car and sentenced to 58 years in prison. After only serving 16 years, her sentence was commuted by President Bill Clinton on his final day in office.

We don’t mean to digress, but a little dig had us question whether or not Susan could be related to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were convicted of spying on behalf of the Soviet Union in 1951. Of course we’ll be digging deeper into the this, but for now hopefuly some of you anons can look into it yourselves and let us know.

Today, Rosenberg is a member of the board of directors for the left-wing Thousand Currents group, but for some reason, the group Thousand Currents quietly removed Rosenberg from their webpage listing showing her as the vice chairwoman of the board of directors. But of course nothing is really ever deleted from the internet. Thousand Currents is the group that handles the intake of donations made to Black Lives Matter.

The financial handling of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is taken care of by a group called Thousand Currents, which is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) organization. So while the donations on Black Lives Matter website go through the left-wing ActBlue donation platform, they are received by Thousand Currents who then provides administrative, legal and financial support for BLM.

Thousand Currents was founded in 1985 as the International Development Exchange (IDEX). IDEX changed it’s name to Thousand Currents in 2016. Their connection with BLM seems to go back to 2015:

From Discover The Networks:

In November 2015, IDEX established a legal partnership with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Though IDEX does not act officially as BLM’s fiscal sponsor, the Exchange is able to receive grants and tax-deductible donations on BLM’s behalf. IDEX

From Thousand Currents:

In 2016, BLM Global Network approached Thousand Currents to create a fiscal sponsorship agreement. Thousand Currents, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, provides the legal and administrative framework to enable BLM to fulfill its mission… In this capacity, we provide administrative and back office support, including finance, accounting, grants management, insurance, human resources, legal and compliance. Donations to BLM are received as restricted donations to support the activities of BLM.

A public audit of the Thousand Currents group showed that they were holding over $6.4 million in total financial assets. This included $3.3 million in assets for Black Lives Matter. Since the death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has pulled in $1.1 million averaging $33 from individual donations. BLM has brought in more than $33 million in less than a month.

In recent days, BLM announced grant funds totaling $12.5 million.

Thousand Currents are funded by many leftist donors and organizations including the Tides Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, International Planned Parenthood Federation, the NoVo Foundation, and the Libra Foundation, among others. Many of the donor organizations are connected with George Soros’ Open society foundation, but we won’t be focusing on that as the details are easy to find.

One of the donor organizations to Thousand Currents Group that sticks out is the Libra Foundation. The Libra Foundation is the main philanthropic vehicle for billionaire Nicholas Pritzker and his wife Susan. Pritzker is a member the political family that made its money through the Hyatt hotel chain. Do you know who is also part of this family? J. B. Pritzker, the Governor of Illinois.

Is it a coincidence that Chicago, Illinois is home to all of these Marxists Leftist Communists? Not only is the Pritzker family based in Chicago, Illinois, Obama grew roots there, and so did Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground. Do you know who is also from Chicago? Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals.

Did you know that the American Communist Party was born in Chicago in 1919 and headquartered there until 1927?

In 2017, Black Lives Matter released a report where its founders — Garza, Cullors, and Opal Tometi — are described as “three radical Black organizers.” Going a little back to 2015 in an interview with ‘The Real News Network’, Cullors said that she and Garza were “trained Marxists” who were “super versed on, sort of, ideological theories, and I think what we really try to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.”

In our report THE NEO-PROGRESSIVE MACHINE – Part 3 – Exposing Antifa, The Crypto-Radicals, And The Takedown Of Their Agenda, where we expose how today’s Antifa radicals are connected to the Weather Underground, the Democrat party, the Black Power movements from the 60s, Obama, and more. The ‘elite’ have been engineering these radical movements by using the American black community to help destroy the only free country in the world to help usher in their New World Order.

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